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victorvipervictorviper7 år siden
Fall is upon us. The days are getting noticeably shorter, and there's a chill in the air. So, what better way is there to celebrate fall than to review a swimsuit figure and evoke memories of summer?

But seriously, today we'll be reviewing Kotobukiya's "Angelic Island" figure of Yayoi Takatsuki. It's a pretty modest swimsuit figure, but it is a swimsuit figure nonetheless, so if you consider such things at all NFSW, now's your chance to turn back...

About the character: Yayoi Takatsuki is a character from the iDOLM@STER games and the various anime series which it has inspired. She comes from a very modest background, as her family is not too wealthy. Thus, she tends to dress in a fairly plain fashion when not in idol-mode and she is very self-conscious about matters of money. However, you'd never know it, as she is extremely energetic, which probably is a good character trait for an emerging idol.

In the iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia anime, Yayoi's character is somewhat different. She is already well-established as an idol, and while her character is still wastefully energetic at times (although in that show, much of that energy seems to be directed towards Haruka Amami), she is not quite so self-conscious about herself, particularly in regard to her financial situation. In fact, early in the show she offers to treat Haruka to a meal, while the original Yayoi would probably never frivolously waste money in this manner.

Now, on to the review.


The front of the box features a large window, the iDOLM@STER logo, and an image of Yayoi.


As with all the figures in the "Angelic Island" line, the side of the box features a small star-shaped window and colorful stripes.


The back of the box features several shots of Yayoi, some vital statistics, and Yayoi's autograph.


The box is cute, and the back panel is attractive enough that the box could be displayed. The only downside is that the side windows are quite small and thus if you keep Yayoi in her packaging, it might be hard to really look at her.

The box is roughly 28 by 15 by 13 cm, and figure and box weigh in at around 400 grams, so shipping costs should be reasonable.

The blister contains Yayoi, her swim ring, and a small panel that contains two tiny shells and a starfish.


Yayoi's swim ring, with the Angelic Island logo.


To equip Yayoi with the swim ring, she separates at the waist. In case you're wondering, her skirt is not removable; it's there to stay.


Yayoi set up and ready to go!


Interestingly, the box shows an all-yellow swim ring. However, as you can see the swim ring is half clear and half yellow. Based on the placement of the logo and the fact there is a spot on the clear side that simulates an inflation nozzle, it certainly appears as if the ring is meant to be displayed clear side up. In addition, it appears that the ring is molded in color, and not painted.



Yayoi is a very energetic girl, and her pose reflects this fact. It is a fairly dynamic pose, as she is looking slightly upwards, and she seems to be caught mid-stride. Perhaps she's at the beach and running towards the water.

Let's take a look at Yayoi with her swim ring in place.










Personally, I think Yayoi looks much better without the ring in place.










Overall, I find her pose to be very cute and full of energy.


Generally, Kotobukiya did a good job with her sculpt and finish, although she does have a few flaws.

Here's a shot of Yayoi's face and upper torso. Now, love it or hate it, the design of her face is faithful to the design of the character. Now, I will say that 2D doesn't always translate well into 3D, and there's a fine line between faithfulness and derpiness, but she doesn't cross that line in my opinion. In fact, Yayoi's mouth-to-face ratio is quite similar to Koto's Kirino Kousaka (ITEM #117546 ).


A closer view of Yayoi's face and upper torso. Her top is quite intricate with ruffles, buttons, and a bow. A signature feature of the Angelic Island line is the all-white outfits of the characters. I think there would be more visual impact if there was some color on the bow or the buttons, but the all-white design is in keeping with the other figures in the line, so I can't really complain.

I also like the detail on her collarbones.


Yayoi's hair is nicely sculpted. From this angle, the only real flaw that's visible is a little bit of a mold line on her ponytail holder.


Her bangs nicely hide any seams that might be lurking.


Yayoi keeps her hair in twintails. They're not quite twindrills, but it's close. You can see a very small flaw on her left ponytail, but generally her hair looks quite nice.


Here, you can see a little bit of glue around the edge of her skirt.


There is a seam line running down the front of her leg. It's most noticeable on her knee.


I think she looks pretty adorable from this angle.


She has a bow tied around her waist, and that helps to hide the seam where she separates, but in some spots the separation point is pretty conspicuous.


I like that her hands have some definition to them, particularly the crease in her palm.


Yayoi wears a ring in the shape of a small flower. The flower is a little rough in places, but you can see her nails are nicely detailed. I'm kind of surprised Koto didn't paint the nails though.


A view of Yayoi from the back. I like that bow around her waist.


Sometimes, Koto figures don't have very detailed backs. But, you can at least see a suggestion of where her shoulder blades are.


One thing I do like about the outfits on this line of figures is that when the lighting is correct, they have almost a pearlescent effect. Interestingly, I've been able to use that term at least once in each of my last three reviews.


The bend behind her knee could have been done a bit better.


The bottom of her sandal is really a mess. Koto should do better here. However, they do give her ankles some detail, and that's an area that often gets overlooked.


Her toes are reasonably detailed, and her sandal has a flower that matches her ring.


The painting on the various parts of her sandals is okay, but not quite perfect. In addition, the straps don't really appear to connect to anything.


Probably the biggest flaw with the figure is the head-to-neck transition.



Overall, she has a few defects in her sculpt, but generally the painting is okay. Here, the all-white outfit helps, since there really isn't a lot that could go wrong on that front.


I quite like the bases on these figures; more on that in a moment.

