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collectorCherri (1 måned siden) #23197377View spoilerHide spoilerView spoilerHide spoiler[/img]
(Lol. That’s terrible. I’ve done that before.)
The anime glasses just have a small anime logo on them. Some of them look pretty nice.
Yes, earning a teaching credential allows you work as a teacher. You take a bunch of education classes after earning your Bachelor’s degree. You also have to do time as a student teacher. Does France have similar requirements?
Oh~then it’s okay to leave. That’s true. There would be a lot of training hours wasted on people that aren’t even staying.
Haha. I only sing in the shower occasionally. Do you sing with the windows rolled down?
The Bon Appetit video was weird. xD Those are catchy songs.
You should get feedback from your family. I bet you’re not that bad.
I also haven’t read a book in a long time. (not counting manga, fanfiction, and textbooks). Did you enjoy that book? Are you into that genre? It looks like a drama. I googled it and they made a movie based on the book.
I used to read books all the time! I’d mostly read fiction. It’s been a while since I’ve read a series, but I was really into Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead for some time. I started reading them when I was a senior in high school.
I enjoyed “Etched in Sand” by Regina Calcaterra. I had to read it when I took a class on family violence/child abuse.
I’ll listen to anything except country. I tend to like music that is upbeat and catchy. I’m not a big fan of depressing songs. I mostly listen to pop, rock, and classical. I liked the songs you shared with me, so we have a similar taste in music. I used to be into J-pop and K-pop years ago, but I stopped listening to it/looking it up. ^^
Yes, very!
Yeah..I don’t like the back of it. The hair in the front looks nice though. Oh wow. That person customized it, huh. They did a great job. You should give it a shot.
Ah, ok. I don’t know him. ^^ I tried playing those games when I was a kid, but I get scared easily. I stopped when I realized you couldn’t run and shoot. You can’t expect me to stop, aim, and remain calm, when zombies are chasing me.
Haha. All right.
Did you get that done? Yes, I am very interested! Please share.
The red line feature is called spell check. It’s better than autocorrect because it doesn’t mess with you. It gives you a choice to change things. That’s true! Heck, I have trouble finding the right English words sometimes. My mind goes blank quite often. Haha.
I did! It was an awesome experience. I got to buy the merchandise. The lines were long, but they had enough stuff in stock.
It’s ok. I know you are busy. ^^ I didn’t find anything good at the Anime Jungle shop anyway :(
I’ll get you something some other time. I know I’ll probably go to Little Tokyo at least one more time before Christmas.
How hot has it been over there?
It’s been hot over here too. I’m happy I’m not the only one that does that! The heat knocks me out and I end up taking long unplanned naps in the middle of the day. Lol. I sleep during the break I have between my two jobs. It was 89 degrees Fahrenheit today.
Lucky! I don’t have a Tsume figure yet.
Do you have insoles that provide extra support? Your feet may be less tired with them. They should give you guys some time to do some quick stretching exercises.
Hm, you may be right. It might be too late to make any significant changes.
You got some nice stuff! You always find great deals on there. It is a trap for you. They know exactly how to get you.
Aw. My cheaper $200-300 computer does o.k. Do you pay for the highest internet speed plan? I downgraded one time to save money and it was a huge difference. I couldn’t stand the wait times.
*I forgot to tell you. I won a $50 coupon on Tokyo Otaku Mode the other day. I used it to buy a Sasuke nendo.
I felt pretty lucky...and then 2 days later, I had to take my dog to the emergency vet hospital. My older brother gave him a piece of apple that was too big for him and it got stuck halfway down his esophagus. They did an endoscopy and pushed it down into his stomach. I'm really happy that my dog is ok now, but it ended up costing me $1800.
Even though I have 2 jobs, I still won't be able to buy figures. I need to pay that off. xD

That must have been the 5th or 6th times it happened to me! I hate that!

Oh yes those Murasakibara glasses looks nice!

Oh ok. I don't know if it's the same in France. I checked and apparently you have to take your master class and succeed in the "contest" and then take your second master with teaching of class in alternation with studies.
I think I didn't explained it well lol

I don't work there anymore now, I'm unemployed again, my car needed repair and I thought it was the right time to stop and find something nearer.

