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Today we'll be taking a look at GOODSMILECMPANY's latest heroine from the Fate/Stay Night movie Unlimited Blade Works, Rin Tohsaka. Fate/Stay Night first started off as an adult PC game and expanded onto the console market. Later it was adapted into a visual novel and eventually into a 24 episode anime series. The movie which the figure is based on follows the Unlimited Blade Works scenario from the game. It is also the same name of an ability used by Rin's servant, Archer. Not to spoil anything, but let's just say the name is fitting.

Fate/Stay Night covers the events of the 5th Holy Grail Wars. The Holy Grail Wars is basically a battle royale between seven competing magic users to obtain the Holy Grail which is capable of granting wishes. Normally the wars occur every sixty years but the fifth started way too early as the fourth war occurred only a decade ago. In this war, the magic users are able to enlist the aide of a servant who possess superhuman abilities and wield powerful artifacts called Noble Phantasms.

Rin herself is a skilled magus who specializes in transformation of energy which can be seen when she stores mana into gems as well as release them on command. This allows her to exceed her actual limit since the gems are external power sources making her very unpredictable. She is also specializes in reinforcement sorcery that allows her to modify her body to perform superhuman feats. She's your typical tsundere type, I think that's enough said regarding that aspect of her.

She was a standard release in June of 2011 and retailed for 8380 Yen. At this time she is still available even if limited from various stores if you try hard enough. The objective today is to see if she's worth the effort in acquiring?


Please understand a score of 10 will never be given no matter how perfect a figure as there is always room for improvement.

Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

GSC did a great job with the packaging for this figure in both the design and layout which was eye catching. The figure and her various accessories were easily viewable while still in the box through the front window panel. The other window panel on the top seems to be there to let in light as the blister design obstructed the view of the figure. You have an option of leaving her in the box if desired but it would really be a shame to not take her out.

Dimensions of the packaging:
H: 332 mm
W: 250 mm
D: 181 mm

They went with a medium weight non-corrugated cardboard which kept down the physical size somewhat but it's heavy when empty. The packaging is pretty strong even at the large front window panel. The blister inside further enhances the overall strength. I'd say you shouldn't have to worry about her getting to you safely. The only concern is the weight and size that might impact shipping, more so the weight. The package should still be "small" enough that it wouldn't be considered over-sized at least in the US so you only have to worry about the weight. Nice job.

Top & Bottom

A typical two piece blister was used to house her. Her various optional parts and accessories are each in their own pockets and the blisters are held securely together by two wires in addition to the typical tape used. She's wrapped in plastic to prevent rubbing and paint transfer. She's held pretty securely in the blister and should not shift. She should definitely arrive safe to you especially that very delicate hair of hers.


I thought it was weird they only provided instructions on how to equip her dagger but not how to setup the swords on the base. I guess any instructions is better than nothing.


GSC simply did a great job. The figure is well protected, shipping cost shouldn't be that bad and the packaging itself looks pretty good. You also have an option of leaving her in the box if you desire. Expectations were met and exceeded.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

Sculpting credits go to Takeshi Yokota aka Ken. He's been sculpting for a few short years with GSC but each of his ladies to date have been fantastic. He's definitely been at the top of his game and each offering keeps getting better. Below you can see some of the figures he has sculpted to date, each one utterly amazing. Let's just say he does not let you down with his latest work as you'll see for yourself.


She is of course 1/7th in scale. If you measure her from the tip of her toe to the top of her head she stands about 245 mm tall. If measured from the bottom of the base to the top most hair, she is 300 mm or 1 ft tall!!! As you can see everything laid before you is what she comes with from another set of hands to the swords for the base and her Azoth knife.


A closer look at the weaponry shows they're actually pretty decent replicas in their own right. Ken could have gone the cheap route and made partial swords to be installed into the base but instead actually made full swords giving you some other display options and/or props to use. Going from left to right, the first sword's blade is 105 mm long with the length of the sword at almost 145 mm long. The second sword's blade length is again 105 mm long with the entire length of the sword at over 145 mm long. The last sword's blade is 103 mm long with the entire length of the sword at 145 mm long. So basically they are all at or very close to 145 mm long. The Azoth knife's blade is 45 mm long and the entire length is 65 mm long.


A closer look at the Azoth knife shows that the gem pummel can be removed to facilitate it being installed into her right hand. The knife itself has some significance as it's given to a student mage to prove they've become full fledged mages. Rin received her's from her mentor who trained her informally. Normally it's not much of a weapon but Rin stores energy in it from time to time like her gems and can unleash a very powerful attack at will with it.




