Maid Yome - Midorikawa Akira - 1/6 (Q-six)Maid Yome - Midorikawa Akira - 1/6 (Q-six)Review

Zukin-ManZukin-Man10 år siden
WARNING: This review contains graphic nudity and a brief moment of explicit sexual content. If you are currently viewing this from work, you may want to invest some time in this handy website.

Have you ever wanted your own maid? A young lady to cook delicious meals for you? To spruce up that sty you call a home? To wake you up with random blowjobs in the middle of the night?

...You heard me. Don't give me that look.

Such is the contents of Maid Bride, an h-manga with six sexy stories, the primary one being the story of a young maid, Akira, struggling to..."pay her rent" by moving in with her neighbor, Ayutarou, and the relationship that follows once they come face-to-face. It's very hot, very cute, and very funny, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys h-manga, especially ones that feature sexy maids.


Last month, Q-six released a figure based on the front cover of the manga, featuring Akira presenting herself, presumably to her master. Is the figure as satisfyingly sexy as the source material, or does it belong in the street?

First off, box.






And it's a fairly large box. Not "massive shipping crate" size like some of the other things I've reviewed, but I'm pretty sure it's larger than most, if not all, of the MegaHouse Queen's Blade figure boxes. I'm aware that's not a very good description for some people, but for others, it should a pretty good idea of the box's estimated dimensions. (Bite me, I don't have my tape measure with me right now.)

The front and back of the box look almost identical, with product information and such being on the sides of the box instead. The pictures displayed on the front and the back do an okay job of giving you the idea that maybe what's inside isn't meant for children, without actually giving away too much.

There aren't any windows on the box, either. Not that it would matter, anyway...



Akira is encased within a large block of styrofoam wrapped in tape. Now I've been in this position before: Get a large box, find a block of foam inside, crack it open, and there's a bunch of parts inside. Well, there's one little difference in this case.


There are NOT a bunch of parts inside.


Akira, a base, and a table. This seems to be quite a lot of packing for so few parts. I can't help but think that maybe they could've used a slightly smaller box for what little you're given.


I can't say the packaging didn't do a good job protecting the goods, though. Like cold cast, I'd heard some horror stories about polystone figures getting to their destination in less-than-perfect condition, but Akira got to me safe and sound with no damage that I can spot. Good defense, Q-six.

However, I would have liked to have seen maybe a preview shot or two on the sides of the box with all the info for anybody who hadn't seen the figure or the manga's cover. It wouldn't be hard to censor any indecent parts, so I don't really see why they wouldn't do it.

Packaging: 7

The base is a wooden disc with a small hole for a wooden-looking plastic table that can be used to support Akira's chest.




Now this is all well and good, except for one thing: While it's not difficult to insert and remove the table from the base, it does require enough strength to make me worry that doing so may make the thin leg of the table crack, or even break.

Another thing about the table...



With her left hand being a bit lower than her right, Akira puts constant pressure on the table causing it to lean toward her slightly. My main concern is that constant pressure could cause the table to permanently lean over time.

The table isn't actually required, though. Despite the actual base not having anything to "lock" Akira in place, she can keep her balance well enough on a stable surface. Due to her positioning and the way her weight is distributed, it is possible for her to fall forward, but like I said, if the surface you display her on is stable, there shouldn't be much danger of her falling over.


While the table is merely an option, not using it does leave an ugly little hole in the base. You can easily just turn the base to hide it behind Akira, though.

The underside of the base has some copyright information and four pads to keep the base from scratching whatever surface you decide to display the figure on. However, the pads are extremely thin, so you might end up making the base "clatter" a bit anyway when you try to place it on your desk, table, or wherever you feel is an appropriate place to display a topless maid.



The base certainly isn't going to win any creativity contests, and the table probably could've been just a hair shorter to prevent the constant stress tha Akira's chest causes, but it's not terrible-looking, and the pads do an okay job of protecting whatever surface it's displayed on from scratches by the base.

Base: 6

Now let's give Akira a look-around for a bit.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://img37.imagevenue.com/loc464/th_897555453_AkiraReview19_123_464lo.JPG
















Certainly not bad-looking, right?

I love how the uniform was made, from the puff-shouldered shirt to the frills of the apron. The thighhighs have some very lovely lace at the base, some loose crinkling in the middle, and even show a hint of Akira's individual toes sculpted at the ends. Not to mention, the red ribbons on the collar and at the ends of the hairband are a cute touch.

Her short hair is quite stylish and well-made, with very little "webbing" between the individual strands. The frilled maid hairband is rather cute as well.

And I'm sure I don't have to tell you twice, but take another look at her chest.


Her hands and fingers are very well-crafted. As expected of a figure of this quality, each little finger and fingernail is sculpted nicely.

Akira's breasts are a very nice size. Quite large without being ridiculous, and she's not just holding her tits, she's gripping them firmly, just so you know how wonderfully soft they are...or would be, if they weren't made of polystone.

However, as much as I don't want to, I have to address the negatives. I'll start with what's likely the first thing everyone noticed.

...No wait, that would be her tits, which I've already sung the praises of. Okay, the second thing that everyone probably noticed are those panties.




Holy freaking crap, those panties look more like a diaper, or granny panties...or a granny's diaper. I actually started to dread the figure's cast-off feature for a while because I half-expected to find a chocolate log in those things.

Next is the face. I certainly wouldn't say her face is sculpted badly, but I'd like there to be maybe a little more definition in it.

