36 minutter sidenwillyg1982willyg1982
ChocolateSpider (40 minutter siden) #26337112LOL! >ヮ<
Sure. Just tell them ol' CS always got a place for his 8-legged homies to chill.

Great. The bake sale here does not have chocolate so they can try something new.
39 minutter sidenlunaistarlunaistar
I was supposed to pay via Paypal, but thankfully I didn't send any payment yet for the commission, just that I spent money to buy the figures to send to them, and can no longer get them back now since someone else said it's likely they did something to them already. I didn't want to pay them because I was getting suspicious when they made me wait for months, so I told them I won't pay until they are ready to start my commission. I can understand that they had a lot of other commissions to do, but no one shouldn't accept a commission they can't do and make them wait for so long.

Jingobean (1 time siden) #26334695Good grief,what a nightmare!! I'm so sorry this happened,that must be so disappointing D:
How did you send the payment to them? It might be worth contacting Paypal / your bank / Credit card,etc,to see if there's anything that can be done by them to help. I know 2 yrs is quite a ways past Paypal's time limit for disputes,but it's still possible they might be able to do something,and it can't hurt to get their input.Id suggest calling them rather than emailing,though! Emailing their CS has always been an enormous waste of time for myself and anything I've ever from other people,calling them up is much more helpful. I've found that the people you speak to on the phone seem to have more power to actually do something.
40 minutter siden (40 minutter siden)ChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
LOL! >ヮ<

Sure. Just tell them ol' CS always got a place for his 8-legged homies to chill.

willyg1982 (56 minutter siden) #26336105Reading many posts and notice we both comment to similar posts.
A lot of your spiders are visiting the bake sale. I keep putting the spiders in a cup, take it outside. However, the spider just talks to other spiders informing them of the spider bake sale at my home. Since owning the poster, I seen the most spiders out of any other year. Can I send the spiders off to you? I'm running out of room.
41 minutter sidenkutoekutoekutoekutoe
Yuriko-neko (46 minutter siden) #26336780because is Bandai quality u.u these figures are "cheap" and we know that bandai doesn't have high quality in their products. poor Saturn u.u

I am very disappointed and anxious for mine on the way home
42 minutter sidenasterizkozasterizkoz
Veroxion (3 dager siden) #26239352AmiAmi Shipping:
EMS: 10,100
SAL Parcel: 8,350
DHL: 16,000
They give a discount for 2,000 off shipping, so if you truly want to minimize damage you can go SAL Parcel and use your points if you have any.

W O W.
Almost $100 USD for shipping?! Omg!
45 minutter sidenlunaistarlunaistar
Yeah, you are right, knowing the person first would be a smart thing to do, and if they are a hint of rude, that is usually a sign that they will have bad communication. I did check fern to see if they were credible by checking their previous works, and they did finish a bunch of other peoples commissions and even sold on Etsy, so I thought they will do mine too. But I guess I was wrong. Even the artist I commissioned on Deviantart finished others commissions too, but they refused to send me mine, even though they said they finished it and already sent it to me even though they never did, but they told me it's in storage in their laptop and can't get it right now. Someone told me they could be the same person who only finishes commissions for people who paid a lot, but I am not sure about that. And yeah, if they made me wait, chances are high that my figures are already gone.. Luckily, I found 2 other artists though who make customs as commissions, but since you said to talk to them first I think I'm going to try doing that this time and we'll see how that goes.

Redliger (56 minutter siden) #26336057Its hard to tell since you did not link their page or state whether they had good reviews to support your decision to commission them.
So I can only assume its half your fault for believing some random person on the internet. As well as not questioning why you should send anything, several months in advance if either you or the artist knew nothing was going to happen for awhile.
If he said he could start right away, then didn't, that should of been a red flag right then and there and you should of tried to get your figures back. (Besides not stating the obvious, that him forgetting your order should of been an immediate red flag as well.)
I'd be almost 100% sure that anything you sent him is long resold or trashed by now, if its been 2 years. Especially since he probably doesn't even remember you or your order/commission.
Sorry for your loss :/ Hopefully next time you can find someone local or exchange phone numbers or a better means of communication. Also talk to them for awhile before commissioning something from them. You need to learn a lot about their habits prior to sending them anything.

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