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Best quote from Prison School (still, not true :P ):


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03 måneder sidenMmiayiuckoiMmiayiuckoi
Drakhatos (3 måneder siden) #19153192Quietness would result into disappearing from my friends list at some point. No offense, but I handle it that way that I keep friends on the list because they're my friends, not for simple decoration. ^^;

It's fine. I just like to see what people are collecting and adding to their collections.
03 måneder sidenMmiayiuckoiMmiayiuckoi
Actually, I'm pretty quiet. And I spend most of my time working and gaming : S
03 måneder sidenMmiayiuckoiMmiayiuckoi
Huge ( o Y o ) is the best. Let's be friends :S
010 måneder sidenGokanmaGokanma
*Looks at your figures. Looks at mine*
We need to be friends :)
01 år sidenHarukaHaruno1991HarukaHaruno1991
Drakhatos (1 år siden) #9312434Nur halt leider ein Nischenanime, der leider zu wenig Aufmerksamkeit bekommt. Sehr magere Auswahl an Figuren bisher. >_>

ja könnte sein xD

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