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57 minutter sidenCitrixNovaCitrixNova
She looks gorgeous! I cant wait until mine arrives :D
58 minutter sidenCitrixNovaCitrixNova
Ahhh this is so cute, I've always loved this faceplate the most and the picture does it justice ^-^
58 minutter sidenWolfragniumWolfragnium
And I'm happy with it. I want to believe that Tako Luka is not actually an octopus or a calamari, but rather a weird being shaped like one. Why? Because those thins are FREAKING DISGUSTING!!
1 time siden (59 minutter siden)CitrixNovaCitrixNova
This is so adorable! Id gladly take Kashima for a night battle ;)
1 time sidenAmyJaneAmyJane
ichig0o (1 time siden) #22598346Hello.
I was wondering if I order like 3 nendoroids, if it safe?
Also can I use SAL for this order? Thank you.

I can't answer that question I'm afraid since I've never ordered that many at once.
1 time sidenMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
Aoi-san (4 timer siden) #22595763To be honest, I never was a fan of those dakimakuras...But when I saw Viktor and Yuuri I gave in xD They are just to precious!! Especially Yuuri, he is so beautiful >< I don´t regret my choice :)
Haha~ I initially thought they weren't my cup of tea either, I though they were a bit creepy to be honest. But then I ended up buying two and realised I did not regret my decision to descend into madness at all X'D Though admittedly I don't actually use them as pillows.

I'd been silently hoping YOI would get Dakimakuras because I just love hanging them up like oversized tapestries~ I'm just so grateful the illustrations turned out so gorgeous! Especially their faces, I could rave about them for hours. As you said Yuuri particularly turned out very beautiful!
1 time sidenichig0oichig0o

I was wondering if I order like 3 nendoroids, if it safe?
Also can I use SAL for this order? Thank you.
1 time sidenTigerChanTigerChan
Selling mine for 40€. Please PM me for photos and shipping quotes ^^
1 time sidenTigerChanTigerChan
Selling mine for 90€. Please PM me for photos and shipping quotes ^^
1 time sidenAmylaseAmylase
Philippines here. I usually buy at a local store here whose prices are a couple of dollars (once converted from PHP) more expensive than buying from Japan since our customs are douchebags who will often charge exorbitant "made-up" taxes (god help you if you used EMS) for your goods coming from outside. That local store is also a GSC official distributor so they have stocks of pretty much almost anything under the GSC umbrella. They get their stocks quite early, from a couple weeks with a month being the longest and a few days before release date being the fastest. Outside of GSC items and any other company they have ties with, stocks are limited especially R18 items with Native as an exception. Overall pretty good in not quite pricey.
Nowadays though, with a new customs rule preventing them from taxing anything under 10,000 PHP (200 USD), importing seems cheaper, just avoid EMS since they will always target EMS items. I'm still about to see it for myself though since I'm still waiting for my RSAL item.
1 time sidenAllanaAllana
What a sadness for the fans!

I didn't pre-ordered them because I wanted to see the final product but I wouldn't have imagined the figure would have a so bad quality. Nothing correspond at the prototype! Even the tamashi buddies adaptation seems me better!

My last sailor moon figure buy was Chibi-Usa and Helios. It wasn't perfect because Chibi-Usa falls off her base but I think her quality is better in comparison.
1 time sidenshinhawkshinhawk
The most I ever spent on a figure is around US$300. It was a statue of Mortal Kombat's Kitana by Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. [ext link ]

There were a lot of QC issues with my statue that went unresolved, so I can't bring myself to buy another product from them again.
1 time sidenLawyersLawyers
Anyone got a normal-priced preorder that can't handle? Amiami fucked my account when I moved and I lost all my POs :(
1 time siden (1 time siden)YankeeAllStarsYankeeAllStars
Lilie (19 timer siden) #22555890So much stupidity in your post i don't even know where to start.
>"Figmas seem to attempt to combine the advantages of scales and nendoroids, but ends up falling short on every aspect.", they don't attempt to combine advantages from anything. Figmas are their own series line with focus on posability. Figmas are usually well-sculpted and the newer ones have great details. The beauty of figmas is that you can have a unique pose that nobody else has and the only limit is your own creativity. The figma line is also not limited to anime characters, theres figma vehicles aswell.
>"They're much smaller than most scales and have much worse details and sculpt, while not having the unique cuteness of nendoroids either and generally comes with much less accessories."
Of course they are smaller, figmas are known as: *Hand-size figures*. Figmas were made this size for easier posing, handling and displaying. Worse details? Most of the newer figmas have amazing details for their size, here's few examples: item #98875 item #198337 item #144318 The cuteness of nendoroids vs figmas is relative. Figmas do tend to come with less accessories in general, but i wouldn't say it's "much less". There are nendoroid's too that come with very little.
>"Also, nendoroids generally do a nice job of hiding the joints by using extra body parts for different poses, but figmas have ugly joints everywhere with little effort made to hide them."
Figmas and ugly joints it depends on the source character which the figma is based on. If it's a school girl anime character that's turned to figma, then yes there's gonna be a lot of visible joints.
There is effort to hide the joints when it's possible, like they did with the BGS figma: item #42053 Her joint's are very well hidden due to the design of the character.
In generally If you are bothered by visible joints that are the downside of great posability, then the figma line is not for you.
>"If they could make figmas bigger (around 1/8 or 1/7 scale), put in a little more effort into the sculpt and details, or add in more accessories it could be fine, but as of now it's a mixture of unpolished features."
There already are bigger figmas, they are called RAH's: encyclopedia #24898 Go check out some of the Madoka Magica and Attack On Titan RAH's they have very nice details and effort put into them.
>"It might be a cheesy and unfair analogy but figmas are like pop music of the figure industry, trying to appeal to everyone but doesn't really have any qualities that exceed the other figure types."
Have you seen any anime stop motion videos on youtube? Most of them have figmas in them ;). I'd say that's a huge quality to have on a figure line. Maybe next time do some research before you hate on a figure line.