Ken did a fantastic job as there really isn't any issues to point out. Starting at her face whose shape and contour looks pretty spot on to the anime as well as games. Everything seems to be in the right place and the right proportions.


Moving onto the hair which seems to be the main attraction of this figure. The details and execution is truly amazing. Her hair really looks like it's blowing wildly in the wind. From all angles the details simply look amazing. This is one of the more complex hairs I've ever seen on a figure even in the larger scaled ones. The various seams are so well hidden that even if I point them out you probably won't even notice them. You can truly tell a lot of effort went into crafting this masterpiece. The only downside is it's so fragile. Every time I move her around I'm afraid I'll knock her over breaking the hair or it gets caught on something. It's as fragile as it's beautiful. The only one critique I have is the black bows for her tails could have been done better as it doesn't look like they're actually tied on but glued... Yes I know they're actually glued on, but I don't think Rin glues hers on...


The detailing in her outfit almost rivals her hair. The various wrinkles and creases just make it look even more realistic. The only thing is I don't remember her outfit being so tight on her? I'm assuming that maybe it's wet? All I can say is it definitely doing a bad job of hiding her curves which isn't a bad thing. =) Just look at her chest, she's practically bursting out of that shirt with it straining to keep her contained. The transition from her neck to her shirt was well executed as it looks very natural. It was attached very cleanly and looks deep enough that there is no risk of any unsightly gaps. Another great thing about how they handled her head/neck is there is no seam you usually expect at the jawline for some figures as that's usually where they attach the head.


OK, I was lying, one thing did bother me. One of her hands... the fingers just look weird... bleh. Her other hands look great but these just look bad. It makes me think someone else worked on these hands while Ken did everything else.


I don't know about you but I don't remember Rin being so curvy at the hips either... In the anime or the game where you see her in her birthday suite. It's not a bad thing and the detailing looks fantastic. The outline and shapes coming through the skirt. The way the skirt is fluttering along with the various wrinkles and creases. It simply looks amazing.


Another area where some figures fail is the transition from the thighs to the stockings. I don't see any issues here. A smooth transition and the design of the stockings at the meeting point with the thigh really sells it as it looks like it's really digging in to secure itself in place.


Then of course we move on to her lovely long legs. So elegant and graceful and full of curves at the same time. They look great from all sides and are very strong. There is no give in her left leg at all and it really feels like there is a support rod in there so I don't have any fears of her leaning. She's very stable and balanced. The details in the legs look great even if they are somewhat hard to see due to the color of the stockings. The transition from her slim waist to those full hips down to her long long legs just leave me breathless. I could stare at them all day.


Lastly, her shoes are just as detailed as the rest of her. I do have a concern here as well. I don't know if it's just me but she seems to have really big feet? However, using a 1/7 scale converter her feet would be around 10 or 11 inches long while she would be 5 feet 7 inches tall... For reference I'm 6 ft and my feet are 10 inches long... Even if I round down she's still 10 inches on her feet.


Ken met and exceeded my expectations once again. Each of his girls I acquire are simply amazing in their own way. You can definitely see him improving with each figure which I didn't think was possible. An abundance of detail, excellent quality in the fit and finish you come to expect from GSC. What more can you ask for?

Painting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

GSC usually does a superb job with coloring their figures and this one isn't any different. It seems they went all out with the various processes for this figure. Starting with her face and hair, you can see the decals were applied precisely for her eyes. They evenly painted her frowning lips. Those eyes and eyebrows go with those lips perfectly. The paint job on the hair is simply amazing with the various colors blending and contrasting. The use of shading. Great execution.


The same can be said for her outfit. I think I understand why they made her shirt shiney as the light that plays off of it seems to accentuate the details and those lovely curves of her more. The dynamics of the figure change just with the environment due to how the light plays off her. Looking past the shine, you can see shading used to emphasize the curves further as well as reinforce the creases and wrinkles in the outfit making look like it's alive and shifting with her movement.


Look closely at what they did here. They made her skirt look almost transparent as you can almost she her rear end through that skirt as that material presses against her moist hiney. She might as well not be wearing that skirt with what you can see. Great execution.


The details do not stop at her legs. Look at the accents at her thighs where they meet with the stockings. That really sells those snug stockings of her hold onto her lovely thighs. Then take note of the stockings themselves, running the entire length of her legs with various colors and shading. The glossy finish again lets light play off of her legs changing the dynamics of the figure depending on the environment and positioning. The dark shiny look just makes those legs look even longer and darn sexy.


