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I'm a huge Type-Moon enthusiast. I absolutely love all of their series' such as Fate, Kara no Kyōkai, Mahōtsukai no Yoru, Tsukihime, & Melty Blood. Art styles, characters, atmospheres, music composition, & lore are just some of the attributes I've always been captivated by.

Fun Facts:
1- Kinoko Nasu & Takashi Takeuchi are my husbandos.
2- My waifu's Arturia (Saber)! I also love Ryougi Shiki & Arcueid Brunestud.
3- My dream is to someday work for Type-Moon, and create future projects with them.

In my spare time I enjoy watching Anime, reading Manga, and playing Fighting games.

The game I primarily play is Guilty Gear Xrd. In addition, I enjoy playing games such as the Tales of series, Fate/series, Persona series, Final Fantasy series etc...
Lastly, I like playing Korean / Japanese MMO's and/or basically anything J-RPG.

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01 måned sidenAzaizerAzaizer
Dude!!! I just realized you ALSO live in Orlando, FL area too?!! HAHA! We MUST be friends =D
02 år sidenleahcatherineleahcatherine
Thanks for the figure, just got her today! She's beautiful, I appreciate the sale. :)
02 år sidenDonkeyBlonkeyDonkeyBlonkey
Merry Christmas!http://cs320916.vk.me/v320916365/7cd6/VvpNqf-pZcQ.jpg
03 år sidenMikuNyaMikuNya
Hi :) Thank you for the FR! Nice collection.
03 år sidenanimattanimatt
Hello Friend! Just wanted to say...

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