3222 timer siden (22 timer siden)DeepEyesDeepEyes
Besto girl arrived!


P.S. And Hayate as an accessory is a must too!
2921 timer sidenquirowquirow
We just needed one character to get on that Nendoroid poll for them to make the entire cast. Good work team!
1322 timer sidenugendougendo ( ´-ω・)︻┻┳══━一
Oh my god it's happening. Please give her a tiny Black Hayate.
1014 timer sidenKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
I’m one of those people who sets up Nendos in one pose and just leaves them there... ha ha. I’ve thought about dioramas and stuff but it’s so hard to come up with a good theme!
91 dag sidencaliascalias
Even with caution, sometimes the figures you want most just get released around the same time. Figures that interest me tend to get released during the fall.

I don't have a monthly, but a yearly average. On average under $200 a year for figures. But I prefer nendoroids and action figures, which are much less costly than scales. Like you, I also try not to impulse buy.
81 dag sidenmurialitamurialita
I don't want to think about it and it hurt pushing that button. I don't want to spend this much. Yet this year, I've really went spend crazy with so many good figures coming out. Last year it was less than half of this year.

Still, I have a decent paying job and no real debt (not counting my mortgage, since it's actually less than I was paying in rent a few years ago). So I'm not living beyond my means. Just have to be really frugal in the rest of my spending, lol.
81 dag sidenAimaileafyAimaileafy
I am really surprised that there are so many spending less then 50€! I mean most figures cost 80-140€ (except Nendos of course).

Really interessting subject - I've asked myself the same thing, so I am thankfull you brought the theme up.

(I envy those who can spend more then 1000€... xD)
71 dag sidenutena-samautena-sama
I just got her and shes fantastic! Probably one of my favourites from the line. The details are perfect, and I don't mind the rod irl - it's defs worth it for the unique pose compared to the other figures from this line, she really stands out!
71 dag sidenICantBelieveItsICantBelieveIts
Please... make it stop... these are so ugly and just clutter up the database imo...
61 time sidenShikareeShikaree
Be patient or pay for EMS...
614 timer sidenkirarakimkirarakim
GSC is like what a surprise FMA nendos are selling why didn't we make these 10 years ago XD

And to think I thought my FMA collecting days were over!
61 dag sidenShaoMayShaoMay
I think everybody (or almost) has lived this trend. Spend a few buck on multiple figure, like buying 5 prize figures a month for 50$. You know having a lot for you buckm nothing amazing. Later you discover this magic world that are scales and now you spend more than a 100$ buck for just one figure, so it start to add up.

So now I realised that I used to spend on average 50$/month (buying a Nendo every few months) and now I spend 130$/month on average...
61 dag siden (1 dag siden)diamondburst19diamondburst19
Thank goodness I do not plan on having kids because I spent more money on figures than I should... I have already spent $460.00 on Two Sakura Stars Bless You scales for September... Whoopsie! Tehe ;p

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