iJune 2017: DVDs and Figures.n/a    Lesernes valg (2017-06-17)

This month has been a good month so far and I'm looking into getting more Anime DVDs instead of figures now.

I had a very good trip to the Casino this past week and won a good bit there so I've used a little bit of that to pick up a few figures and splurged this past week and now find myself looking into Comics and Anime DVDs again.

Splurged a bit and bought
item #81489
item #156665
item #187918
item #401142
item #236694

And also picked up the NECA 1/4th TMNT 1990 Leonardo figure from NECA so another Turtle is on the way to join the ones in the collection. The last thing I picked up was the Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy Graphic Novel Hardcover Omnibus off ebay so now I need to get away from Ebay for a little bit.

-Got in some of the items that I picked up last month today and this past week got a few new additions into the collection.


I'm looking into getting the Fate/Zero series on DVD but it looks like that one is going to cost me a lot since it's out of Print and there are a few other series that were on my list of DVDs that I want since I want to watch some Anime again and it's time to pick up more DVDs.

Looking into picking up the Gundam 08th MS Team Series, Cowboy Bebop, Undefeated Bahumut Chronicles,and Chivalry of a Failed Night series next month from Amazon.

Picked up the Outlaw Star DVD/Blu Ray Combo set that was recently released and now I'm looking forward to Gate coming out next month.

I can finally enjoy things again without thinking about how much stuff is costing me since I've got the management part of things to where it needs to be and in 2 weeks things are going to improve to where I can get back to picking up scaled figures again so there are a few on my list that I'd like to get.

Here are a few figures that I'm looking into getting soon.

item #549342 is still on my list of figures that I want to get so I'll pick her up when she gets released next month.

item #5769 I want to get this Saber figure, I have been interested in this one since she was released but since I never got sucked into the Fate Series I passed on her and now I want to add her to the collection so I'll pick her up next month.

item #396894 I'm hoping I can find her next week if my local Anime shop has her in, I'll be checking for other Fate series Figmas when I'm there and may end up buying another figure or two if I decide to feel like splurging some more.

item #523131 I'll have to get this one to go with item #401142 that I got off Amazon when I picked up the Outlaw Star Series.

item #331563 I want to get this figure since she looks great but she's one of those that will cost me a bit [Over $100 at least so I may get this one in August]

item #464871 I am going to have to get this one as soon as she is released since Xiao Mei is one of my favorite characters and I love how her figure looks so I'll be checking that one out as soon as it gets released.

Still have to pick up the Transformers Titans Returns Trypticon when it comes out and I have to look into the LEGO Saturn V rocket set if I can find that one locally.

It feels pretty good to have another small but growing list of figures that I want to get and the list of Comics that I want to get is growing too so I may be through with the hardest part of what I had to deal with to get to this point again so I can be at the point to where I can relax and enjoy this hobby again next month [about 2 weeks] and making this list helps me to relax a bit more.

The next two weeks will be hard to get through since I want to splurge more and pick up more items but I don't want to do too much so I'll have to unplug from Amazon.

Shopping outing next week and I'm hopeful I'll find some figures that I want locally at Animax and maybe find some DVD sets there cheap.

I am having a hard time deciding if I want to stick to getting Comics and DVDs and drop getting figures for a while or get figures and wait to pick up DVDs and Graphic Novels.

Right now resisting that urge to splurge more but after buying several figures I need to step back for a short bit to keep from going overboard.

How often do you buy BluRay/DVDs?

How often do you buy books/comics/manga?

How often are you looking into new figures?

When there are no new figures that get your interest do you hunt for older figures that you want?

Do you splurge a lot?

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09 dager sidenTyjosAzariTyjosAzari
stingray_jazz (9 dager siden) #22271616How's the quality of Outlaw Star? I'm debating if I want to upgrade my DVD version.

I Haven't watched it yet, I may watch it this weekend or next week.
09 dager sidenstingray_jazzstingray_jazz
How's the quality of Outlaw Star? I'm debating if I want to upgrade my DVD version.
110 dager sidenKirenisaKirenisa I am a collector!
How often do you buy BluRay/DVDs? Not often I have a small collection I've thought about buying a few but I don't buy them often.

How often do you buy books/comics/manga? I buy them every now and again I have a decent collection of Manga and now slowly growing light novels.

How often are you looking into new figures? Just to look? every now and again.. but actually buying I'd say within reason.

When there are no new figures that get your interest do you hunt for older figures that you want? Not really.

Do you splurge a lot? I'd like to say no but yes.. but on all sorts of various things.
210 dager sidenEmilliaEmillia
This year I've been trying to work on building up my DVD and manga collection some more, and CDs too. Luckily my tastes don't tend to the mainstream too much, so oft times the series I want I can get pretty cheap (though I have to import from the US usually). I recently got all 3 volumes of the Whispered Words / Sasameki Koto manga; I really enjoyed the anime adaption so I'm looking forward to reading the whole story. I'd really love to buy more manga but it can end up pricey due to either having to pay cray-cray local prices or import. I actually recently finally managed to get my hands on a copy of the 'End of Evangelion' dvd - it's the UK version, so the quality isn't great to say the least, but, for various reasons, I ended up getting it for free, and the condition is really nice, and it came with its little folded up poster, which I was able to recently get signed by Yuko Miyamura. So now I really love my crappy DVD, lol.
110 dager sidenTitan_ScientistTitan_Scientist
How often do you buy BluRay/DVDs?

