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01 måned sidenwilly156willy156
hi, you have saber kimono by aniplex in hand right? if possible can you provide me with the dimensions? (mfc link) this is your photo, thank you!
03 måneder sidenSekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
Sorry it's late but, happy birthday!!!!!~
03 måneder sidenIr1sh69Ir1sh69
happy birthday
03 måneder sidenKendappaKendappa
Hey, it's me from ebay. :3 I'm happy you are here, too.

Regarding Olivia... well just read my newest blog. *sigh* She broke today and I am now awaiting a new one in August. ._.

Yeah, browsing through other peoples collection is so much fun, it was one of the reasons I joined here.
04 måneder sidenrufusdrumknottrufusdrumknott
Hello, I saw your comment on Alter Aty's page (item #144389), I don't suppose you still have her? :)

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