Another point is the part of Akira's uniform directly underneath her breasts. Above her chest, her shirt is open with the material tucked to the side of her breasts, but underneath, her shirt magically disappears up into the gap between her boobs. There's no hint of the shirt opening at all down there. If you move your gaze up from the bottom of her body, it looks like cloth magically turns into tits. I'm pretty sure clothing doesn't work that way.

Now, I'm going to hold off on my score for the sculpting for just a moment, because there's one more thing I'm going to address, but it has to wait until after I touch on the assembly and cast-off feature. I'm sure anyone with common sense knows what I'm talking about already, but keep it to yourself until we get to that point.

Whether your perverted needs require more Akira exposure or you just can't stand the whole "diaper" thing, you'll agree that those panties need to come off. The process for removing the clothing is surprisingly simple.



Take bow off.


Slip holed tab off the peg.


Pull the apron right off and you're done.


Now take a look at the side of the panties.


Now the concept here should be pretty self-explanatory, right? Pull tab, peg comes out of hole, slip panties off remaining leg. Yeah, it works well enough for most other figures, but these panties feel like there's an extra piece of plastic acting as a sealant that you need to break before the panties "open", kind of like that ring around the necks of plastic soda bottles that keep the cap sealed.

Use enough force though, and you can get the panties undone.


After that, it's as simple as slipping the panties off the right leg.


Pretty easy stuff. Putting it all back on is just as simple, but after having to use a bit of force to get the panties open, the tabs don't quite come back together as cleanly as they started. They at least stay on without any problem, though.

Assembly: 9

Now, let's take another look at Akira, this time without those bothersome diaper panties.

View spoilerHide spoiler



















Okay, let's go back to the sculpting, and with Akira's panties off, there's only one direction this review is going.

Now I've had a few figures that were anatomically correct in the lady-parts region, but there was one thing I wasn't expecting to see down there.


Akira has pubes. This surprised me for two reasons.

First: My other figures with exposed crotches apparently all shave, and most other indecent figures I see in the database are also smooth down there, so I was not expecting to suddenly get one that doesn't work with a clean slate.

Second: Akira didn't rock a bush in the manga.


In one hand, you could complain that the sculptor deviated from the source material or just didn't read it in the first place. You could also whine if you prefer shaven girls and this figure shattered your fragile dreams. On the other hand, this could just be the sculptor's way of throwing in a free gift or a surprise or something similar. Kind of like buying a box of sugary breakfast cereal and getting a surprise at the bottom, only instead of a toy, it's pubic hair.

Another surprising thing...


That is one detailed cunt. Most figures I see with an explosed vagina only have as much as a thin slit carved into their crotch. Sculpted and painted, there was certainly a little more effort put into her womanhood than other figures'.

And take another look at that pube picture. Direct your attention a little lower this time.


Yes, they even bothered to sculpt her clit. Huge kudos for putting forth that extra effort.

Again, however, there were some flaws in the sculpting. Face, diaper-panties, and magic shirt. Tossing around the goods and the bads, I'd like to give Akira an 8.5 in this department, but with the lack of decimals/fractions in the rating system, I'm going to be generous and give her a 9.

Sculpting: 9

The painting is rather nice. Akira's hair and uniform have a soft shine to them, but not so much that they look artificial (any more than they're supposed to, anyway). There also doesn't seem to be any mistakes that I can see either, like surface A's paint accidentally being applied to part of surface B.

One thing that irks me though is Akira's eyes. They feel a little too emotionless. I mean, there's "deadpan" emotionless and then there's "brainwashed puppet" emotionless, and while the manga cover gives Akira the first category of eyes, her figure feels more like she has the second category.

Painting: 9

I freaking love this pose. Akira's more than willing to present her body, and casually does so on a small table as though it were a perfectly normal part of dinner. I'm glad Q-six decided to go with a simple shot like this for the pose. I'm not sure I would've been so eager to pick her up if it had been modelled after an action shot from a random page in the middle of the manga.

Posing: 10

I have to say this is quite am excellent figure aside from a minor gripe or two. However, that diaper-panties thing is slightly more than a "minor" gripe. I'm sure that most people are expected to remove the panties anyway. I mean, if she's already showing off the goods as her default appearance, it can't be hard to imagine that people would want to see her revealing the whole package. However, when it's practically forced on you because of horrible-looking panties that I'm sure Q-six has probably heard at least a little criticism about before the figure was released, it's pretty irksome.

However, so as not to end the review on a bad note, I still have to recommend Akira to anyone who was a fan of Maid Bride, or at least incredibly sexy maids in general. I know this figure does more than a good job of satisfying my maid fetish, and once that diaper's gone, you'd never know that I ever had any complaint about her in the first place.

Enjoyment: 9


...And so on. Don't you want a maid like that?
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Can't find the logic in that clothing either, seems like they wanted to make a corset effect with the bottom part of her shirt, but since it's only one piece, it doesn't really works... her hands are in the way so I can't really see on the pictures, but it seems it just doesn't work.

... Oh, I'm impressed in so many ways by her detailed crotch, and pubes...
10 år siden
BlueSeoulThe "granny panties" was mainly the reason why I was hesitant to preorder this, but after reading your review, I think I might reconsider.
Oh, the diaper is definitely a reason to be hesitant. That thing looks awful. If you plan on displaying her without it though, then I would definitely recommend her.

hikari2905oh wow, a Maid Bride fig. i didn't know that
There's been a few, actually.
10 år siden
oh wow, a Maid Bride fig. i didn't know that
10 år siden
Nice review on the figure, Zukin-man!

The "granny panties" was mainly the reason why I was hesitant to preorder this, but after reading your review, I think I might reconsider.
10 år siden
Oh hey, the site's 1000th article. How about that?
10 år siden
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