I do it in the shower as well because I always put music when I shower but I try to do it in my head, I don't want someone to ear me XD
Yes sometime my window is rolled down but I try to not move my lips if I cross another car because my brother told me it looks like I was talking to myself when he once passed me on the road and I was signing XD

Oh nice. Country is also the only music I don't listen to. I never really listened to K-pop or J-pop myself, the only japanese songs I listen are the op and ed of anime and maybe one or two korean tracks :)

Les Liaisons Dangereuses is a book we needed to read in high school and at that time I didn't wanted to do it but I remembered some plot from it and so I reread it but I never read anything on my own will apart from that.
Thanks for your recommendations.

I finished watching Tonari no Seki-kun that you recommended some months ago, it was really funny! I first didn't really like the art style but the episodes and faces they made were so funny that I watched all of them in two days^^ I wish that it had more episodes tho!

And at first I didn't remembered what was the title of the anime, I just remembered that there was a "...-kun" in it so I started Tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge and it's pretty funny too. Did you watched it?

I also finished the two seasons of Bungou Stray Dogs. That was awesome! I never thought it was a funny anime when I was seeing images from it but it really was! I ordered the two nendo (item #463240, item #396850) from it too. I always wanted them because they looks fancy with their British style clothes but I didn't wanted to spend a lot of money on them if I wasn't sure to like the characters. Fortunately TOM still had them for po so I ordered them there.
I almost like all the characters from it. There is just a girl with a brother complex that I can't stand and another one but apart from them I'm in love with the anime, I could read the manga but I will not want to watch the next season if I do that so I will just wait patiently^^

I started Fukigen na Mononokean, the new Touken Ranbu anime and Gugure! Kokkuri-san too and plan to start Handa-kun. Did you watch any of those?

Yeah it's really too "dragon ball style" for me XD

Haha I don't like playing game like that too. I like to be able to go where I want and do what I want like in Far Cry. I remember when I was a kid I tried playing a Tomb Raider game and when passing on a bridge there was tarantulas and I got so scared that I startled jump away XD I never tried it again^^
I will be getting a PS4 tomorrow (at last) or I will order it on amazon if it's more expensive at the shop! I really looking forward to play new games. I will be getting Final fantasy XV and Crash Bandicoot N sane. I already watched a youtuber play the third game last week but I wanna do it too! That's so nostalgic to see the game once again^^

You are wise to doubt me on my word to actually do something XD I started it but the fabric was too "heavy" (is it the right word to say that it was not thin enough?) and with the rubbery texture of the skin it was too hard to do. So when I saw I didn't got the right length of fabric I didn't felt like trying once more XD I still got a picture tho :) View spoilerHide spoiler

Ah ok. Me too sometimes in French I can't find the word but I have the english one instead^^


It was as hot here about 30 degrees celcius (about 89 degree F). My left arm is tan now because of my 30 min of drive to work, but the other part are so white it looks odd XD

No I had to wear uncomfortable antistatic safety shoes and they had some sort of padded shockproof mats on the floor but it was painful anyway because you don't move all day.

In the end she's still horrible looking :( and compared to the reference image it's a shame but apparently it's the style of the sculptor, he did Ginko too that I don't like either.

Yeah and I don't have enough room to display them now, I put them in my lego showcase but I really need to get more detolf for them and all the nendoroids that are scattered everywhere^^

I think we will soon change it, but I choose the PS4 this month so maybe in another one or to month we will change.
My internet is on the slow side but we are in the middle of fields so it can't be helped XD

