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(Credit for profile picture goes to sakimichan from Deviant Art.)

Fellow supporter of the Bishōnen industry and market.

I am mostly a self-taught visual artist but I'm currently taking professional classes in college. I don't mind chatting if you're interested. I don't bite much. ;)

Feel free to also shoot me a Friend Request or PM, I like to think I'm a fast responder to those. English is my native language but I can speak a LITTLE French.( Can do basic greetings and ask how you are feeling in French.) :D

P.S- My stuff under "Wished" are the current items I'm searching for or waiting to be released. As for my "Favorites", they are my maybe stuff, meaning: I'm currently trying to decide if I want to get them or not.(My preferences change from time to time so I may change my 'Wished' and 'Favorite' items every now and then.)

If you have a figure I want, feel free to PM me about it! I have a "For Trade/Sale" list for figures I no longer want so feel free to check it out!

I'm open to figure trades! :)

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01 måned sidenOmegaWerrierOmegaWerrier
okami34 (1 måned siden) #20462056To get figure companies to acknowledge what figure collectors actually want, it would take a near impossible community effort. Just as you say, a universal boycott of all figures would be impossible because I think everyone can agree that they can always find a figure or two that they like and will want to buy and will.
But yes, the selection of male figures is limited. Male figures are never really given any dynamic poses nor are they really given any complex outfits and/or bases. Most male figures come off as this way: "Hey,... look at me standing. I don't need to do anything because I'm too cool to move." T.T
I find this to be pretty sad since most of the people who work in companies that make figures and/or sculpt them are men (I think) and they should know what kind of mannerisms a guy has or would do in an anime.
I read some of the comments people made under one of Nintendo's trailers for FE:Fates. A lot of guys mention that they would do Conquest to get Camilla's "assets". Camilla is not the worst over sexualized female character, but she certainly is the least. This is especially true in the FE universe because I believe Aversa takes the cake! (I'm not try to be all feminist about this. Hell, I can live with the oversexualized females, but would it hurt to have more sexualized men? Nothing wrong with equality here.)
In my opinion,Camilla felt a little too dimensional for an FE character, but her core personality wasn't really that bad at all, even though it was a bit intense. ( Aversa may have been more sexualized than Camilla, but I still find her backstory to be stronger one here.)
Taking initiative and leading the charge for any situation can be hardest thing a person can do. Whether it be lack of skill, motivation, or confidence, it is not an easy feat. Hat off to you for doing that! :D
Most if not all that stuff you said you will do at your specialized school is what I have to do (or at least something close to them) while I'm at college for the next three years, three summers, and a semester. I found out about a specialized institution that specializes in teaching about how to make videogames at Comic Con in January. I believe the courses there only take two years to complete, but I'm not going to transfer there because they only give out a certificate of completion and not a degree. The institution also do not have any of the colleges core classes I need to take for my major such as math and english. With the way things are and the fact that TOPS could be cut off at an moment, I don't really know where I will stand financially by the time I get out of college. These days, you need a degree to get a decent job, not a certificate! :( At the very least, that is how things work in America.
How does college education work in Portugal? Are you just choosing this specialized institution as an alternative to college? Does it offer a degree or a certificate?
I never owned a PSP3, I had a handheld PSP, but it broke. I currently have a PSP4. So you bought a PC specifically for gaming? What brand is it? I've heard that gaming PC's can be rather expensive! I know the feeling of having limitless character creation option. I spent about 4-5 hours trying to figure out how I wanted my first character to look! XD I found the character creation for DA: Inquisition vexing because you have to create your character in a dark environment. The lack of lighting could affect how certain features appear to you. What may look great to you in a dimly-lit setting may look horrible in a well-lit setting!I found creating your character's face and making it look good in DA: Inquisition to be the hardest thing to do! Picking my race and class was a no brainer though! I was a rogue elf! :D
I would love to hear out your characters' back stories! (I sometimes do some friendly role-play with people online, it's just consist of typing the actions of our characters back and forth to each other. It usually consist of going on mythical quest, surviving an apocalypse, or some other weird shit! XD Silly I know, but it's still fun! I love reading the backstories of their characters too!) Feel free to shoot me that PM! Are these backstories you created yourself or are these the backstories the game gave you?
In my opinion, the most sexualized female character is Charlotte - but at least she has a reason to dress like that -, and Kagero is a special mention - I don't want to be the one to say big chested woman couldn't be ninjas, but if they could, why have they out about and not coverd, ninjas move fast, she'd be risking having her assets slipping off.

I'm not really going to college because I can't afford it. I planned to go study in the UK through a program where the Uk government pays your studies, but since the Brexit is happening, that's not happening :/

I think it'll only provide a certificate, at least that's what makes sense to me. Portugal education is pretty standard: 1-4 grade is what we call 1st cycle, 5 and 6 are the 2nd cycle, 7-9 the 3rd cycle, then 10-12 is High school and college is the usual (do it if you want, length depends on course).

I didn't really buy a PC specifically for gaming. I wanted to buy a PC that would have the processing power to be able to handle the typical art software, and while at it, that could play some games (if I was spending money on a computer, might as well buy a good one, then buying a computer AND a PS4. I'm using an Omen HP 15-ax004np (8GB of RAM, 1TB of hard drive + 128GB of SSD and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M). The computers price is 1000€, but I bought it at 850€ (the store had a Christmas promotion + I had a gift card).

