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Updated May 9th 2017
Still swamped with too many Nendoroid customs. Waiting on parts.
Focusing on Attack on Titan and Dramatical Murder, as well as some other projects. (That keep piling up lol.)

newest creation:
Playing Nier, watched my bf play all of Nier:Automata, going to start Yoko Taro's Drakengard after that.
Making a futile effort to finish Record of Agarest War. On hard mode. fml.


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010 dager sidenHaneokaHaneoka
Lehst (11 dager siden) #22114183I know this is random, but I was surfing clubs when I saw your old post. If you are still looking for nendoroid bases, someone is selling them here- (mfc link)
Thank you so much!
028 dager sidenHypedSniperHypedSniper
Lehst (28 dager siden) #21489605aww thank you, my AoT customs have actually made a little progress since then, but I haven't posted anything cuz I'm never done! OTZ and now a better hair piece is releasing later this year (I'm glad I didn't get around the painting the one I have lol. lazy ftw.) but yeah there are too many customs I want to make. I've been forced to write notes on who is going to use what part.
Atsushi and Akutagawa nendos would be so great. If GSC doesn't tho, I'm going to make them myself. I'll share my idea- doesn't item #460236 have a good starting point for his hair? :3
Anyways thanks so much for the compliment on my ridiculous collection. And you are correct! my avatar is Watanuki Kimihiro. Yours is lovely, now I'm looking up Bungou to Alchemist x'D.

Ditto omg. There are way too many I want to make and I haven't made a single one ><;;;. Oh man that hair part would be perfect for Akutagawa!!! Now I am super tempted to want to make one ^^ I wanted that nendoroid's fps anyway for my oc orz. I knew it! I remember reading xxxHolic many years ago ^^ I think I'll try to get back into it and finally finish it haha. Thank you that character is my favourite X3
Bungo to Alchemist was made by DMM just like Tourabu. Maybe thats why I got hooked XD
029 dager sidenHypedSniperHypedSniper
Lehst (1 måned siden) #21417564I adore your Akutagawa collection. :3
I only just got into BSD and I love a lot of the characters, but he and Atsushi stand out the most to me. I want to see Higuchi fangirl over her senpai more, lol.

Omg thank you so much haha ^^ I didn't really think I had much of a collection to be honest. I totally understand what you mean about Atsushi and Akutagawa. I'm hoping that they will make nendos of those two but I'm kinda doubting they will anytime soon. (I don't want to have to attempt to make them myself). Your collection in generally is super impressive owo I particularly admire your Attack on Titan, Tourabu and Petanko collection! I have yet to acquire any of those haha. Ooh I also really like your AoT customs! I have only really gotten interested in making my own ones a few months ago >< I want to mod some parts mostly though rather than collecting every single part of the nendoroid from others. There are quite a few that want to make too ^^;;;; Hey is your icon from xxxHolic?
01 måned sidenKiz-xoKiz-xo
Lehst (1 måned siden) #21106945Aww cool, you like Detective Conan too! A lot of worthwhile DC merch has been coming out the past couple years (as compared to the decades the story has been going on, lol) and the merch has been steadily flooding into my room!
I love the gifs on your profile!

Thank you =D
I only got into it a year or so ago though so i was lucky (although i missed all the cheap merch. Im intime for UC scales =D)
01 måned siden (1 måned siden)aukieaukie
Lehst (1 måned siden) #20767996your avatar is one of the best I've seen.
totally want some hatoful bedsheets lol.

Haha thank you, my hatoful body pillow cover is one of my prized possessions ;_; <3

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