Oh, that's too bad, just when you had finished to pay your other debts!
But if your dog is okay it's what count.
It is really expensive tho, I was complaining to my mother for my 100€ bill for my cat but yours is way worse.
I hope that you will manage to pay it faster with your two jobs. Your family will help you to pay it?
01 måned siden (1 måned siden)shiroiusagishiroiusagi
collectorCherri (2 måneder siden) #21757428View spoilerHide spoilerView spoilerHide spoiler
Oh yeah? I got my reading glasses from JINS, a Japanese company. They have character themed glasses like: sailor moon, kuroko, one piece, and osomatsu-san, but only in Japan (>_<) I got some cute black glasses that are good for looking at a computer screen. They have lens that block blue light or something.
I know! I always put myself in stressful situations. xD I got an A on it. ^^ The upcoming semester will be my last one! I’m so happy. I might get into the teaching credential program afterwards. Idk.
Oh~Yeah, you wouldn’t want to leave a job you just got recently. Leaving so soon isn’t good for your reputation in the company you are in now.
Eugh, that’s too much. I feel sorry for people with a long commute.-I know a few that actually enjoy it though. It gives them some time alone, away from their families xD. I also know some people enjoy listening to audiobooks in their car.
Hm. The quality could be better on those. Yeah, the clamp is not subtle at all.
(°ロ°) !Oh dang! A 3-way ship? I’ve never see that before. (That’s my favorite of the ones listed. They seem compatible with each other. Going off looks alone, , BokutoxAkaashi would be my #2. Lol at Sugawara. He seems like a super friendly guy. I can see why you ship him so much. Haha. ( ̄ω ̄)
Oh cool! You did a great job. Oh, ok. :)
Oooo. That’s an awesome blog. I see. You have to paint each part separately right? GKs seem pretty sturdy to me.
Lol! I know some people pay others to paint it. They charge a lot though.
That makes me stop reading too.
I think so. They are going to wait a long time. xD
I don’t recognize him. Which video game?
Oh snap! That is muscular. That would be a cool project to take on. I don’t know much about bane as a character, but I know the mask is crucial to his design. Are you going to sculpt it?
Mhm. Autocorrect is both a blessing and a curse. My autocorrect makes me say pretty dumb stuff. The other day my brother texted me that I should have better grammar as a college student. Lol. There should be a way to turn it off, but I’m too lazy to find out how. xD
That’s interesting! You write so well, I imagined you as somebody that spoke English regularly. I’m sure you did a nice job pronouncing stuff ^^
ヽ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )ノ
I think I will be able to soon. I’m saving some money for when I go to the Kingdom Hearts World Tour Orchestra. It will be in L.A. next week. Did you want me to buy you a souvenir? I’d be more than happy to. This is what they’ll be selling there [ext link ]
I’ll be trying my best to get my hands on it. I had no problems buying merch at the Pokemon concert, so I’m hoping the Kingdom Hearts one will have enough in stock for everybody interested in buying. I’ll also be stopping by Anime Jungle in Little Tokyo. ^^ I’ll tell you if I find anything.
True. It would have been worth it though. ( ✧ω✧) They would look nice together. Did you see the Tsume Hinata? The pizza job is only 4.5 hours but it is more tiring than my 6 hour job. Haha. It’s fast paced and there’s a lot of bending down to refill ingredients ( ̄。 ̄ノ) , but it’s worth it for the extra cash.
I feel the same way. The boobs, and butt, are huge. The face is so lackluster. I might skip this one if they don’t fix any issues I have with it. Thanks! I like those a lot. ^^
(That’s ok! GIFs aren’t required. Lol. I hope your computer is functioning normally again.)

(I want to die!!!! I was writing an answer when the page just refreshed itself and I lost everything!!!! I will try to remember what I wrote while it's still fresh in my mind.)

Oh, I' didn't know this company, I don't think I want anime glasses tho^^ The more discreet the better for me.

Congrats! At least you did good even in procrastinating^^ What is this program? Is it something like a formation to be teacher?

There is a lot of new comers who just stayed 1 or 2 weeks tho, I don't think it's goo to stay if you really don't like what you do. And that way the employees don't form you for nothing at a lot of different things.

Ah yeah, I heard about listening audiobooks while driving on tv recently, I wanted to try but I totally forgot about it! I like to sing loudly while I'm driving alone^^ I just learned 4 new songs that I constantly listen now, Harry Style's sign of the times, Katy Perry's Bon appétit, Louis tomlinson and Steve Aoki's thing(I don't remember the title) and Sympathy by Billy Talent. I don't want to listen to my voice without the music over it tho, it must be terrible XD
I don't know what I could listen to that isn't mangas or fanfics, the last thing I "read" was Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons), I listened to it on night shifts some years ago.
Maybe Lord of the ring or something like that. Do you like to read books? Do you know something that I could enjoy?

I don't think I ever asked you what type of music you listen, so What do you like? I listen to a lot of things but my all time favourite is metal music^^

Yes 3-way ships are awesome! The more the better^^ Good choice!

I wouldn't commission someone to do the paint, the figure must be so expensive in the end!

I received a new one item #192252, I'm not a fan of the hair cut tho, in the pictures you can see that someone changed them, I would like to do that too one day.

