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802 år sidenStarQueenStarQueen

Praise the guro gods. Aww yes. c:
392 år sidenRevienRevien
Maybe now people will stop complaining on every Utsutsu entry. (who am I kidding?)

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013 timer sidenSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
Available for pre-order @ Solaris Japan

Pre-Order at Solaris Japan!
└ Check product page for details.
#24724181 // Sponsored by Solaris Jap...
02 dager sidenNinomaNinoma
In stock @ Ninoma (¥19,616)

Product page : [ext link ]
Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
About 175 USD | 157 EUR | 233 CAD
#24653045 // Sponsored by Ninoma
013 dager sidenKamKam
Invoiced yesterday, rate's nice and I really don't want to wake up early anymore to check, so I just paid for her. €10 euro cheaper than my initial prediction from when I preordered.
013 dager sidenHotohori-samaHotohori-sama
eunice971121 (14 dager siden) #24207426Done! Omg... thank you.. :((

No problem! ^^ Saya will spread more love, now. ^.^
013 dager sidenDalamarDalamar
I wonder how expensive this will be in the aftermarket with all the POs sold out...
214 dager sidenKyrieleiisonKyrieleiison
When this figure was anuncied I said "I need a job and earn money", today I'm still looking for a work. OTL
114 dager sideneunice971121eunice971121
Hotohori-sama (14 dager siden) #24205189AmiAmi still has a single one available to pre-order, you know...! [ext link ]
Done! Omg... thank you.. :((
014 dager sidenHotohori-samaHotohori-sama
eunice971121 (20 dager siden) #23949707... if anybody is giving up their preorder in the states I would love to take it from you

AmiAmi still has a single one available to pre-order, you know...! [ext link ]
015 dager sidenyuriiyurii
Just paid for her on Nippon Yasan. £130 with EMS ^^''
015 dager sidenGigan22Gigan22
As expected, Play-Asia cancelled my order. Ah well, shouldn't have spent the money anyway.

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