46 minutter sidenYuriko-nekoYuriko-neko
kutoekutoe (50 minutter siden) #26336514why :( ?
because is Bandai quality u.u these figures are "cheap" and we know that bandai doesn't have high quality in their products. poor Saturn u.u
47 minutter sidenarybaisserarybaisser
Not a break, but I lost the legs to my Kyoko Sakura petit nendoroid while cleaning my room ages ago. Then again, being a magical girl is suffering, so.
49 minutter sidenNagisa_MomoeNagisa_Momoe
Senbei (5 timer siden) #26329797These: item #198574, item #321652, and item #94574
Finally got a detolf to display them and just got Eren and Jean. Took Eren out of the box to display and and broke his 3DMG upon assembling... was pretty mad but set him up anyways. Took out Jean for the first time too and set him up and ... proceeded to break his 3DMG as well on the same part. Giving up, I moved to Mista and attempted to put his gun in his pants like shown on his box (and a trademark Mista pose), and damaged his pant belt hoops... OTL I also pulled out his boot earlier out of curiosity and couldn't stick it back in without it completely falling off every time you picked him up...
That one day, 1 hour, I destroyed my only 3 RAHs, 2 which were new freshly taken out of the box ;____; The boot is finally back on Mista's foot but I've pretty much sworn to never move them from their poses ever again...

that must have been really frustrating, augh. especially being brand new. Ouch.

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