Apparently it is Chris Redfield from a Resident Evil game. I never played those games.
You have too much faith in me! I will just order the head sculpt XD
Actually my mission for tonight (to be awake the longer possible because I work at night this week) is to do fundoshi for the two male body^^ I will see if I can do a decent job at that, it shouldn't be do difficult, I will not sew anything. I will show you pictures next comment if you are interested^^

Haha, on the phone it is annoying I just use it one the computer (actually I'm not sure it's called that in the end, when you right click on the word if it is underlined in red?)
I wish but without practice it is difficult to find the words you want to say without thinking about it!

Oh did you have fun there?
Sorry I read your message just now XD That was really nice of you to think about buying me something tho, it's the intention that count so I'm happy that you thought of that^^
I was so lazy the last 3 weeks with that horrible heat outside and with work I am too tired to do anything, last week I was napping every day lol

She looks cool, (they put it a little bit more expensive than the other) the thing that's good with Tsume is that they are in the country nest to mine and the shipping is free in France.
I had to do a lot of bending and carrying heavy things in all my jobs before so I know it's tiring to do that, I always had my back hurting but now it's just assembly so nothing to carry, the only thing hurting are my feet and legs because you stay on the same spot all day!

She's already painted so I don't know if they will take the time to listen to complaints but I hope so.

There is HLJ sale right now and as always I used a lot of money with their trap, it's a trap! i know it! I ordered 3 scales item #331641, item #236351, item #400734 because of them, this cu-poche item #464628, this plush item #483705 and some Gintama trading figures and keychains!

No my computer is trash! The refreshing was because I searched for Bane's image! It can't handle this little thing!
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collectorCherri (3 måneder siden) #21389823View spoilerHide spoilerView spoilerHide spoiler
Ah, you too? Haha. I took a day off from work just so that I could finish it in time. ^-^]\
I’m sorry to hear that! That was quick. I hope I didn’t jinx you or something. xD
I’ve never worked in an assembly line, but I imagine that the time doesn’t pass by fast since the work is so monotonous. (⌒_⌒;) 30 minutes is far. I also hate a long commute. The longest I’ve ever had to drive was around 15-20 minutes. I slowly got jobs closer and closer to my house. I only have a 5 minute drive now.
Lol. It doesn’t have scales yet though. Right? All I’ve seen are a bunch of cute nendos that are tempting. Who are you shipping in that series? I don’t know anybody, but I’ll have fun just seeing the pairs.
Oh, ok. Be sure to post pics! Whose tutorials are you using to put it together? :) I’d be so intimidated about working on something that cost me $100+.
Uh-oh. ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭At least you’ll have more things to choose from. People on Garage Kit items tend to complain about them not being a painted, finished, and widely available. If you know how to make them, you can own a bunch of nice, unique figures others pass on.
Those look good. The sailor looks like a Jojo character.
I see. -You just picked the best ones. ^^
If you say so. Haha. Do they keep him in character? I really dislike fanfictions that don’t do that for some reason. Even if the story is good, I can’t look past that.
Okay. I’ll keep a look out for it on ebay. [ext link ]
The prices on that website can be so ridiculous.
Did the body match the head’s skin color after all?
I do! I’m extremely patient. (・ω<)☆
You do that? I do that. I’m so used to google and spell check that I double check everything I write. Haha. When I speak Spanish, I’ll get stuck in the middle of a sentence because I’ve forgotten how to say a word. xD I just say it in English or totally guess wrong, but hey, they understand me.
Lol! That gif sums up how I feel about that pair. (;ಠ_ಠ) It never happened.-*extreme case of denial* I’ll just consider it a parallel universe.
*You asking me that question
Nope. I’m still broke, although I am paying off my Hinata preorder. I might preorder those 2 with my next paycheck! The kind where you only pay for a part of it. (can’t pay full price right now) I agree! The design is amazing. Ah, you made me sad by reminding me that they aren’t 1/8. Lol. I’ll still be getting them. I applied for a second job, part time, so that I can spend more on this hobby. ^_^ I hope I get it. It’s at a pizza restaurant.
Not bad! I think that’s cheaper than the retail price I paid. I admired him for a while when I received him. Now he’s just in his box. xD
I’m happy for you.

Yeah, I need to change glasses, I have the papers since november 2016 but I'm still waiting to find the courage to go choose one pair XD
Oh, one day off! You were really late!

