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zellerific (6 måneder siden) #19231477I watched Cardcaptors (cringe) on Teletoon as a kid and got hooked. Later watched the Japanese version and realized what I was missing HAHA.
Inuyasha also got me hooked. I got some random comics from my church as a kid and then caught it on TV one night.
My collection is 90% Nostalgia items - Cardcaptor Sakura, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist... I rarely watch Anime anymore, partially because my partner isn't interested so we do things together instead, and partially because I really just don't have the time. Since I'm a teacher sometimes I binge some series over the summer if I have the time. But to give an example, the last thing I watched was Yuri on Ice and I seriously can't remember what I watched before that.

I didn't know they had Cardcaptors on Teletoon? I'm guessing it dub just like Sailor Moon? I haven't had TV service for years though I did found Cardcaptors online last year. One of my top anime.
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Yeah, they could have just been more responsive to me and tell me if they can't do it anymore instead of making me wait so long, the messages just kept piling and piling up. I have over 60 messages with them recorded. That's a lot, but almost all of their replies were very very short. Not dealing with them again and don't want someone else to have to deal with it either. :(

Veroxion (1 time siden) #26335363This is just horrible.
What a shame as well, I checked out their instagram and they do lovely work. I'd never commission or buy from them though, after hearing all of this. TWO YEARS? That's bloody insane. All that time and you could have learned to do it all on your own! Being patient is one thing, but this was clearly just laziness and unprofessional on their part.
It's understandable if they couldn't finish the commission for whatever reason, but at point they give their sincere apologies, refund you and send your items back. What a joke.
It sucks that you had your time, money and resources wasted. :(

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