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Protagonism, canine teeth, designated healer girl of the party, being Sorey.
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MobiusX (19 dager siden) #26698958Aw, thanks for noticing all of those! Haha there isn't much courage to gather, I'm a pretty easy guy to talk to. While it's pretty obvious my favourite character is Guy, my favourite Tales was actually Xillia 1, but Abyss is a close second! I've yet to try Symphonia nor Legendia (because Australia didn't really have many copies of Symphonia when I was younger, and Legendia was never released). I'm currently playing Tales of Hearts R and Tales of the Rays! I tried playing Link but for some reason I can't seem to get into its style. The little sprites are really adorable though, haha.
I see you have a lot of the Tales scale figures, awesome!! Who do you personally want made into a figure?

Oh, I wouldn't have guessed that your favorite Tales game is Xillia 1! It's a great game, too but it's a pity that there are only two characters made into figures from this game. Legendia wasn't released here (Germany) either, but a friend of mine had an American PS2 so I was able to play it! It's quite different from the other installments, but this was what made it interesting for me. Unfortunately the fans in America didn't like it at all so it was never released in other countries... Such a pity! Symphonia is definitely worth a try if you don't dislike the graphics of older games! :)
How do you like Tales of the Hearts R so far?
Personally I like Tales of the Rays, but the loading time... (if you want to be friends, my friendcode is 921405524).
There are many scale figures I'd love to see! It would be great to see some antagonists (like Asch or Gaius) or the rest of the cast like Judith and Karol. Since I'm a huge fan of Raine (I think she is called Refill in the English games) Sage from Tales of Symphonia, I'd love to see her as a figure. But since there isn't even a one coin figure of her and the game is quite old I doubt this will ever happen! :'D Rokuro would be nice, too! Or Guy and Jade!
Which Tales games have you played? What do you think about the upcoming Tales game for the Nintendo Switch? Do you think it's a brand new game or a port? Which game would you love to see on the Switch?
18 dager siden
MobiusX (21 dager siden) #26642610The upcoming Sorey and Mikleo Alter figs are a must, no way I could ignore them haha xD
Yeah that switch title, for whatever reason there wasn't an announcement at the Tales of Festival or at Tokyo Game Show or anything. A few of us are speculating that they're moving out of the Xillia game engine (they've recycled it for 4 mothership titles now) so development (and announcement too I guess x_x) will take some time. But hey if it's a good game I can wait :)
More Tales anime please! I personally would like a Xillia anime but any's good for me!

Hell yeah more Tales Anime XD I'd love a full-lenth Vesperia Anime (instead of 'just' a movie) but I'm afraid it ain't gonna happen anymore considering it's old af XD
Jup kinda fishy that there's so little information on an upcoming game, but you could be right - they might just be in the very early stages. My boyfriend just bought a Switch, so I'm ready for the game to drop whenever that'll be XD
I'm so freakin excited for these figs! I'm seriously wondering hard when they could be open for PO... The prototypes look SO well, but no color yet and we all know how Alter likes to take its sweet time T_T
19 dager siden
MobiusX (22 dager siden) #26614691Thanks for the FR! Gladly accepted :)
Which Tales is your favourite?

I'm so happy that you accepted the FR! :D When I saw your collection, your avatar and your blog-entries, I just had to gather up courage!
My favorite Tales is Abyss, but Symphonia, Berseria and Legendia are also awesome! Guessing from your profile, I assume that you like Abyss the most? :) Are you playing Tales of Link, too?

19 dager siden
MobiusX (24 dager siden) #26541608I totally get you. My friend and I are saving for our trip next year but I can't seem to put away my hobbies in order to save money, haha. And you're right, not many Tales fans (or at least active ones), but I'm hoping Tales gets a better presence in Europe/NA/Australia in the coming years - especially since they managed to bring Tales of the Rays out for the western audience. I've played Abyss, Graces f, Hearts R (almost finished!), Vesperia, both Xillias (Xillia 1 is my favourite) Zestiria and Berseria. I tried starting Symphonia but because my first game was Xillia, it was really hard to play Tales on 2D again. So I just ended up watching the Symphonia anime >_< (it was enough to make me love Lloyd). I really ought to play though. I'm thinking of playing Destiny (the PS2 Japanese version) with a script out with a friend, it looks really good for a game of its time.
And naaah, take your time with Berseria and any title really. I've been baited into rushing games, and that's no fun :( but really it is a treat, hopefully you've avoided spoilers xD

