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  • the worst

    I bought a SH Figuarts Rock Lee, they sent it (to Chile) over 5 months ago, I still dont receive it. I tried to contact them 2 months ago..... still no answer............
    2 timer siden

    I made 5 pre-orders on their site, they refuse to acknowledge me AT ALL, there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, and I'm unable to get my money back!
    2 dager siden
  • Is the store close ????

    what happen to the store ? i cant go on their website nor facebook . anyone have any ideas ? cause i still have alot of preorder with them
    16 dager siden
  • Edit: I hate this damn store

    These guys would tell you anything for some store credit but doesn't deliver it when you hold up your end.
    16 dager siden
  • weebRGBlv11 lexiechan

    bloody scammers need to refund me for wasting my time
    17 dager siden
    Hello Weeb, thank you for the feedback. The bottom of your box was probably slashed open by customs as we would have not sent a opened box to you. DO note customs in each country has the right to open any parcel coming into that country.
  • 118 tilbakemeldinger
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