Look at the fantastic job they also did with the weapons. The shading and accents look great. They look like real weapons.


One nitpick, this has been mentioned by others but not only are the fingers weird on this hand but the paint job on the gems also could have been better. It really makes me think a totally different team handled this part of the figure. What's funny is I think the Fraulein or Figma versions might be better. They should have just taken fake gems and glued them in which would have looked a whole lot better. Or at least tinted the pieces and then glued them in.


All in all, GSC met my expectations and possibly might have exceeded them. Rin just looks absolutely gorgeous in that outfit of hers with her lovely hair blowing all about. A job well done.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

All I can say is Ken did a great job here. Her pose is very dynamic, it looks great from all sides with the state of her hair and the position of those lovely legs of hers. The coloring of the figure, especially the shiny finish adds to the figure looking differently depending on the environment. Her expression just gives off a tsundere vibe and at the same time matches her stoicism. She's sexy and means business at the same time, ready to kiss you violently then kick your butt for thinking the kiss meant something as she denies it.


Plus, the addition of the other hands gives you plenty of display choices as you mix and match.


What can I say? Lots of display options, a very dynamic pose. You can display her at eye level, below or above. The lights you have will also impact her. So many choices it's so hard to choose. Great job.

Base: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

All I can say is perfect. It adds so much to the figure especially if you are familiar with the series. Even if you are not, you can't help but admire how beautiful the base looks. As mentioned those are full swords and not partials that you usually encounter with other bases. They went the extra step when they didn't have to showing the level of detail and attention they paid to it. The figure is extra secure and stable with the great job they did with the mounting point. There should be little risk of her leaning unless you try to damage the figure on purpose.


It looks great from all sides and the details are just right. Nothing is over exaggerated and nothing is understated either. It's just right.


It really makes me happy when I see a manufacturer put some attention into a base to both support the theme of the figure and to just make a beautiful display. When you put everything together it's very eye catching and makes a beautiful figure look even more beautiful.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

Bottom line, no regrets. If I had to choose again I'd be more than happy to buy her again. My only issue is the high prices. As great as she is I'm not sure I'd be willing to get her if she cost too much. I pre-ordered her and obtained her at release so I basically paid retail for her. I have to imagine with the high demand that they might offer a second run? One can only hope? But don't quote me on it. It's still your decision if you want to try to get her now and pay the high prices unless you're lucky and find someone fair or take a gamble and wait. In the end if you truly enjoy her, can you put a price on that? Whether you're a fan of the series/game or not, I don't think it will be an issue with enjoying her. She's a lovely figure whether you know anything about her or not.


See you later.
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Eye-popping review Pooper! You have really improved a lot from your past photo reviews! Kudos and keep up the awesomeness in your reviews! ^_^
9 år siden
jintooYour review rocks ! I am hesitating to write again any review 'cause it will be so hard to do better than your >_<
Did you know that there were turn tables ? cf www.1999.co.jp/...
I recognized you used a TV plate ;)

Yep, but I was trying to think about all the figures I have and this seemed to work the best. Some of those 1/4 girls are big and heavy. Didn't want to risk damaging them on too small of a surface.
9 år siden
jintoo Where is my mind?
Your review rocks ! I am hesitating to write again any review 'cause it will be so hard to do better than your >_<
Did you know that there were turn tables ? cf www.1999.co.jp/...
I recognized you used a TV plate ;)
9 år siden
Thanks for this article! I loved all of the photos, (especially the last one). Hopefully I can get her, either as a re-reun, or on Mandarake or something.
9 år siden
It's good to see that GSC produce a spectacular figure from the Fate series ASIDE from Saber :)

That being said, I somehow still can't get excited about it myself...Guess it'd help if I actually cared about Fate/Stay Night :P

Anyway, thanks for the review! It was a pleasant read.
9 år siden
im interested to get this figure after i read this review, :D i love 1/7 scale figures, i just hate rin's eyes
9 år siden
Man I didn't even realize you could put the dagger in her empty left hand. LOL Thanks, I just put the blade in her hand, much better. :D
9 år siden
Strife212 Original Blue
I agree, everything is good except the gem hand but I hate that on every Rin figure anyway :p

Nice review.
9 år siden
I'm glad I got her. The prototype shots of this figure was great enough to convince me to order her on whim. Good thing she lives up to my expectation.
9 år siden
I was kind of >:| about all the hype for this figure but I can see it was well deserved. That hair is gorgeous.
9 år siden