Yeah^^ They called me again to return but now that I have the other job I don't think it's a good idea to quit for maybe just some weeks of work in the last one.
There is a girl who have to drive 1 hour to get there! I couldn't do that, 30 min is my limit.
minutes must be really nice, you have the time to go home if you need something or for breaks^^

There is 4 scale (mfc link), not my favourite characters tho, and I don't like the clamp to display them.
Oh there is a lot! My favourite is this one KurooxDaichi View spoilerHide spoiler and some of the others: KyoutanixYahaba View spoilerHide spoiler, IwaizumixOikawa View spoilerHide spoiler, BokutoxAkaashi View spoilerHide spoiler, and right now those 3 together^^ KurooxDaichixBokuto View spoilerHide spoiler and Sugawara View spoilerHide spoiler with pretty much everyone XD

I finished this one picture #1764161, the incubus is finished too but it's too dark right now to take a pic.
I just re-read (mfc link) but I didn't do all the right preparation, I just cut the flash tabs and sanded the seam lines and then just used easy removable glue to put him together, that way it will be easy to disassemble him if I want to paint him one day.
I was afraid to drop a part and break it but everything is good in the end :)

Yeah, that would be good to have them nicely painted, maybe one day^^ I don't want a figure that looks like a bootleg because I couldn't paint it right lol

Hum.. I can't remember him very well in the series so I don't really know XD Sometimes I don't like that too when they're too out of character but that's not the main point that make me stop reading a story. I can't read something that is badly written, with a style that I don't like, fortunately I can see that right at the beginning so I don't waist my time through some chapters.

What! Who would buy it at that price!? They are waiting for someone rich to buy it.

Yes! I got the head yesterday and it's tan too :) It's that guy [ext link ], I didn't know who he was at first, apparently he's from a video game.
Today I received another body [ext link ], I want to make Bane from The Dark Knight Rises^^ He need a lot of muscles :)

Yes when I right in english and even in french I have to check some words because of the auto correct that I always use^^ I never actually speak english in real life so I don't know hpw that would go, I think the only time I did was 3 years ago when a guy came in the factory to deliver something and he talked to me in english so I just said something easy like "I will go check with my boss"^^

Yes! We're on the same board XD

Oh no! I hope you will be able to!
Yeah I'm a bit sad too that it's non-scale, but at 1/8 they would have been a lot more expensive! I have 1/10Tsume Shikamaru and Itachi so I hope they will be about that size at least.
Wow 2 jobs, I hope you will get it but will not be too tired after them!

What do you think of this new Kagura item #582643? I was happy at first but I don't like the face at all and the boobs are too big too for me. I just want the two fist! You're lucky to be the happy owner of those figures^^

(No gif in this message, my computer refuse to let me go to google images without lagging for minutes!!!)
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collectorCherri (3 måneder siden) #20864702View spoilerHide spoilerView spoilerHide spoiler
[[Shiro! I’m stressing ‘cus finals are coming up. I keep procrastinating, even if I don’t want to. I’m living that one Spongebob episode. How have you been? Anything new?]]
Ooooo. Are they in season? I love that smell! I really like strawberries, I just wish they didn’t go bad so quick. (be careful, you don’t want to eat so many that you grow to resent them.)
Yes! They are getting a lot of other merch too.
Oh, I see. I hope that they’ll keep renewing your contract so that you have steady employment. ^^
What? But you love Kuroko~Damn.~it really must be good.
Yup, once you reach doujin level-that’s full blown obsession. I ordered more kaguraxokita doujins (I need to stop myself. D: There was a doujin event and a couple of new ones were released.)
Congrats! Are you going to keep it boxed or are you going to try to make it?
Lol. I hope it is not much.
I know about the sequel. I heard it was terrible xD
He does! Haha! He’s like, “what the hell is that? What are you looking at?” *mumble* So grumpy~
Haha! Yes! It even looks like he a surfboard leash around his ankle. You’re pretty good at photography (and sculpting).-pretty artsy aren’t you Shiro? =v=
Right? Our cockatiel doesn’t fly towards us either. For sure!
They look cute. I wouldn’t drive one, but I can appreciate them. Yeah, I heard you need to use them or the engine goes bad. My scooter needs to be ridden every once in a while too.
ShanexDaryl ?
That’s a crack ship right there.=best type
Haha. The gif ends right before he shoves him.
Ok- you do that. (I’ll do the same with my ships.)
Is the bag official merch? After a quick google search, it was apparently sold at Spencer’s [ext link ] These stores are usually small and located inside of malls. Yeah..I think that’s where I saw them. Etsy has fan made ponchos if you are interested.
I like your favorite the most. (His facial expression is nice+he’s rocking the poncho)
That’s nice of you. I’ve only done it once. My older brother broke something I liked on purpose, so I got revenge. I scratched up a game of his.-not proud of that, but I was young. ^v^’\
Cool! $4 isn’t that big of a difference. I hope it arrives at your place soon.
^^ People loved your other sculpture! I’ll wait patiently for your next one.
Careful, you might offend Italian MFC users. >.> haha. Violet flower ice cream? Interesting. I never had anything close to that flavor.
I wouldn’t mind visiting Spain. I’d be able to understand what people say. There aren’t that many differences between the Spanish spoken in Mexico and the Spanish spoken in Spain.
Okay. :)
Why? It isn’t that bad. Boruto is obnoxious in the movie, but he starts to grow on you in the new anime. (all of the characters do)