Sorry but you just lost all credibility with your so called research when you claim that there are "bigger figmas" called RAH's. Figma is a specific series made by Max Factory and distributed by GSC. RAH's are not "bigger figmas"... They are RAH's, nothing more. So before you call people's posts stupid and tell them to research first, you should do some research yourself so that you don't make idiotic comments and not being able to understand the difference in two famous figure series.
1 time sidenshinhawkshinhawk
Lots of Sprukits, the US counterparts of these kits, have been appearing at 99¢ Stores. I found this one and LBX Elysion today.
1 time sidenshinhawkshinhawk
Scored this at the 99¢ Store today! Wooo~
1 time sidenriringoriringo
You can block all the figure sites you can't stop visiting. There's a browser add-on for Firefox called LeechBlock that did it for me when I was in the middle of finals and couldn't stop trying to distract myself, but I'm sure there are similar ones for other browsers out there as well. It might be a bit of trouble setting it up, but I think it's worth it as long as you're serious about quitting.

As for the mental side, I've also been trying to drastically scale back from this hobby, for a variety of reasons, and what does it for me is thinking about why I want to quit every time I feel the urge to add more to the collection. Try to evoke that same feeling which motivated you to want to stop in the first place.

On the flip side, you can also think about how happy you'd be if you reached your goal (assuming that's what you're going to be).

I also set a rule for myself: if I experience any kind of hesitation at all, then I won't preorder, and set it aside to decide later. I noticed that I make a lot of mistakes if I'm too hasty or caught up in the hype, so delaying the decision gives me more breathing space to gauge if it's a worthy purchase.
1 time sidenTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board najyusofngoh94! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
1 time siden (1 time siden)LeviathanXLeviathanX
Aw, thanks for the nice comments.
Does anyone eventually know sizes of DD outfits? Just found a couple of nice ones, but only some stated "might fit on 40cm dolls". Just wondering if it really might fit or if it will be loose fit (i.e. way too large).. (related to innerwear - matching the body part itself)

Ose_93 (16 timer siden) #22565374You can keep her wig in place using a wig cap. They are super cheap on eBay and really help to stop the wig from slipping.
Bearcat (15 timer siden) #22571699For the wig, you should get something like this [ext link ]
6-7 or 7-8 size should fit her as her head seems to be 7 inches.

Thanks for the hint. I guess I'll order a couple of those. :)

Ose_93 (16 timer siden) #22565374
She is such an adorable thing! I also have some 1/4 BJDs and I think they are a great scale. This is an expensive new hobby, but welcome to the fold!

Thanks. Yes, she's a little sweetie... I couldn't really imagine how large she will be, so I was a bit (positively) surprised.

MC707 (16 timer siden) #22567207You sound really excited to have her, congrats. She's really really cute though her eyes look a bit sad. Before collecting figures I never thought I'd say this, but after years of watching so many amazing POTD of Dollfie dreams I really want to get one in the future.Oh yes, I still am excited XD . Currently browsing shops for outfits. Haha..

Bearcat (15 timer siden) #22571699I'm not a fan of Dollzone (purely tho for aesthetics reasons) but congrats on your little cutie :)
That's a really nice looking fullset! Thanks for sharing :)
In any case, congrats on your girl :) does she have a name yet? Or will she stay Penny? :)

Oh, due to my other interests I really found a total liking to Doll-Zone dolls. I really like their distinct look. Most of the Volks DDs around always look like Miku... I didn't want a "mainstream doll"..

Heldrik (16 timer siden) #22568049Not gonna lie, the naked body almost looks like a snuff movie victim: all the red looks like bruises, and her eyes, because of those huge irises, look like they aren't where they should be, like if the eyeballs've been gouged out.
Yet, despite that creepy look, I guess there's something kinda cute about her that I can't really explain...

The-Hurricane (10 timer siden) #22588802I'm like 99.99% sure that is an intentional design choice. She seems to have a sort of post-apocalyptic theme going on with the gas mask and her mechanic overalls and stuff.
Indeed, the overall theme for this doll was some kind of war scenario. Bruises, scars, cuts a.s.o. I really like how they did that all over her body, and in her face up. It's really something distinct from the rest. As for the eyes, I indeed took them out yesterday and repositioned them a bit since they really were a little bit off.

The-Hurricane (10 timer siden) #22588802
Also for the OP congrats! I've spent more than I wanna mention on BJD stuff recently so I totally get it. :P I'd love to see some more photos of her sometime!

Yea, just browsing the stores makes my wallet think of suicide .. hahaha . More photos, yes. Need to think of something; I am not the most creative person around ;D

Demitria (14 timer siden) #22574421DZ: fucking up face ups since 1900. I can't agree. As for my taste, I really like their distinct looks. The faceup is flawless.

sophieB (15 timer siden) #22572110...
Kirenisa (6 timer siden) #22593695...
Thanks :3 I am especially happy that my request for the blue eyes was granted. Usually DZ puts in random colors.

Kirito_Kun2 (13 timer siden) #22583139...

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