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Envatta (6 måneder siden) #22356877Yes, you can. Amazon accepts international credit cards. BiJ will forward a package for 500¥/1000¥ (depending on packing used) + postage, and that's only one forwarding service. You can't have it sent directly to you, but any proxy or forwarding service is fine.
Trust me, I'm British and I've done this many times. Sometimes people clear out their collections cheap on the marketplace and you bet I take advantage. I know what it's like being a European collector.

Ive tried with this figure and it doesn't work. Ive ordered several Artbooks and CDs and other stuff from the japanese amazon, but when I try to order any figure amazon.jp sais that they cannot ship to my address (without any extra information - the notice comes as soon as I want to complete the order) - and I have two different addresses, one in Germany and one in Denmark, both impossible and that goes for any figure, not just this one.

So I don't know how you were able to buy figures from amazon.jp but you are lucky, while Im... not so much xD°°°