43 minutter sidenFree_PhiFree_Phi
E-mail from CDJapan says release date changed to...

wait for it...


Wonder if there's any plausible estimation method behind that, or if it's just a placeholder entry meaning "not anytime soon"...
48 minutter sidenAkayaAkaya
PVCollectorAaron (1 time siden) #24999236so the fanbook version will come with all the pieces that GSC is selling at their shop? Why are some people complaining about it then

I'm guessing it's because some people have already ordered her before the GSC Shop release. With no warning, they're stuck with the fanbook when instead they could have gotten her cheaper by excluding the fanbook.
53 minutter sidenweiyedeng123weiyedeng123
feedback for this buyer,

Really fast payment and thanks for the willing to wait.
57 minutter sidendesuminatordesuminator
Alter or not, this is a severe overkill in the price department for a 1/7 figure, especially when compared with #397138.
58 minutter siden4catdoorman4catdoorman
That price: gotta be account books are either first-edition and rare or there are real gold coins located in that stack she holds in her left hand.....
59 minutter sidenOsomatsuOsomatsu
looks amazing
1 time sidenOsomatsuOsomatsu
looks weird
1 time sidenOsomatsuOsomatsu
fortunatelly it is not limited exculisive
1 time sidensinneddragonsinneddragon
I bought the Saber kimono wall scroll and I love it.

Thanks for the great transaction!
1 time sidenLehstLehst
What lovlies~ <3
1 time sidenAimaileafyAimaileafy
If I see these new figures by Revolve ([ext link ]) then my hopes are high for these two sword boys *w* I hope that we will soon here more!
1 time sidendjrubbiedjrubbie
Frio (2 timer siden) #24997833Do they ship to Canada?

Our best chance is to wait and see if Big in Japan... welp, they have the individual ones up at 8790 JPY (cheaper than amiami which is 9000 JPY) but not this combined one (yet) so I guess their forwarding or proxy service will be very useful for this (or maybe wait and see). Nippon Yasan still don't have stock of either one, so maybe see if they might have the combined version.
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Welcome to the board Remely! :)

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Giving Up AmiAmi Preorder; Lemme know if interested <3 US Ship
1 time sidenDubbedWatchDubbedWatch
lol half my collections NSFW i have 16 high school DxD posters hang up in my room and all my mum said was aren't they a bit rude and that was it who cares lel
1 time sidenDmsWDmsW
Well I'm not surprise anymore on how Alter price their figure. They probably making limited amount of it and expected not many orders. That could be why the price that high.
1 time sidenMilkyDreamMilkyDream
heekyunggx3 (10 timer siden) #24980399Thanks for the friend request! :)

Thank you for accepting! Love your collection~

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