59 minutter sidenTeaspoon24Teaspoon24
Yay! I really like this version of Racing Miku.
1 time siden (1 time siden)AzyxAzyx
I noticed USAL & RSAL were taking longer, 4-6 weeks, but honestly, I just don't care. Both method are so cheap that I can't bring myself to complain about the delay, as long as it's delivered. It does help that I'm also used to surface mail.

I guess it's just normal that cheaper shipping method are considered low priority, my question would be weren't they low priority before too... ? And if they were not considered low priority, what's up with that?

Thanks for the link, really found this part interesting:
articleJon Hamilton, a spokesperson for the agency, says parcels mailed from China are a low priority since the country doesn’t pay anything in shipping costs because of international postal treaties.That's all kind of wrong.

I wonder how much higher our local shipping is to absord international shipping considering it seems some country like China do not have anything to pay, I have to wonder what's the deal with some other country too. Not to mention how big our land is and how spread our population is.
1 time sidenSnowZeldaSnowZelda
Getting with nendoroid to start rapunzel shrine.
1 time sidenhoratiohoratio
Great room setup and it's a very fun and playful pic. And I see something peeking in through the window...
1 time sidenhoratiohoratio
Very cute pic. Good use of different Nendo parts.
1 time sidenNiyariNiyari
Shimakaze69 (9 timer siden) #22471577What's wrong with her eyebrows? They're tiny lines above her eyes that frame her face nicely and emphasize her expression...

dunno they just look creepy to me, and not in a good way. everyone has different tastes
1 time siden (1 time siden)samkaizokusamkaizoku
Dammit, it is exactly like I feared; apparently, the 20th-anniversary version only comes with the smiling face and the meat hand. In order to exchange parts (hands/heads/faces) you need the Sailing again ver. 2.

For me, that smiling Luffy face is THE quintessential element of One Piece (it is that smiling face that drew to One Piece in the first place) but this is so cheap and lazy from MegaHouse to sell the parts separately...
1 time sidenhoratiohoratio
The colours are so vibrant. Nicely done.
1 time sidenhoratiohoratio
You have to recreate the season 2 battle scene between Todoroki and Deku. PLEASE.

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