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Om Meg

Who is this man? Dude, myth or mega designer.

That's enough talk about myself in the third person.
Initially he intended to be an animator and went to design school totally motivated to become precisely that. One thing led to another, and two years passed and I was an (almost) full-blown freelance designer with no intention of becoming one.

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06 måneder sidensumnerdsumnerd
Reycoenma (6 måneder siden) #16761372Welcome my dear friend
06 måneder sidenJivesh1995Jivesh1995
Thanks for the b-day wish :D
06 måneder sidenAldoAldo
Reycoenma (6 måneder siden) #16761362I like it your collection my dear friend

Thank you!
06 måneder sidenAstrid87Astrid87
Reycoenma (6 måneder siden) #16707206What is your list of favorite Anime/Mangas ?

The Slayers, Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon ('90s), Kuroshitsuji, all manga's by CLAMP, Free!, Yuri!! On Ice, Saezuru tori wa habatakanai, Hetalia

Mostly these!
06 måneder sidenAstrid87Astrid87
Reycoenma (6 måneder siden) #16707190I also like Animes
To my favorite Animes I count Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Slayers, One Punch Man, Inuyasha, Ranma and more :D
With respect to one-punch man, I think the power of this highly overrated Saitama, you think about my dear friend ?

The Slayers is my all time favorite anime!! Rina Inverse is the best!

Yeah I think Saitama is overrated! Goku is more poverfull than him!

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