How many languages do you speak?How many languages do you speak?Ask MFC

LovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot6 år siden
I've noticed what a multicultural site MFC, and how many people around the world actually use it. It's pretty amazing, seeing how we can communicate with each other, with so little language barrier. The majority appears to have a basic grasp on English, but what how many other languages does everyone speak? Most other languages appear to be from Europe.

I can speak only 2, English and Chinese (Can't read it though) and am learning a third one, Japanese.
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How many languages do you speak?

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Necro posting, lol

But 4, Mandarin, Hookien, English and Tagalog (a little French and Japanese but I can't hold a conversation so they don't count)
6 år siden
My native language is german, i learned english in school and learned it pretty well due to interneeeet... my second mothertongue is czech, and i'm learning japanese. so 4 in total :) or, 3 and a half, i would never say i already can speak japanese.... xD
6 år siden
Native language is Indonesian, speaking English since I was 8 years old and new to Russian started in 2011. In progress of speaking Japanese, because Miku & Luka songs are really catchy !
6 år siden
English and Spanish so 2. English because I have lived in the U.S since I was 4 years old and Spanish because my family is of Spanish origin and most of my family (the older ones anyways) only know how to speak spanish.
6 år siden
Two languages here. German is my native language, but I've been in Canada so long that I can read and write english better.
6 år siden
I speak Six!
6 år siden
Native language is Dutch and I use a lot of English online and at work. So I guess 2 languages I really speak and understand.

In the past I also tried to learn German, French and Japanese, so I understand a bit of basic stuff from those languages, but can't really communicatie with it.
6 år siden
English, Hindi, Tamil and Japanese ^_^
I've just started learning Chinese
6 år siden
Speak: 2.5 (English, Japanese, and .5 for Vietglish)
Read: 3 (English, Japanese, and .5 each for Vietnamese and French)
Write: 2 (English, Japanese)
6 år siden
English and Spanish for me, I am learning some pig latin, It's very fun and I can "encrypt" what I say since not many people know what I'm saying haha. I have parents who come from two Spanish speaking counties. Well besides them teaching me Spanish as my first spoken language, I learned English when I was 6. My folks taught me that I should never forget the language of my parents and their culture. They say that it's an embarrassment seeing another Latino and not being able to converse with them If they cannot speak English well, that and talking to the family who do not speak or are not fluent in English. I do tend to mix my English and Spanish sometimes and my speech impediment, I stutter, can be nervewreaking when I'm nervous XD
6 år siden
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