Yeah, they should have handled it better in the character creation. I know it was because of the story, but why not have for example an option to check the character in better lighting. Oh well, it's something small, so whatever.

The back stories I came up and wrote myself, their kinda short since I keep them in the Dragon Age Keep, and there's a limited character limit. I'll send it soon then.
01 måned sidenOmegaWerrierOmegaWerrier
okami34 (1 måned siden) #20454490Lol, that's the funny part about the whole thing! Polls were done for the Fire Emblem characters (I believe that Nintendo conducted them?) For Fire Emblem: Awakening Chrom and Gaius were pretty high in the male popularity poll ,but GSC still ignored them (but not the FE women)! DX
As it is, Nintendo does enough spamming with the FE amibos. (I'm still pissed Chrom never truly became a Smash Bros character and an amibo...) I believe that 5-6 characters who are actually truly popular should be made.I do find it great that Elise was made with her "stringbean" figure. XD Elise was my only favorite female character for Fire Emblem: Fates ,but I still don't really have much incentive to buy her. (I quoted that from a support between Elsie and Camilla.)But yes, 20-30 figures for each Fire Emblem would be chaos! But if GC saw a profit in doing that, they probably would go for it! XD
I'm pretty much immune to female figures as a whole, especially the one's with DD+ boobs. (I have only one female figure that is a genderbent version of a character from I movie that I liked. I intend to collect only male characters from now on.) I already have my own breasts to look at on a daily basis. I'm a perfect C, I'm not too big nor am I too small. I can get away with not wearing a bra sometimes and I can wear certain tops without coming off as a slut. ;) (I pity any girl who is A cup, it's enough makes the walls of buildings jealous! XD)(I'm also not that much of a girly girl with a bunch of magical girl crap nor am I a lesbian or bisexual. I'm straight.)
That was sweet of you to submit that poll to GSC, that silly company needs to understand what we FE fans want! I submitted my vote just now, but I think did it a little too late. I vote to have both Leo and Xander Nendos! It was the most popular option in whole poll, with and without my vote. I hope GSC acknowledges that data. :)
(P.S- I find it great that you wish to become a Videogame Concept artist, I originally want to do the same thing. However, I decided to pursue Videogame Design. I'm have taken up New Media and Animation a my major and I have a minor in Marketing. What degrees are you after? I also play and finished Dragon Age: Inquisition on my laptop recently and it was great (if you ignore the bugs it had). :D )
It would pretty much take for the WHOLE figure collecting community to stop buying figures and make the companies acknowledge what we want, then again, that would NEVER happen.

I do mainly collect female figures, but I'd be nice to have a better choice of a male figure since the range is limited and kinda boring. I'm not that into figures that are like "let shove my huge tities in your face", but Camilla is a character I liked, so while there'll be some people that buy her for her "assets", I'm buying her for her.

I wanted it to happen, so I took the initiative (rare for me) and did something about it.

I'm planning on starting my course this Autumn, it's not going to be college though, it's a specialized school. I still have to decide between a one year course of only concept art, or a 2-year course of concept art, animation and 3d animation and VFX. Probably going with the latter.

I started DA: Inquisition on my PS3 last summer or something, but stopped and never got back into it since I was getting a better PC that could handle games, so I got the PC. I must have played already about 100 hours across platforms, but my progress is still 0% since I've been unhappy with the character I create and end up creating another one 20 hours in XD But now I've found the character I want to play as. I'll send through PM the back stories for my charcters that I created if your interested.
01 måned sidenOujiRainuOujiRainu
okami34 (1 måned siden) #20317746What vison did you have with graphic design that seemed unreasonable? Was there a class that you were struggling with? (I knew one guy who switched majors because of that.) Do you think Cybersecurity is the perfect fit for you now?

Back then I was more into making photo manipulation and what makes graphic design fun but the course I took was a more approach to the business and marketing side and trying to learn as many programs as possible in that one class course.

I was 18 then and didn't really was interested in the business area. For cyber security I still kinda in the middle but my graphic design skills are not on that lvl of business wise and the fact I only know just one program which I'm still keep learning.
02 måneder sidenOujiRainuOujiRainu
okami34 (2 måneder siden) #19948174Well that's good that you're going through with your current major before going to do another one. Since you're a second year, I'm sure that you can select a minor if you wanted to. And some majors share similar classes with each other, so if you wanted to change majors, it could be a seamless change. It depends on what majors you are dealing with though. I'm currently a freshman and I don't see myself changing a thing! A few other freshman wanted to change their major towards the end of the first semester already! I suppose the later the wait you wait to change majors, the harder it will be.

I actually have change countless of times. On my freshman year I took graphic design but the view I had in mind was not real and it just took the fun out of it.Later I took cooking which was in a culinary class for 2hrs while working part time.It didn't turn out well neither.My last major which is the one currently I have is Cybersecurity.
02 måneder sidenOujiRainuOujiRainu
okami34 (2 måneder siden) #19940288Thanks for the friend request! It was a bit out of the blue for me but I don't mind. :D
On your profile it says that you are a "student", are you a college student like me? If so, what major/minor are you aiming for?
My major is New Media and Animation and I have a minor in Marketing. :)

Lol Im a 2nd college student studying at the time Cyber security,it migh change down the road but I want to finish it.

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