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dollbyn (3 måneder siden) #22415523As lame as it sounds, I only know of Sky Doll's existence because Marvel published the first three volumes almost a decade ago. I would take recommendations though! I love comics so I'm always down to read more, haha. Is there a good place to buy/read it?

oh ahaha!! Yeah it's funny who publishes this stuff sometimes... when it's niche. Lots more series are getting brought over now so they're easier to find, getting more recognition and reprints.

Let's see... Last Man is really great, my fiancee and I LOVE it. It depends on what you like, the creators of that comic adore One Piece. The pacing is great and the story leaves you guessing. I think the publisher is trying to get people into it because the first few volumes are crazy cheap on Amazon www.amazon.com/... www.amazon.com/...
You can get the first two volumes for $10!

My husband likes Moebius a lot, who is a major influence in comics, from all countries. The Incal is very famous, and it looks like volume 1 is free to read if you have Amazon Prime! www.amazon.com/... I actually haven't read it, my husband brought it to work for his reference collection and keeps forgetting to bring it home 9_9;;

Blacksad is pretty cool (and inexpensive www.amazon.com/...), it's anthropomorphized... it's drawn and painted very thoughtfully, and it's like a noir comic. However, the plot isn't THAT great but it's good enough that the art carries it LOL

My husband says you'd like The Second Moon, Incal, Metabarons. If you want manga suggestions I could go on for ages XD But again, it depends on what you like!!

---ALSO!! A store called instocktrades.com always has 40% off Dark Horse and around 25-30% off everything else, no tax!---

For the Kill la Kill artbook, I'd be happy to sell it to you! PM me and we can work something out and I'll send it right away so you'll get it for the con. In return if you could look out for the Raw In-Betweens, Art of Trigger, and Trigger Girls artbooks I'd be grateful as right now I'd need a proxy to order. If it's too much trouble though, I understand, as it's a bitch to lug a bunch of stuff around cons :-/ Heh I did a GSC run at NYCC two years back and I had like 15 Haikyuu nendos I was lugging around LOL
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Hey I didn't want to clog up your convention article/post, but I was wondering if you've read Last Man? Since you've read skydoll I figured you might know more french comics.
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Thanks for joining the Trigger Club! :)
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