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i'm sybey, i'm 24 and very shy. i've been collecting for 3 years! it's my passion and i never plan on giving up this hobby. i have other hobbies including pokemon tcg, gunpla, playing acnl, and love live school idol fest.
my waifu is Ryona from Senran Kagura, i love her very dearly, i'm extremely devoted to her.
other character i love! yayoi takatsuki (idolm@ster) sakurauchi riko (love live! sunshine!!) yomi, hanabi, minori (senran kagura) shinobu oshino, ononoki yotsugi (monogatari) sugawara koushi, akaashi keiji (haikyu) akiyama mio (K-ON!!) asuka langley (NGE)
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