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Hi, I'm Panny. Post-Industrial Revolutionary Girl. Aspiring Lesbian Superhero. Obsessive Loser Nerd.

I got into the collecting game late and rather tentatively and I'm still not doing anything that could be mistaken for going hard. Mostly I'm looking to build on my modest collection of merch related to characters that I love. I have a weakness for anything plush and cuddly and Revolutionary Girl Utena is my all time favourite anime. I have a small shrine dedicated to Kotetsu/Barnaby because my friends encourage me way too much.

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025 dager sidenStarNouveauStarNouveau
OOOOO i didn't even think of going with amiami!!:O thanks! and oo thanks for the recommendation as well!

and AHHHH THANK YOU!!;__; and LMFAO I THOUGHT SO!! sorry i just find it cool and funny how i found the winner lol but congrats!! do you paint gk's or are you going to commission someone to paint her?:O ahh you're so lucky! it sucks how there's sooooo little merch of anthy!!:"( i was just telling someone earlier how i REALLY hope they'll make this epic gay diorama figure of anthy x utena (in the same figure) with roses n stuff around them!!!;_; that'd be so cool! i love the dolls but ahh i love figures the most lol! but i'd be REALLY happy with just a matching anthy prize figure to match with the other one (with the same scale). anthy seriously has one of my fav designs it's so so pretty! //and it's weird how the only pre-painted figure of her is of her in her school uniform.>_>
025 dager sidenStarNouveauStarNouveau
hi!! sorry for bothering you and the odd question; but i saw you ordered the new revolutionary girl utena pullip dolls and was wondering where u ordered them from? i sort of forgot where i ordered my rose of versailles dolls last year so i want to make sure it's the same site/trusted source.;_;
i'm still unsure if i'll preorder em or just the anthy but i wanted to know in advance.x)
thank you so much in advance!!
//also ps; love your bio and collection!! SUPER random too but i saw an auction for a anthy garage kit a while back on yahoo auctions but lost. were u the won who won it? LOL sorry for sounding creepy but i was curious LMFAO
03 måneder sidenAureaLucretiaAureaLucretia
Hey, have a happy b-day!! Mine is exactly week after yours haha strange coincidence!!
02 år sidenMurutaMuruta
Happy birthday!
02 år sidenMoonlitxShadowsMoonlitxShadows
Man look at your collection grow hehe you mainly have an army of little figures.

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