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Shimakaze69 (1 dag siden) #22595595Not bad, but absolutely nothing compared to my Warhammer 40k kits. Seems like something I could have knocked out in 15 minutes.

Why write something like this? It's their first GK and they're happy with it. You probably have more experience so of course you could do it in less time? Like wtf dude why be such an a-hole for no reason grow up
261 dag sidenWanderingWastrelWanderingWastrel old coot
In my experience, and from what I've seen of others in other collecting-type hobbies, most people who leave a hobby do not do it cold turkey. They taper off over time as their interest wanes, and as the habit of doing the hobby activities slowly fades away. You know, exactly the way it sounds like you're already doing it.

You say you've sold a lot, and kept your wish list clean, and that you fight against pre-orders. It sounds like you're winning those fights. Winning those fights are probably important in the process of becoming an ex-figure collector. As long as you keep winning each fight, they'll probably get shorter and shorter... and then you'll suddenly realize that somewhere along the way you didn't need to even fight anymore, because you didn't want to preorder anything in the first place.

You didn't become a figure collector overnight; you spent years being involved in it. You won't stop being one overnight, either. Give yourself time to change -- the changes that stick are the ones you do slowly.

And it's perfectly okay to keep a figure or two. Consider them a memento of the time in your life when you collected. Nothing wrong with that.
191 dag sidenKnight-HartKnight-Hart
Hell naw son, I ain't that far gone.
161 dag siden (1 dag siden)SuperMilkSuperMilk
Snap! I didn't know Bandai made toys for Happy Meals!
161 dag sidenMashinMashin
You know... If everyone stopped buying Bandai licensed Sailor Moon stuff, the license wouldn't be worth keeping anymore. The power is always in the consumers' hands.
161 dag sidenEnvyNekoEnvyNeko
Whenever someone wants to quit something cold turkey the best thing to do with s find something else less detrimental to fill your time. Occupy yourself with so much that you won't have time for figure sites. Play more video games, go walking outside, write a story, learn a new skill, devote time to bettering yourself at work to try and move up. There are many things you can do. But the important part is to fill your time with something else, something more enjoyable than figures is to you currently and jump into that headfirst.

Eventually you'll get to the point where you'll wonder why it even interested you now that your interests have changed. Best of luck to you in your endeavors!
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mermaid (2 dager siden) #22562261"Retarded" is a euphemism, you retards. It literally just means "slow." It's used for slow tempos in musical notation, too. The people freaking out about it have no clue how language works. How many people with Down Syndrome do you HONESTLY think are browsing MFC? Quit virtue-signaling. It's annoying and serves no purpose other than making people resent and hate liberals.
The old words were "idiot," "fool," and "moron-" all of which I've seen in historical documents used as legitimate medical terms. They were replaced with retarded because it sounded NICER. People are always going to start using things like that as insults for idiots. It's called "the euphemism cycle." But millennials who have only been to Tumblr U lack understanding of history, logic, and human nature. The photo is funny, the caption is funny, and triggering you is the funniest of all.

Well said. Some people just love getting offended by everything (especially by things that don't even have anything to do with them).
107 timer sidenJaydeJayde
I'm more concerned for your health from second hand smoke before your figures.

If you can put them in a separate room that the door can close to, I'd try that.
91 dag sidenTitan_ScientistTitan_Scientist
Aw, he's adorable, nice work, I love the shading you put on him! And he's so small! First garage kits are always a lot of fun.

Shimakaze69 (1 dag siden) #22613358You millenials are all a bunch of pussies. How is someone supposed to have the drive to get better if they aren't pushed to strive for higher standards.

Unless you've got a fake age on your profile, you are a millenial. There was no need to be rude by bragging that you could finish it quickly, and there was no need to be a roaster and throw a tantrum when someone pointed out that you were rude.
91 dag sidensolluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
Personally I wouldn't risk it just incase they find a problem with it, having to disassemble an ita bag to get on a flight would be an absolute nightmare.
88 timer sidenTitan_ScientistTitan_Scientist
Put them in the spare room in detolfs, and keep the door shut. If the house is starting to smell like smoke, then the figures will soon as well.
820 timer siden (20 timer siden)CoffeeCoffee
Shimakaze69 (1 dag siden) #22614083Yep, but I'm no pussy. I wasn't bragging either, simply stating a fact.
Shimakaze69 (1 dag siden) #22595595Not bad, but absolutely nothing compared to my Warhammer 40k kits. Seems like something I could have knocked out in 15 minutes.
Sounds a hell of a lot like bragging to me.
Your comment was unnecessary and definitely not helpful to OP or anyone else for that matter.
Constructive critisism is a good thing.
Bragging is just being an asshole.
81 dag sidenMewsieMewsie
I've found that focusing my efforts onto one Grail item helps steer me clear of compulsive buying.
720 timer sidentotorosaucetotorosauce
....i just want some colour other than black for Victor
71 dag sidenkanzenmuketsukanzenmuketsu
Bow down to indolence.
71 dag siden (1 dag siden)4catdoorman4catdoorman
You stated you had a Life Change Unit (LCU) aka "bad shit" happen at some point in your life. A few of us collectors tend to substitute "stuff" in place of loss of intimacy or love. It's easier, safer; trouble is, it's just not very fulfilling long term. Some of us make up for that emptiness near term by PO, buying more stuff so we have something to look forward to. It takes our minds off of something missing, something we might not even be 100% aware of what we have lost, set aside indefinitely in the great dust bin called a life.

I come from a long line of collectors on 1 side of my family. Some of the stuff I acquired by sacrificing social time for the business of accumulation. I made a few life choices years ago that made me asset rich, relationship poor. No matter, I can play catch up later on in life. Trouble with that logic is time runs out. All those past chances, almost dids are ancient history now. Hobbies, though satisfying to some degree, no longer held the relevance, appeal, or power over my psyche they once could in earlier time(s).

You might want to do some soul searching within. Investigate what's really going on, find that key piece or ingredient that's missing in your life. The answer obviously isn't PVC. It's not my place or business to suggest what you do with your life. Me, there were times I actually saw someone that specialized in the healing profession: psychologist, licensed professional counselor. When all the usual conjured up life solutions no longer applied making me happy, feeling fulfilled I opted to give this route a try. Took a few years but seeking outside professional help worked out for me long-term going forward.

Whatever you opt to do going forward I bid you Good luck, Cinnamon Swirl.
71 dag sidenPaulichuPaulichu Sailor Senshi of Wisdom
I'm so tired of them screwing over Sailor Moon fans on merch. We've been waiting for GOOD QUALITY FIGURES for literally decades.
71 dag siden (1 dag siden)HeldrikHeldrik
Not gonna lie, the naked body almost looks like a snuff movie victim: all the red looks like bruises, and her eyes, because of those huge irises, look like they aren't where they should be, like if the eyeballs've been gouged out.

Yet, despite that creepy look, I guess there's something kinda cute about her that I can't really explain...
71 time sidenGrandMoffYakGrandMoffYak
Ask your mother what she thinks about them? Rather than worrying about it and avoiding figures you like because people MIGHT have an issue is pointless.

The easiest way is to simply bring up the topic of your presents and say I saw these - maybe explain what they are from and see what reaction you get. Worst case scenario - she hates them and you avoid the crisis of having them in the house.

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