I usually buy a movie or a cheap season of a TV show every 2-3 months.

How often do you buy books/comics/manga?

Ha ha, I love books, and I work in a bookshop, so I buy loads of book AND get free proof copies. Two days ago, I bought the digital editions of two trade paperbacks, two e-books, and a hardcover book.

How often are you looking into new figures?

Not too often. I'm mainly waiting for WonFes to see what's going to be coming out soon.

When there are no new figures that get your interest do you hunt for older figures that you want?

Occasionally, usually I just go for goods.

Do you splurge a lot?

Hmm, I'm going to say no, despite what my order history probably suggests...
110 dager sidenHeldrikHeldrik
I am a huge DVD collector. I always try to have the movies or anime I like on physical format (I think mainly because, just with my figures, I like to look at my collection) though when I can't (like, say, when an anime isn't licensed in my country or a movie is still unavailable in DVD), I have no qualms using "other methods". I can sometimes buy between 3 and 5 DVD/box sets per month, though in periods like summer sales and Christmas, it can be between 5 and 10.

As for imageless books, I already have three huge shelves full of old classical books with yellowed pages (I am an assumed soured old schmuck that sincerely thinks it was "better before" when it comes to a lot of things, like literature, music or cinema) I gathered during my school and university years. The same goes for bande dessinées (though there are really good new stuff) and comics (the state of Marvel and DC kinda sickens me, so I generally go for one-shots or old stories; thankfully, the comics industry is more than superheroes, so I have other things to choose from). I only read a small number of licensed manga, and generally buy the new books when they come out.

Regarding figures, I come on MFC on a daily basis, so I generally check if there are news about figures that aren't out yet among other things like photos and articles. I can't say I'm permanently on the hunt of old figures, but I can't deny that most of my wishlist figs are generally from at least four years ago. I also once in a blue moon browse figure selling websites to see if there aren't any good bargains and oportunities.
110 dager sidenCoffeeCoffee
How often do you buy BluRay/DVDs?
I used to buy DVDs back in the days, but now it must've been ages since I last bought a DVD or Blu-Ray simply for a movie.

How often do you buy books/comics/manga?
Once a month/every other month, I think.

How often are you looking into new figures?
Too often.

When there are no new figures that get your interest do you hunt for older figures that you want?
Unfortunately for my wallet, there's always something to buy, whether I'd be figures, new or old, or something else.

Do you splurge a lot?
110 dager sidenCicielyCiciely
I'm always on the hunt for older figures but I also religiously check (this database, shop instagrams, reddit, official sites) for any signs of new figures. I bought a few items last month and this month I'll only be buying one figure & one face parts case. Trying to save the max amount for some life stuff happening, then I can go back to semi-willy-nilly ordering. I've got a small list of box sets I need to get as well!
110 dager sidenSkyBlueSkyBlue
I've been facing the same dilemma ever since I started collecting figures seriously...while my figure collection grows, my manga/games/anime BDs collection lag miles behind the latest releases OTL I used to buy a few volumes of manga and anime BDs every month or so.
Now that I'm pretty much happy with my figures (I still look for some of the older/released figures that I want though :P), I've started to slowly get back at buying manga and books in general which is my main interest. I've 60+ books to get after taking a year's worth of break X'D
110 dager sidenTyjosAzariTyjosAzari
CaptainZ (10 dager siden) #22237549I want Trypticon as well but I also want stuff from Power of the Primes so I'm at a stalemate on that one. Also Saturn V is apparently impossible to get FYI.

That's one thing that bugs me a lot about certain LEGO sets like the Saturn V when it gets to being super popular and sells out fast and Trypticon I'm impatiently waiting for when it gets released since I want to try and snag it at a good price so I won't feel like I spent too much on it since $149 for Trypticon is too much for me at the moment.

SuperMilk (10 dager siden) #22238201Don't buy the Fate/Zero DVD sets. Aniplex is slowly releasing standard edition Blu-Ray sets ranging around $140-160 which isn't that much more than the DVD sets so you should wait just a bit longer, since Aniplex Japan is already releasing their Standard Edition Fate/Zero Blu-Ray set, Aniplex USA should follow soon after.

I'm trying to resist getting more DVD Sets since they release a lot of them at times and I never know when they are going to release an older series so I'm putting off getting DVDs for a while if I can cause I want to see Fate/Zero and I'm hopeful that I can either find the first release of the Fate/Zero dvds cheap eventually but I'm just trying to hold off on buying more DVDs because that's one thing that I'll get sucked into again and then I'll end up with a lot of DVD sets that I need to find shelf and storage space for.

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