Oh poor you! Did you manage to actually do your work or is it still far away in your mind? I'm the best at procrastinating myself so I understand^^

I don't know, I will take them anyway, I think most of them are from Spain. Yeah it's a little bit annoying that you have to eat them right away.

I already am not working there anymore XD They didn't needed anymore people right now, I started this week another job but it's at 30 min from my home and I don't like driving that long to go to work :( And I don't really like what I'm doing there either, it's car pumps assembly.

Yes I'm totally in love with it, it will ruin me!
I'm even deeper now I read a ton of fanfics too^^

I already started preparing him to be put together but I took the gray resin version to be able to display him not painted. I paid about 170€ so not too bad, SAL small packet was not available unfortunately so I paid more shipping.
I also ordered 2 other GK item #576201 and item #575904. I think I small a new addiction XD

I remember liking it maybe because I already like the series too much so I liked everything they gave me XD

Yes totally!
Photography not so much, I took a lot of blurry pictures, it was him that is a supermodel and stopped moving right in those poses^^

Shane can be cute from certain angles and with imagination! XD I don't even know from where it started but fanfictions just kept me looking for more at that time^^

Oh it's too bad! I will go looks there eventually, thanks!

Yeah, and it's the bigger one too :)

Haha, we do stupid things when we're young, I must have done some things like that too :)

I've received it, the body is great but the skintone is really dark, I hope it will match the head I chose.

I hope you have a lot of patience in that case XD I don't know when I will start!

That's cool to be able to be fluent in another language, I don't know if I could speak english without searching my words for 5min before each sentence XD

For me Naruto stopped and that's it. No sequel, no child for everyone, and most of all no SasukexSakura (just typing it make me sick XD)

Did you start reordering figures yet?
I ordered Sasuke item #527788 and Naruto item #527787, I love how original than are even if smaller than regular 1/8 scales.

And I found item #287834 not too expensive (100€) so I had to get him, he is sooooo beautiful!!! You already know because you have it but I'm sooooo happy to be able to look at him now^^
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collectorCherri (4 måneder siden) #20200077View spoilerHide spoilerView spoilerHide spoiler
Yeah, sure.~ Of course you understand.
*I want to do that sarcastic laugh Woody gives the shark in Toy Story. * Lol. You are so lucky! Agh, I’ve been craving that. =3=
It was #1 at the box office in Japan, Korea, and China I believe. It’s made a lot of money for anime film here in the U.S. Watch it! :) It is getting scales and nendos,
I see. What a coincidence! Did he recognize you?
Are you taking some vacation days? I might watch it during the summer. You became a fangirl quick!-that’s what I’m scared of. x]
Cool. *v*
Nope. I’m not passionate enough to debate it. Oh wow. She must be happy that a bunch of new movies are coming out. ^^
We’ll see. If I do, I’ll post pictures of the places I see.
Ah, it seems I have offended you. Haha. *googles Amanda Seyfried. Wasn’t she in the movie Mean Girls?! That movie was hell-a-popular when it came out. I’ve watched it quite a # of times. Still-never heard of Veronica Mars until now. –huh. came out the same year as the movie.
I’m pretty sure I had cable back then. You’d think I would’ve heard of it.
She’s asserting her dominance. –I need Cesar Millan. Lol.
Aw, how cute. Do you mind sharing picture of your bird/s?
Hm. Makes sense.
Check it out- [ext link ] it was easy to find a bunch of similar videos. They are pretty and so fast too!
That must be nice. That’s how it is in small towns, everybody knows everybody. We’ve talked about this before xD
Yeah? What about those super old antique cars? Do you get to see those at all? I saw one yesterday.
I like spotting those more.
Yes! Daryl is most people’s favorite. Mine is Carol and I ship them. ^-^
Lol. You and your Yaoi ships. ^^
I think Jesus is a good looking guy.
Why don’t you buy a Daryl poncho? They made some. How much were the figures?
Ah-I’m getting hungry. (again)
Oh no! I tend to go off on my family members too if they break/mess up my stuff. They learned to be super careful. xD Breaking sculptures is frustrating! But 5 min. isn’t long at all. That’s good.
Post pics please! I love it when it all comes together. The Vallejo paint set is pretty good. I don’t remember it being bubbly. You should try it when you can.
I know! They spoiled us and now I feel constant disappointment. :(
Tell me if you do!
That would make a cute sculpture. Gintoki is looking creepy there.
Got it. I wish her luck. ^^ Maybe she’ll take you guys on a vacation to Italy once she learns it.
You should help her out. –keep her focused.
What?~ What’d you buy it for then. Haha. That was a short phase! Ok.
You know, I’m sad Naruto is over, but I’m satisfied with the new Boruto anime.

