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Reading many posts and notice we both comment to similar posts.

A lot of your spiders are visiting the bake sale. I keep putting the spiders in a cup, take it outside. However, the spider just talks to other spiders informing them of the spider bake sale at my home. Since owning the poster, I seen the most spiders out of any other year. Can I send the spiders off to you? I'm running out of room.
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Its hard to tell since you did not link their page or state whether they had good reviews to support your decision to commission them.

So I can only assume its half your fault for believing some random person on the internet. As well as not questioning why you should send anything, several months in advance if either you or the artist knew nothing was going to happen for awhile.

If he said he could start right away, then didn't, that should of been a red flag right then and there and you should of tried to get your figures back. (Besides not stating the obvious, that him forgetting your order should of been an immediate red flag as well.)

I'd be almost 100% sure that anything you sent him is long resold or trashed by now, if its been 2 years. Especially since he probably doesn't even remember you or your order/commission.

Sorry for your loss :/ Hopefully next time you can find someone local or exchange phone numbers or a better means of communication. Also talk to them for awhile before commissioning something from them. You need to learn a lot about their habits prior to sending them anything.
56 minutter sidenLehstLehst
What comes to mind is just just tiny little things snapping off a tiny trading figure. eventually I got some super glue and fixed it. but that was months later lol /lazy
good thing I put the broken parts away somewhere xD

oh yeah a foot broke off my petanko Agil and ... I THREW IT AWAY WTF. I found it months later when I was cleaning but couldn't figure out what it was. So I was like "huh, well I don't recall breaking anything, toss." -_-;;

He is still footless. I will make one out of clay eventually...
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Selling mine missing shirt on Ebay starting bid 50 USD for the next 7 days.
57 minutter sidenAnimefanx3Animefanx3
I would like to change his armor torso to the other one but I don't know how to change the parts. He's the first figma I own and I've never changed any body parts of figures so I'm terrified of damaging/breaking something. Could someone explain or show how to do this safely? :)
59 minutter sidensamkaizokusamkaizoku
Selling mine. Used like new. No original box. PM your price.
59 minutter sidenwillyg1982willyg1982
TeaKat (6 måneder siden) #19228424I love seeing all my girls! Their smiling faces make me feel very nice inside.
This might be one of my top reasons why I'm into it.
1 time sidenwillyg1982willyg1982
During my teen years during the 90s I watched Sailor Moon with my older sister. Despite all my friends would consider it an girls show back then, I really enjoyed it. During my adult life on my early 30's I started watching anime again. Out of all the different type of entertainment on the market, I never get bored of anime.
1 time sidenOse_93Ose_93
ChocolateSpider (2 timer siden) #26333053Kitty seems very interested in your loot. XDMore like, "Why are you taking pictures of that? LOOK AT ME." XD
1 time sidenFreezasaurusFreezasaurus
Amylase (1 time siden) #26335443Most likely. Didn't the Hapymaher figure went up on pre-order earlier than this one and got delayed to September? Doubt they'll release the two on the same month.
I generally just assume that if a release date isn't confirmed by the last week of the month, then a delay is likely.
1 time sidenLehstLehst
please check your inbox. I have other things to take to the post office, but want to avoid going down there several times. ^^;;

please let me know if you can't send a payment soon. If you can't before Wed 12pm, then I will just go to the office on Monday to ship other things. If you can, then I will wait. thanks.
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sailormatlac (10 timer siden) #26320415I didn't take off her bikini, but it's definitely not a rubbery material. Slightly more bendable than regular PVC.
hope didnt broke when i castoff it.
thx :D
1 time sidenAmylaseAmylase
Freezasaurus (1 time siden) #26333825Sooo... delay incoming?
Most likely. Didn't the Hapymaher figure went up on pre-order earlier than this one and got delayed to September? Doubt they'll release the two on the same month.
1 time sidenMareemMareem
kondokaede (3 måneder siden) #22197523Selling this guy. Brand new in box. Accidentally bought two (thought the first order didn't go through). :/

Are you still selling him by any chance?
1 time sidenVeroxionVeroxion
This is just horrible.

What a shame as well, I checked out their instagram and they do lovely work. I'd never commission or buy from them though, after hearing all of this. TWO YEARS? That's bloody insane. All that time and you could have learned to do it all on your own! Being patient is one thing, but this was clearly just laziness and unprofessional on their part.

It's understandable if they couldn't finish the commission for whatever reason, but at point they give their sincere apologies, refund you and send your items back. What a joke.

It sucks that you had your time, money and resources wasted. :(

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