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Om Meg'm Mobius, a university student currently undertaking a Adv in Biochemistry/Microbiology with a Dip. Lang in Japanese Studies. Out of hours, I'm a full-time OTP-powered all-ships-a-sail fanboy and a budding cosplayer.

I began collecting when I was 15 on July 28th 2012 and joined MFC shortly after on September 27th the same year. Originally my collection was centered around the Naruto series, but since then I've seen one too many nice things from other series I'd love to own by browsing day after day on this site. I now avidly collect items from the Tales of Series as well various sports anime and little tidbits from beloved series here and there. Feel free to hit me up with an FR, I'd love to chat!
My character favourites
Mami (PMMM) | Rem (Re:Zero) | Edna (Tales of Zestiria) | Milla (Tales of Xillia) | Cheria (Tales of Graces)
Owain (Fire Emblem Awakening/Fates) | Guy (Tales of the Abyss) | Sousuke (Free!) | Kiba (Naruto) | Kacchan (MHA)

Stuff I get a little too passionate about
Kemono visual novels Morenatsu (漏れなつ) and Lagoon Lounge (ラグーン)

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02 måneder sidenWhiteXillia00WhiteXillia00
MobiusX (2 måneder siden) #21904085I vaguely recall a user with a spinning Xillia symbol as a profile picture so I decided to check your profile out. I'm guessing Xillia's your favourite? :)

Yes, Xillia was indeed my favorite! TOX2 was pretty good, too. Elize is definitely my favorite character.

Zestiria was OK, but felt a bit bland to me. However, Berseria definitely made up for it!

I haven't really played any other than those four.

Which Tales game are you a fan of? :D
05 måneder siden (5 måneder siden)xkiraxxkirax
MobiusX (5 måneder siden) #18650105Welcome to MFC! :)
Thanks a lot! ^^
07 måneder sidenDelicateThunderDelicateThunder
MobiusX (7 måneder siden) #17447000Thank you! And aw, I hope you're doing fine now!
All the best for 2017 for you!!! :O

Feeling a lot better now but damn just so behind in everything. Hope your years going well too! Got anything fun planned?
07 måneder sidenMaakieMaakie
MobiusX (7 måneder siden) #17446998I really want to go to a festival for once, but depends on the timing and if we have our schedule free.
So much to see, so little time ;n;

I know man, I already get stressed at the idea of having to plan a vacation to Japan, haha!

Mostly because I get tired of going on vacation quickly, so I rather not be on vacation for longer than 1,5-2 weeks. But that's such a short amount of time with the many things to do in Japan!!!

I hope you manage to visit a festival! :)
07 måneder sidenMaakieMaakie
MobiusX (7 måneder siden) #17320890I'm doing great! Currently getting ready for a Japan trip in a month's time so trying not to spend until I get there haha.

Oh wow, that is amazing! :D Do you plan on visiting any special events or theme parks there?

Have lots of fun~

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