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Singer_YunaSinger_Yuna6 år siden
Good Smile Company is coming to the Salón del Manga de Barcelona!

Good Smile Company is going to have a booth at the Salón del Manga de Barcelona, which is held during october 31th until november 4th in “la Fira de Barcelona”.
This is the first time GSC visits Spain, and they will come with a huge 48m2 stand and will have a products’ expo, one fan meeting, one Little Witch Academia projection at the cinema nearby, and they will sell some of their products (including some exclusives).

The list of products available is not closed yet but for now there are confirmed the following GSC&partners figures:


Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Regarding the items at sale, the prices are confirmed and for some of them the quantities are very reduced so you should hurry if you want to pick the deals!!

There are scheduled 26 items, some of them unrevealed, and I cross fingers for them being the items sold at the London MCM Comic-con, shown in the photo:

I will attend the Salon from friday afternoon till sunday, so I hope I meet some new nendofans! I'm going to purchase the exclusive Nendoroid Misaka Imouto in case they finally bring her ^^ and I will take as a travel companion my Gothic lolita Kobato-chaaan~ nendoroid ^^

Here is the map where their Stand is going to be

And the schedule of the activity:
GSC new products presentation and fan meeting
Day: November 1st
Hour: 19:30 H
Place: Scenary 2 from Palacio 2 de la Fira de Barcelona.

This info is confirmed by Maritan of GSC France and on GSC (Spanish) facebook
Spanish translation here
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gotta catch 'em all!
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Y yo acá muriéndome de envidia >:

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