Tony Taka ~ FCTony Taka ~ FCGroup for Tony Taka's style and figures fans =3

Group for Tony Taka's style and figures fans =3

Tony Taka (real name: Tanaka Takayuki) - born 1971 in Miyagi Prefecture, is a Japanese manga artist, video game artist and character designer.

~ Games / Anime ~
View spoilerHide spoiler- Room with Lina

- Shining Tears

- Shining Wind

- Arcana: Hikari to Yami no Extasis

- Mitama: Shinobi

- After...

- Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro

- Shinsou Genmukan

- Tsubasa no Hatameki

- Partner

- Fault!!

- Tempest

- France Shoujo ~Une fille blanche~

- Shining Hearts

- Shining Blade

~ Doujinshi ~
View spoilerHide spoiler- Foundation X Kanzen-ban (FOUNDATION X 完全版?) (Stellvia of the Universe)
- Unfinished (Princess Crown)
- Kaburimon/Kaburimon 2/3 Kaburimon (カブリモン/カブリモン2/カブリモン3?) (Ragnarok Online)
- Runar! (Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny)
- Watashi wa Kyozetsu Suru! Kamo (わたしは拒絶するっ!かも?) (Bleach)
- Yakiimo Barbeque (◯焼きバーベキュー?) (Zoids: Genesis)
- Caladbolg (カラドボルグ Karadoborugu?) (Fate/stay night)
- Entangle (エンタングルENTANGLE Entanguru?) (Zegapain)
- Nekomimi Batoraa (ねこみみばとらあ?) (Hayate no Gotoku)
- Kiteruyo! Takeuchi-kun (きてるよ!竹内くんっ?) (Bamboo Blade)
- Nanto Iu Deculture! (なんというデカルチャー!?) (Macross Frontier)
- Botan Nabe (ぼたん鍋?) (Clannad)
- Hitagi ONESIDE (ひたぎONESIDE) (Bakamonogatari)

~ Artbooks~
View spoilerHide spoiler- Tony's Art Works Graph I to IV (Limited-edition release in Taiwan)
- Tony Works Ciel Chronicle

* Information from: [ext link ]
* T2 Art Works: [ext link ]
* Shine a Blog: [ext link ]
* Tony's Heroines Works: [ext link ]
* Twitter: [ext link ]

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04 dager sidenCeciCeci

Decided to write a review of "Nagisa no Seijo" Desmaria Astraea - 1/7. (mfc link)
11 måned sidenalazif03alazif03
Tony revealed a new RC Miku illustration alongside Luka: [ext link ]
I'm already looking forward to the goodies with both of them!
13 måneder sidenalazif03alazif03

I just wrote a blog concerning the C92 full set that I grabbed on YahooJP. If you want to read it: (mfc link)

Tony also revelead the Thailand version of his Miku: [ext link ]. I hope FREEing won't mess with the figure.
04 måneder sidenalazif03alazif03

The new book item #610075 is available at Toranoana, together with a new "Tony's Line Art Works" item #610077.

The orders come with an A3 clear poster and a B2 tapestry can be bought with the book for only 1000 JPY.
[ext link ]
24 måneder siden (3 måneder siden)alazif03alazif03
Well it's me again ^-^

Yesterday, Tony revealed what the C92 T2 art works full set will include:

- a new book, "Tony's art works from origin", to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his debut as an independent illustrator. So 100 pages with full color illustrations and a hard cover. Must of them are already known, such as Odile and Odette's one, but I think it'd be nice to see how his art changed over 20 years
- 5 bookmarks with support (Fate series)
- a set of 4 clear files (Fate series)
- a plastic shitajiki (Fate series)
- a clear fan
- a B2 tapestry "Ji-Rin" summer version
- a shikishi with an illustration of Chun-Mei, his 3rd Chinese-dressed girl
- a sport towel (340mm x 800mm) with an illustration of Jin-Liang, the same as the figure picture #1714153
- Tony Magazine Petit - 20th Anniversary SP

You can find some pics of the set on Twitter: [ext link ]
14 måneder sidenalazif03alazif03
Just to let you know that Tony presented his Racing Luka:[ext link ]. I hope she'll be turned into a figure, because I don't like the one released by MF.
04 måneder sidenalazif03alazif03
Some hours ago, Tony revealed some pieces of the C92 goods set to come: after Girls and Panzers, he chose the Fate series: [ext link ], the clear file with the alter version of Jeanne d'Arc [ext link ], and the bookmarks set [ext link ] Rin and Jeanne are my favorites.
I'll probably buy the whole set if I can.
06 måneder sidenalazif03alazif03
There's something new from Toranoana again! One of the 2 covers of their C92 catalog has been drawn by Tony: [ext link ].
Three versions are available: CD-ROM without bonus, CD-ROM with canvas board and booklet with canvas board.
As usual, I love the illustration, this beast-girl is stunning!
07 måneder sidenthreeaw1threeaw1
Selling off my collection of stuff. Tony Taka keyboard. Limited from E☆2 (etsu). PM me if interested. I'm in US. Thanks.
item #44853 - -
07 måneder sidenalazif03alazif03
There's a new doujinshi from T2: item #574494. Like the 1st volume item #278141, it compiles previous doujinshis. Sweet cover for an hentai book!

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