Mouahahahahah^^ They were so sweet! There is always a strawberry smell in supermarket now so it makes us want to eat some every time!

Oh I see, it must indeed really be popular to get scales and nendo already!

Yes he did, I worked 18 months with him before and at one point he was my team leader.
I'm not taking vacation, they don't need anyone for that week, We have weekly contracts so if they don't need anyone for some days or weeks they just don't make a new contract. I work until Thursday and after I don't know, they always tell us the last day.

Yes it is awesome, way better than Kuroko no Basuke in my opinion, it's really funny and most of the characters are really cool. I'm at the second season right now and I've ordered all the nendoroids that I could plus 3 doujins, I think I'm past obsessed with it lol

And today I am really happy because I've managed to order via From Japan the incubus gk that I wanted (mfc link) I was so stressed before getting the confirmation email that they processed my order! But now I'm just worried about the total I will end up paying :)

I don't know in fact lol


Yes it was her^^ I don't particularly like this movie myself.
You must have missed it then, there was even a sequel movie that came up in 2014.

I will try to take one or two...*take pictures*...that was pretty hard, he was flying everywhere because my phone (and myself) was against his cage lol
On that one he looks mean^^ View spoilerHide spoiler and there it looks like he is surfing XD View spoilerHide spoiler
Oh ours go that fast but it's to try and get away from us XD It would be cool if he came to us like that, but he would end up in a cat's meal instead of flying happily...

No, the only one I see are those:
And I don't specially like them, some of my ex-coworkers came once a week with that to keep them running too.

I see why, they have a lot of history in the first seasons, after I don't know^^
It's worst than what you imagine lol First it was DarylGlenn then ShaneDaryl and now that I've seen Jesus I think I will stay with DarylJesus^^ It's like they try to make us imagine and hope for something with those cute scenes! Even if Daryl shove him off after, that's totally not important!
I will just keep reading fanfics and pretend it's real XD
Oh I never saw one, they don't sell them on amazon france, shearching ebay I saw this bag, it is nice too but expensive View spoilerHide spoiler
I've received those two [ext link ](35€) and [ext link ] (23€), I already had two other, that one is my favourite

Yes, the first thing I say is that I will get revenge and break something belonging to them lol I don't actually do it tho^^

Yeah it must have been because I took cheaper paint that it made bubble when I mixed the water in.

Me too! We just need to be patient even if it's hard!

I won the male body I wanted for 80$ it's only 4 dollars less than the other one I watched on aliexpress but I really wanted it now!

Yeah, she's cute, I don't know when I will start tho.

I've been one to Italy when I was young and the only things I remember are the yogurt and violet flower flavour ice cream and buying winnie the poo vegetable straps XD i don't particularly like Italy tho I would prefer to go to Spain XD

I don't know lol I just need to get started to be in it once again I think but I will focus on finishing Haikyuu first, and then catch up with All Out, One Piece and Gintama :)

You're watching it? I don't think I will ever want to, I will just enjoy what I already saw of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden and that's it. I prefer to ignore that there is a sequel going on XD

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