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17 måneder sidenPasiatLSSJPasiatLSSJ
Happy Birthday ;)
17 måneder sidenakarinakarin
Hello!~ Happy, Happy Birthday! May you be blessed with all the artbooks you wish for & have an extra special day today!~ <3
18 måneder sidenGiname6Giname6
Love your collection! I collect art books too but haven't listed my books here yet ^^; you have inspired me to do so! Hahah
09 måneder sidenkage-oujikage-ouji
HappyLaw (9 måneder siden) #14394490yes sure! ^_^ sevnilovk is like Lin Lang?!? So you know something about the artist? I only liked the art in the artbook but couldn't find much else.
Thanks for your FR request!

I'm kind of sure that it's her >//////< I've been following her from a super-old deviantArt account: [ext link ] and this is her tumblr: [ext link ]

I really miss her ancient Chinese novel artwork (which I didn't know was published anywhere until I saw your review */////*), but any art from her always brightens up my day.

And gosh, you're very welcome :D Thank you for accepting it~! Hope to get to know you more ^^)b
09 måneder sidenkage-oujikage-ouji
I hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend! You have awesome taste in art and it's nice that you were able to buy Sevnilock's artbook--I had no idea it was on Amazon China O//A//O

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