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04 måneder sidenTelesaminTelesamin
Do you have any personal photos of makise? Just to confirm the condition also how much to ship to Canada?
06 måneder sidenErikdayoErikdayo
Hi. I don't mean to keep bothering you, but I figured I'd try one more time. Please respond if you still have and wish to sell the Eriri figure. Thanks!
06 måneder siden (6 måneder siden)ErikdayoErikdayo
Hi. Couldn't PM because your inbox is full. Interested in the Eriri figure if it's still available. I am in MA, USA. Discord: Rinchan Nau#6790
06 måneder sidentoniirawwrtoniirawwr
SIkai (6 måneder siden) #17958058Hey my subscription ran out so i have to reply here. Sorry man shipping outside of NA has pretty ridiculous costs and it would probably be much cheaper for you if you bought elsewhere
Hi, Thanks for replying,
im sure it would cost a lot, but probably not as much as what im seeing :/
i know it may be a huge ask but could you by chance get an estimate? cause anything from 180 USD or below (with shipping) would be worth it for me
06 måneder sidentoniirawwrtoniirawwr
Was going to PM you, but your inbox is full. Was wondering if you are still selling this figure Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata - Sawamura Spencer Eriri - 1/7
sale #117686

and if you are, if you are willing to ship to Australia

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