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06 dager sidenNendo_DayoNendo_Dayo
Abby9960 (21 dager siden) #21680123Happy Birthday ^^!

Thank you for your well wishes! Sorry for the late response too, I was away for quite a while... :')
013 dager siden (13 dager siden)secretly-otakusecretly-otaku
Hi, hi!

Thanks for the Friend Request. Nice to meet you!

I can tell you're a resident of idol hell just like me! Good!

I see you have this GK item #283513, which I find gorgeous. I would love to see your pictures of it!

Hope to read you around! Embrace yourself, more idols are coming!
020 dager sidenHiginiaHiginia
Thank you for the FR!
023 dager sidenWhiteXillia00WhiteXillia00
Abby9960 (23 dager siden) #21599830Happy Birthday ^^!

Thank you for the birthday wish!! C:
028 dager sidenagentmozellagentmozell nerd extraordinaire
Abby9960 (28 dager siden) #21480447Happy Birthday ^^!

Thank you! Haha it's actually tomorrow, but I've heard MFC alerts people a day early. :>

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