359 timer sideneririeriri
I'm not a fan of Fate but it seems dumb that you'd sell off your Fate collection just because a mobile app isn't traditionally available in your country, it is very easy to just make a US apple id (if you're an Apple user) and download it using that. If you're selling your stuff because you lost interest in it that's one thing but trying to boycott a franchise you liked enough to get merchandise of isn't going to make the app get a WW release, it's lucky that it got at an english translated release at all since the majority of Japanese anime apps don't have one
291 dag sidenGrahamSlamGrahamSlam
You forgot the most important question: WHY?
249 timer sidenKouseiKousei ☆ ★ ☆
I mean, you're free to do all that, but it sounds like it'd be simpler to make a US account and download it that way if you really wanted to play. I'm having fun with it so far.
1517 timer sidenKorlaxKorlax
Oh god not this again (so many people were spamming MAL with threads about this) anyway we already have a pretty accurate list... [ext link ] like this whole thing is kind of unnecessary imo
139 timer siden (1 time siden)MacavyMacavy
I don't really get how the Japanese poll was unreliable. It's for the Japanese fanbase and if you don't agree with it then your tastes don't reflect what the majority of Japanese fans like (that bothered to vote in the poll).

'More reliable' to whom? The west? Still won't be accurate. Lots of Anime fans don't like that guy, so most likely he'll only get his fans to participate and it'll still be an unreliable poll. The most accurate that we'll ever probably have already exists on MyAnimeList.
117 timer sidenHeldrikHeldrik
You plan to sell you Fate Nendoroids just because F/GO is still unavailable in the west outside of the US? That sounds incredibly petty to say the least; especially after that F/GO Fest that annouced truckloads of awesome figures.

Oh well, your loss. I hope you won't regret getting off the ride.
98 timer sidenghirahimghirahim Needs more Kyouko
I'm just glad it was officially released in english honestly. Yeah, I was a little annoyed it wasn't released for a WW audience, but that didn't stop me from getting (and enjoying!) the game.
It's not like it's impossible to play if you don't live in the US.
810 timer sidenDubbedWatchDubbedWatch
The anime man is cancer
76 timer sidenYorunoYoruno
My teacher used to say in such cases, "To spite the bus conductor, I'll buy a ticket and then walk".
79 timer siden (9 timer siden)LovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot
I think MAL's top 100 list is pretty reflective of the western anime fan community: [ext link ]

It'll also most likely be better than any poll youtubers come up with (no matter how many subscribers) since almost anyone watching anime overseas knows MAL, whereas I've never even heard of this youtuber.
79 timer siden (9 timer siden)SeikiSeiki
It's your choice in the end, but I really don't think it's worth getting worked up over a gacha. They're far from quality gaming and just serve as quick cash grabs where the developers rarely care about the playerbase.

Going through such games while remaining free-to-play really a "your mileage may vary" where some barely give you the premium currency, and overall you really need to budget your useage of said premium currency and try to plan when you use it regardless of which gacha your playing.

The story rarely really matters to anything and typically just serves to give you something to do with your units. KHU is one of few I know of that actually ends up being canon to the main series, and even then the canon points are buried under and split across hundreds of chapters of filler Disney stuff that doesn't matter.

Gacha games are simply legal forms of gambling that is allowed to be played by children that might normally not be allowed to gamble by certain countries laws. Even then, it became so much of a problem, Japan had to step in and try to regulate it with rules which the companies then sometimes bypass when they expand the game to different regions.
711 timer sidensailormatlacsailormatlac
It's well known many Japanese top series aren't the obvious ones for us for many reasons (cultural or simply because of their broadcast impact back when they aired). I'm certainly getting tired of top lists. I miss the days when we didn't care about that and traded series between friends almost blindly, discovering stuff with little hype. Anyway, good luck with the list.
71 dag sidenpeachdogpeachdog
i think her neck looks fine, i don't see anything wrong with the stylization. she's going to be beautiful ahhh
63 timer sidenYoyoYoyo
...Is this serious or a joke? It's quite easy to download an APK or to make a US Apple account. There are very few Japanese games that get translated, so I think we should be happy to get anything at all. And it's probably a lot more work/money to release it global. To say that they regard people outside of the US as low-class citizens because they don't release the game worldwide is kinda arrogant to be honest. As if we're entitled to get everything they get -_-
Oh well, in the end the only one who will suffer from your boycott is yourself.
61 dag sidenHeliodoraHeliodora
If you are going to order them online they have Yorokonde.de, figuya.de, anime-figuren.de, and sukipan.de that I know of ^^
51 dag sidenSythellriSythellri the Phoenix
LOL look at this guy
sale #134692

He's already priced his sale for $600 US. For your information, she is currently available for roughly $200,
[ext link ]
Search 夜宴
51 dag sidenKiruKiruKiruKiru
sounds risky, especially since you left them frozen for so long..
416 timer sidenYorunoYoruno
I actually don't see anything weird about the Japanese poll. I'd disagree about the top, but the rest is fine.
41 dag sidenJaouJaou
All common shops I know of are already mentioned below but I sadly have to agree with everyone that Germany is not blessed with merch shops at all! At least for retail stuff... There are some shops that sell Manga and Anime DVD/Blurays that also sell figures but mostly at a really high price and sometimes even bootlegs! So I would say your best go is just to order them online at the stores mentioned below :) for me ordering from sites like amiami was cheaper than having it get at a german retailer/online shop it really depends on how long you want to wait or deal with fees and such :D
41 dag sidenDemitriaDemitria
My wild guess is that those gks weren't meant to be sold in the first place and this is why they were removed.

From the rules: Garage Kits must have a Circle listed and confirmed sales at an event or mailorder.

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