Here is Yayoi right out of the box. As you can see, her foot is screwed into the top of the base.


Here, we see the lower layer of the base and the tiny shells and starfish that go on that layer. They are sufficiently tiny that getting those pegs into the holes could present a challenge.


The top of the base then snaps on to the bottom.


I like the star-shaped bases for these figures, as the theme is perfectly appropriate for rising idols. However, one should be careful as the two layers of the base can and will come apart. Some time back, I was moving some figures around, and I moved Makoto (ITEM #98668) by picking her up by the torso. The bottom of Makoto's base fell off, and one of the tiny shells went bouncing away into oblivion. Thus, some care should be used when moving Yayoi around. Don't make the same mistake I made...

Overall verdict and enjoyment----------9/10

Before we get to the final wrap-up, let's take a look at Yayoi with some of her friends.

An idol should expect that some of their fans may want to take a picture or two.



Yayoi isn't really friends with Kirino and Kuroneko, but these three look nice together.


Yayoi and Mikoto have similar outfits.


Yayoi with two other figures from the Angelic Island line, Miki (ITEM #98895) and Makoto (ITEM #98668).


As you can see, Yayoi, Miki, and Makoto all have similar bases. That's another nice feature of this line.


Idols aren't exactly nomal humans, but somehow I don't think Haruhi would be interested in them.


Miki and Yayoi mugging for the camera.


Overall, I'm quite pleased with the way Yayoi turned out. She's quite cute and adorable, her overall finish is good, she's posed in a way that's faithful to the character, and she looks nice with the other Angelic Island figures. Plus, there's more than one way to display her, and her swimsuit is modest and tasteful. If you're a fan of the iDOLM@STER franchise, a fan of the character, or you're just looking for a cute swimsuit figure, I'd recommend her.

Availability (as of this writing):

Easy to find new and preowned.

Like most of the Angelic Island figures, she shows up pretty regularly through the usual pre-owned channels. I'd say expect to pay around 4000 yen for a pre-owned Yayoi. In addition, she can still be found new at AmiAmi and HLJ. If you live in the US, several US stores still seem to have her in stock new (and Koto figures are usually cheaper anyway through US stores). I got her from Amazon for $50, so in any event she shouldn't break the bank if you want to make her yours.

Bonus feature!

Since I had a bunch of my figures out of the case, I figured why not photograph as many of my 1/7 and 1/8 swimsuit figures as I could reasonably pose together.



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loveanime5 år siden#3727990Thanks again for another great review that convinced me to get her. Found one at 2500 on Manda unopened with box damage (one corner a bit creased) and while I have yet to unbox her, she has one of the cutest faces I have seen on a figure.

Two years after getting this figure, Yayoi might be my favorite figure in this particular line (although Miki might be a close second). This figure does play up all of her key points and her natural cheerfulness. It's too bad that Koto doesn't seem to be making any more figures from this line, as I was always hoping they might make an Iori to go with this Yayoi...
5 år siden
Thanks again for another great review that convinced me to get her. Found one at 2500 on Manda unopened with box damage (one corner a bit creased) and while I have yet to unbox her, she has one of the cutest faces I have seen on a figure. Her mouth is unusually large but the excellent implementation of it makes this figure so unique. I can hardly imagine a better representation in a sculpt of the explosive and natural enthusiasm of a child. Her face alone is worth the purchase.
5 år siden
Gothlequin7 år siden#1797629Great Review I love the base she comes with!

The bases are nice, although they do take up a little bit of space, and if you had all the characters from this line (I'm gradually piecing the set together!), trying to arrange them all together in a limited amount of space could be a bit tricky. Thanks for reading!
7 år siden
Great Review I love the base she comes with!
7 år siden
Maakie7 år siden#1796815Love the bases from this line! They have a really great depth! :)

In addition, the sand finish underneath is pretty good, and the tiny little shells are really detailed. Every now and then, Koto will come up with really attractive and functional bases.
7 år siden
Love the bases from this line! They have a really great depth! :)
7 år siden
Funkies7 år siden#1796509Very awesome review, Yayoi... just as awesome. The attention to detail you have is definitely appreciated with such a nice figure. She's not perfect, but she sure is somethin' neat!
I'm quite fond of the big grins some of this line has. I like the regular "Tenshi" line over the black "Koakuma" limited edition varieties myself...

The only one that I think looks better in black is Makoto. In her case, it just seems like the black outfit makes her stand out more.

I was kind of surprised that Yayoi turned out so nice. Often, with Koto figures there's some nasty surprise lurking somewhere in regards to the finish, but her quality turned out to be pretty good. Plus, as you said she is so cute!
7 år siden
Very awesome review, Yayoi... just as awesome. The attention to detail you have is definitely appreciated with such a nice figure. She's not perfect, but she sure is somethin' neat!

I'm quite fond of the big grins some of this line has. I like the regular "Tenshi" line over the black "Koakuma" limited edition varieties myself. Definitely does justice to the sheen from the swimsuits in the PS3 version, and I quite adore that. The anime character style matched with something so far only from the games really has me hooked on this line.

Count me in as well on the "eagerly waiting" list as to what comes next.
7 år siden
BloodyEarth7 år siden#1796456Nice review. Man, Koto, I am still waiting on your next IDOL announcement ><

Thanks for the comment. Now that you mention it, Yukiho is the only one left in the queue. I wonder who'll be next?
7 år siden
Nice review. Man, Koto, I am still waiting on your next IDOL announcement ><
7 år siden
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