Isn't there word out about a Tales game coming up for the Nintendo Switch!? Iirc Bandai Namco is working on a (new?) title for the Switch; that would certainly boost the popularity of the franchise in the West, so yeah we'll see ^^
I'm actually rather excited to see where Tales heads next, cuz Berseria hasn't been out for too long, so I don't think we'll be getting a new game that soon (I personally don't need one just yet, considering my backlog ^^;) They're still riding the Zesty wave heavily (not that I complain <3). I always expected a Berseria Anime, but hm no word on that :p And yes, I've too loved the Berseria game so far! Regarding spoilers, well TOZX did spoiler somewhat but I'm sure there's still enough to explore :D
I think it's great that you and your friend are tryin to save for another trip :D Ain't nothing like being in the motherland XD But I agree it's a struggle >.> I've actually made the decision to give up on preordering figures for a while (even though it's gonna be tough v_v) since I'd rather get my funds ready for Japan (I'll make a big fat exception though when Alter decides to drop their Sorey, Mikleo and Eizen figs... absolutely can't wait for them >___<)
21 dager siden
MobiusX (27 dager siden) #26422443Hey thanks for accepting! :DI've been on the lookout for active Tales fans on MFC (mostly to expand the pool of people I can spazz Tales to, tsk). And thanks! It's been a slow burn and there's still a lot of stuff most people have that I've yet to commit my savings save for ^^"Mhmm Guy is pretty up there in my list. Which Tales have you played? I've only really been able to play the few titles they decided to sell in Australia ^^"
Haha feel free to spazz XD I can totally relate :p Tales isn't really popular here O.o Apart from a few peeps on here, I don't know anybody who's into the series sadly >.> Considering how popular it is in Japan... man I really wish I could go back soon. I'm currently torn apart between expanding my collection and actually saving funds for Japan, ah a neverending struggle -_-""
I've played Tales of Graces, Symphonia, Abyss and Zestiria (♡) and have started Berseria but I'm ashamed to admit I haven't played through it yet because I hardly have time for gaming recently <____> So sad jeez v_v I'm a huge fan of Vesperia too, even though I have yet to play it myself (never saw a PS release here wtf) I really want to get the JP version though finally ^^ What about you? And what's your fav?
24 dager siden
Hey~~~ thanks for your friend request! Gladly accepted ^^
Man, I love your profile page!! I just really enjoy looking at other people's tales collections so much lol XD
Again, your collection is truly amazing <3 So much stuff that's still for me to get ^^;
You really do have a thing for Guy huh XD Understandably though ^_- That profile pic omg <3
Lots of greetings!
27 dager siden
Leosach Born this way
MobiusX (29 dager siden) #26312084Same really, less active and less money to throw around ^^" Still happy with what I can get :)
Actually I've been meaning to ask some people, but what do you think of the new site layout? Are some of the site functions a bit more difficult now?

As everyone else I know... I hate it... will wait a little longer if I can get used to it or if it will improve but honestly... really disliking it.
29 dager siden
Leosach Born this way
MobiusX (1 måned siden) #26273852It's about time I get active on MFC again, haha. How have you been man? It's been too long :)

My Beauty Boy! How you doing? Im fine! always around and keep collecting lol although not in the same level as years ago! LOL
1 måned siden
MobiusX (1 måned siden) #26273662Hey thanks for accepting! I'm looking out for all the Tales fans I can on MFC :)
I've been asking around with little luck but do you play Tales of the Rays (JP or EN)? Mobile games seem to be putting people off :L
I play Tales of the Rays in Japanese (since I'm located in Japan), Tales of Asteria, and Tales of Link in Japanese. I'm the most hardcore with Asteria of the three. I don't have very good luck with Link's gacha.
1 måned siden
Thanks for the Friend Request -- loving all of the Guys here!
1 måned siden
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