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01 måned sidenTiamat26Tiamat26
I see that you are hunting a bunny I have. She is not for sale as she was a 9/10 on my wish list but I wanted to let you know that for the right price she is worth it. I honestly think they screwed up when they said she was a 1/5 scale.She is more a 1/7 or1/8 then a 1/5. She is dwarfed by all of my 1/4.

At about 8000 Yen I would say is a good price for her; good luck on your hunt.

= )

01 år sidenLynette21Lynette21
ILeftMyBody (1 år siden) #14083361Happy B-Day

Thank you!! ^^
01 år sidendark-freefiredark-freefire
heyho wie ist denn item #331488 so? lohnt sie sich? :)
01 år sidenOnee-samaOnee-sama
I'd do it too if I could. I wish I could go into an anime world.
01 år sidenOnee-samaOnee-sama
Why'd you leave your body?

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