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Hey, 6Wendybird91 here ^0^ I'm new to all this so it will take awhile for me to get used to this :P
I'm just here to share my slowly growing anime figure collection~ Started 2015.
Main loves: Cardcaptor Sakura & Attack on Titan
Instagram: wendybird691

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02 måneder sidencutesherrycutesherry
Sakura Stars Bless You has been delayed to September!!!


She was delayed!
I was biting my nails wondering how I would be able to pay for her pre-order ;_; I had difficulties IRL and wasn't able to save as much as I had wanted to...
Now I've got 4 months!!

That, and I agree with the posters on her page description: I also want her to be perfection, this is probably the best CCS figure that will ever be released, and the most expensive I will ever purchase too, if they need the summer to maker her shine, I am totally for it!
02 måneder sidencutesherrycutesherry
*bangs head on wall*

I only pre-ordered item #549380, I mistakenly didn't get item #549377 together with him D:

What happened: I had put them both in my cart at the time, and went to check out, but when I reached the shipping options, the only one available was EMS, which made no sens considering GSC now offered SAL...
So I thought the problem was the fact they were TWO nendos in my cart, and I was right, as soon as I took out Rin and left only Len, "Sal Small Packet" appeared again.
It was a pain to think I would be paying shipping twice (I would pay 2 times 1500jpy instead of 1 time 2000jpy), but ANYTHING is better than customs!
But then, I was distracted (I don't even remember by what!), unknowingly fell asleep without even wanting to from exhaustion and didn't pre-order her too T__T

I just woke up an hour ago: the pre-ordering period had ended ;___;

I know it's my fault for waiting until the last day, but I have so many pre-orders to deal with!!
I had to make plans in my head all this time for countless items to be able to pay them all on time at the right times!! D:

I know it won't be impossible to get her after her release date in september, but the price won't be the same, that's for sure T___T
03 måneder siden (3 måneder siden)cutesherrycutesherry
6wendybird91 (3 måneder siden) #20690298Cutesherry did you read the latest CCS Clear Card chapter??? Oh my it is so adorable ;3; but feels so short Dx! Wahh
And they will be taking a break till August release :< so no new chapters for the next 2 months


SxS are very clearly SO happy to be next to each other, and you can tell from Sakura watching Syaoran how much she missed him and also how blissful she is that he is standing next to her now. She might seem more emotional that Syaoran at some given points? That's a nice change compared to Syaoran being one sidedly in love with for a while in the first series ^^
Syaoran's reaction to the bento is both cute, refreshing and surprising, he is not holding out in front of Sakura and clearly shows his feelings in front of her without hiding anything, how sweet!
Flowery sparkly Syaoran is adorable! This is a perfect depiction of his straight forward and honest nature ^^

It is a shame it was cut short so soon, but if Sakura catch the card as fast as she did others, than it shouldn't be much of an interruption …. is what I would wish, but I suppose CLAMP very likely have other plans, and we shall witness the first battle of our couple, side by side.
Beyond that point, we either get a further SxS cute moment together, or it's cut off and we see Sakura back in her home, and very likely Syaoran on the phone with Eriol…There is surprisingly a good chance they might continue their date considering they barely touched the food and didn't visit the Garden either, so I'm not despairing just yet ^^

Either ways: those two WILL be together for most of the next chapter anyway, whether dating or fighting! I hope we will get an SxS themed color illustration too! ^____^

My biggest doubt being the following: these kind of purely romantic scenes are extremely rare in CLAMP's works as a whole, not just CCS series. Honestly, I believe this might be the one and only straight forward genuine date between 2 happy lovers Mokona has ever made.
On the other side, Sakura already caught 7 cards so far, and frankly, none of the captures was truly memorable, with the exception of the Sakura trees running off, which was really funny.
Is the capture scene of this new card worth interrupting a rarely seen dating scene? That's the confusing question.
03 måneder sidencutesherrycutesherry
This is bad, really bad!
Nendoroids parts I've been looking forward to for MONTHS has been revealed today, and pre-orders starts on April 27th, translation: the release date we ALSO be around August-September * DIES *

Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len Harvest Moon Ver.!!! It's a cute mix of Orihime x Hikoboshi (Tanabata) and Moon Rabbit folklore stories (bunniieess!)~ The best of both worlds XD

item #549377
item #549380

There is no end to this,I am dying here, everything is coming out at the same time D:
03 måneder siden (3 måneder siden)cutesherrycutesherry
It's official, GSC staff can read my mind!
Which is why they released a photo of nendos Sakura and Syaoran wearing the Halloween Series parts! XD XD

(mfc link)

There is just a tiiiiny liiiittle issue: they are released in AUGUST!!
What are you doing to your buyers, GSC, we can't deal with everything at the same time!

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