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05 måneder sidendontbedongdontbedong
Recently bought a figure from Zeref and it was a pleasure to do business with him. Everything arrived quickly and in perfect condition - I highly recommend purchasing from him.
02 år sidendrlongshaftdrlongshaft
I bought the Phat Company Hibiki from Zeref. Very reasonable, polite guy. The box and figure were both in near-mint condition. Absolutely 100% pleased with my purchase, highly recommend to anyone.
02 år sidenUzzielanUzzielan
Just finished my first private purchase and couldn't be happier. Zeref was easy to work with and the Figure arrived quickly and was in perfect condition as advertised. 5/5 would shop again :)
03 år sidendilettantedilettante
I just bought my first figure from Zeref! He is excellent to deal with, willing to go the extra mile (photos, shipping info, etc). I'm in Canada and shipping can be a real pain, but he just took care of everything. Quick responder, too. Recommended!
04 år sidenxxsupernoidxxsupernoid
Actually cleaning figures may sound hard or difficult but its pretty Simple
for instance i use 409 all purpose cleaner and a Q-tip for black spots or paint smudges dip the Q-tip into a small paper cup with some of the 409 all purpose cleaner in it (only dip one side in) and begin to rub the spot you want clean in a circular motion ad a medium strength and after a couple minutes it should come off and look fantastic

any other questions?Zeref (4 år siden) #1682206I actually posted a question in my comments since you left such a welcoming message for me =D. I really appreciate it, but I'm not sure if you will be back to check my comments or not so I will ask it again here =). Thanks again.
Actually I did have a question since I'm pretty new to figure collecting and only have the 2 so far... Sena was my first figure and she has quite a few small black spots on her... Is there a way to get rid of these or is this normal? It seems that Kanetsugu has one on her butt too.
After closer inspection Kanetsugu has a little more than that on her butt and legs as well, and also a red spot on her panties. These spots are mainly on the skin, but Sena even has one on here bikini bottoms... This really bugs me, this can't be normal right?

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