5 minutter sidencaffeinecaffeine
The gk was my favorite one of Okita, Im so happy they made it into pvc
7 minutter sidencaffeinecaffeine
I love her, so glad she got a scale <3
8 minutter sidenSarculumSarculum
This quantity of Fate figures is unhealthy. I'm not against this fandom but HOLY JESUS. I really want to say that I've never seen so much Fate figures on one event in my life but I'm probably wrong.
10 minutter sidenlossetarilossetari
No worries :P And thank you! :D
12 minutter sidenelessar123elessar123
GrumpyKitten (35 minutter siden) #24066425No, Not really all. Some are better than original.

All. Bootlegs. Are. Bad.
16 minutter sidenpradshaw89pradshaw89
Bunnyspacecadet (20 timer siden) #24035621100% preordering them, here's to hoping Furyu doesn't trick me in to paying $175 for two prize figures. :D

Nah, that would be Bellfine though.
23 minutter sidenAlexWaterAlexWater
Im guessing she is a pokemon center exclusive? amiami still hasn't made her available for pre-order and Lille is my spirit animal so I want her lol
26 minutter siden (26 minutter siden)shiroiusagishiroiusagi
maggie (6 timer siden) #24061059Hmm, well I did a split and no one took it, so I thought I'd use it for this tutorial. I was thinking of making it into a 'cat face' for Killua from Hunter x Hunter. There's a list of about 6 customs I want to make, but I need to wait for the right parts to come up, essentially (and I'll need to tinker to figure out how to make the more challenging parts I don't have much reference for (i.e. inuyasha's 'pants'). I'll elongate the edges of this mouth into more of a curve for a more recognizable cat smirk.
Oh , it reminded me of a cat "mouth" too, it will look really cute I'm sure :) I look forward to see your next tutorials!
31 minutter sidenBetkaBetka
Have you seen Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku? Maybe it isn't as good as Madoka but it isn't very bad either. It's something like Hunger Games but with magical girls.
In this season there's also Made in Abyss. Characters have really cute designs, it looks like kids show. I was so curious about this title that I started to read manga and it can be really dark later. I think you may like this one.
32 minutter sidenElixirElixir
I played this in Japanese and it's nothing like SMT IV. IV wasn't a great game but at least it doesn't run out of content after 5 hours and devolve into pay2win gacha nonsense.
34 minutter sidenJaouJaou
I recommend anyone thinking about getting him to get Sinon as well because they make such a great pair <3 I was lucky enough to get them for 150 euro for both xD He is really cute and so much fun to pose :)
35 minutter sidenLilieLilie
Okay, forget what i said about the 18if anime. The newest episode was awful. :D
35 minutter sidenGrumpyKittenGrumpyKitten
azusamukami (2 timer siden) #24064978.....all bootlegs are bad...

No, Not really all. Some are better than original.
39 minutter siden (38 minutter siden)nikkodanikkoda ミカ大好きだよ
Alien 9 is the definition of moe horror. The anime only had 4 episodes, but it's quite a ride and the art is some of the most impressive I've seen. There's also the manga which I've yet to read, but if you're left wanting more explanations you could check that out.
41 minutter sidenmipukawaiimipukawaii
Maybe they decided to give her a different base because she isn't a trainer?

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