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Boa Hancock - Wedding Version 1/8 (MegaHouse)Boa Hancock - Wedding Version 1/8 (MegaHouse)

Today we'll be taking a look at Pirate Empress Boa Hancock from the the ONE PIECE series. I don't really know much about the series and I would probably upset or offend fans of the series with my inaccuracies. Let's just say the series and this particular character are very popular. This is of course a MegaHouse Excellent Model Limited figure, which means she was only available for order from a few select online stores. At the time of this review she's only available on the secondary market as the deadline to order has gone and past. She "retailed" for 7,400 Yen and she was released in September of 2011. It looks like at least at the time of this review it would have been better to wait for the release as her price seems to be going down. Boa was considered one of if not the most beautiful woman in the world of ONE PIECE. The goal today is to see if that "title" is fitting for this figure.


Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Warning!!!! Some pictures in this review may be considered NSFW, proceed at your own risk.

Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡





MegaHouse went with their typical 4 window portal layout. The front and side panels are the largest but as usual the front panel commands the attention. The side and top panels are obscured by the blister design but you can still see a decent amount of the figure. The artwork and color scheme is fitting for a pirate empress. The packaging is attractive enough that you could probably leave her in the box for display purposes without issue.

Dimensions of the packaging:
H: 321 mm
W: 162 mm
D: 160 mm

MegaHouse like usual went with a medium weight corrugated cardboard to make up the packaging. It has excellent vertical crush resistance and the side and corners are pretty sturdy. The size is just enough to cocoon her in a protective shell and weight is marginal. They achieved the perfect balance between protection, size and weight. Shipping cost should not be a factor for this figure.


A typical two piece blister was used to enshrine the figure and her only accessory is located like usual off to the side. Minimal plastic was used to protect the figure from rubbing and paint transfer. Tape was used to secure the blister pieces which was typical of most manufacturers. The tolerances was tight enough you shouldn't have to worry about her shifting around.


If you take a note of the form shown below, I almost missed it. It's to allow you to enter the lottery for the veil. I didn't even know about it until I was boxing everything back up and noticed one of the flaps (shown on the side) said to look inside the box.


MegaHouse did a great job as usual. The box looks great and you could easily leave her in the box without issue. The packaging itself is fairly compact and strong. Of course it's also fairly light. Bottom line, she'll get to you safe and look good to boot.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

Sculpting credits go to the MegaHouse team. Not sure who the sculptor is but I have to say I don't think it's the same team that did the other Boa figures, which you can see below for comparison. They just don't look the same even though it's the same character...


Below you can see everything included: the figure, her bouquet and the base. From the top of the base, she measures about 235 mm tall. Her dress is made of a very soft PVC, very durable but also on permanently. If you wish to see her honeymoon outfit, you'll have to remove that dress by force. This is a real shame, but I doubt it was their choice. I asked before about another character/figure and was told by a reliable source that generally certain characters will NEVER be offered as a cast off due to the licensing company. The licensing companies want to retain the image of a particular character and any officially licensed figure will be forced to comply with that image. Now certain companies that are known for the more risque figures usually can skirt that by making their figures forced cast off and claim their innocence. However, in this case if you do force cast this figure off... you'll be disappointed. I'll go into detail or should I say lack of detail later.


Her bouquet is a mixed bag. The flowers and main leaves were detailed and looked great, but the rest looked rather bad. I mean they look like the cheap plastic plants you see in aquariums or businesses. I don't know if they spent all their effort on the flowers and had nothing left for the rest but the difference is definitely noticeable. The mounting point is also weird. She's basically wielding it like a sword but her hands are not really setup to hold it securely. From a distance it looks great, up close the difference in quality is distracting.


Now onto the main attraction...



So, she looks good, huh? Well, for the most part yes. My only "issues" are both related, you can't cast off her dress without damaging it and the lack of details if you do take off her dress... However, she's still a nice figure, so let's take a closer look at her.



Let's start with her lovely face. I'd have to say out of the three figures I have of her, this one is definitely the prettiest. My one question is I thought big/high foreheads wasn't supposed to be considered attractive but instead comical? Either case, she looks perfectly fine with it.

My one concern is her ears, they seem to lack refinement but maybe it's just mine? However I expected better for a limited figure... And hanging off her ears, you have her snake earrings which also seem to lack refinement. Basically, they look like cheap plastic jewelry. Her full lips compliment her high cheekbones and strong chin. Her nose is sharp and defined. Strong features for a strong character. The transition from her face to her long, swan-like neck was executed very nicely.




Moving on, her hair is long and lustrous, very fitting for this raven beauty. Her hair is fairly detailed but it's very fragile and brittle at the back. If you are not careful a strand could snap off easily. The front and sides are somewhat soft and mostly resistant to damage. It looks great the way it parts to one side trailing behind her as they dance about in the wind. The hair looks great but I wish they could have made it more resilient. In any event, it looks great from all sides but especially from the front.




Moving on, her necklace is actually a part of her torso. It's not it's only separate piece and I really wish they did do that instead. I understand it would be more fragile but at the same time with this implementation, too many things could go wrong. Fortunately for mine, it was OK but I could just see some sculpting and painting issues popping up. While we're admiring her necklace, note her nicely defined shoulder and collarbones.

Then of course, you have her very amble and lovely cleavage. My understanding is she is supposed to have the largest breasts of all the pirate gals. Looking at the other gals, I'd say that appears to be true or least consistent on MegaHouse's part. Her bust line looks amazing from all angles, especially the side profiles were you get to see her lovely side boobs and her well defined Pectoralis minor. Very sexy.



The top of her gown can be rolled down to expose her breasts and part of her corset. Her hips are too wide for the top part to clear the rest of her, unfortunately. Unless you're willing to damage her dress, it's on permanently. This is about the best you can do to expose any further part of her. Her pendulous teardrop shape breasts look very nice but if you notice some details are lacking. It looks like they gave her rudimentary nipples and areolas but they lack refinement. It looks like they stop short of finishing them for one reason or another. Since it looks like they didn't want you to remove her dress, you would expect sloppy gaps/seams with the parts being joined. However, the transition from her flesh to her corset looks great. The corset from what I can see of it looks OK and really enhances her lines. I really wish they did finish the job and made the excuse that she wasn't meant to be cast off, *wink wink* like some other manufactures do...


The back of her corset is also detailed with the laces. It really makes me wonder why they bothered to put those details in if she wasn't meant to be cast off? Oh well. Note again, even though it's hidden, the transition from her flesh to her corset was executed nicely. Also, look at her lovely back which was very well defined.



A pet peeve of mine is the hands and feet of a figure in regards to their size to each other. That's not the issue for this figure with her lovely dexterous fingers. Her long slender fingers covered in those lovely elbow length gloves are detailed in the way they crinkle/wrinkle at the wrists. The area of concern is where her gloves attach to her arms. Both are not attached cleanly and I'm sure it'll vary between figures and mine are not that bad, but it's still noticeable to me. Basically, the transition from her flesh to the gloves could have been done better. Overall, the good outweighs the bad.


The biggest reason I was disappointed by her dress not being removable easily is due to her amazing rear end. From what I can see from under her dress and other pictures, she's got a butt that won't quit. They put a lot of love and attention into those cheeks. Her corset digs in enhancing the curves and shapes of them. The outline from the dress do not do them justice but at least you sort of get a hint of the curves she's packing.



Speaking of her dress, let's take a closer look at it. It's a strapless gown, either a trumpet or mermaid. I'm assuming trumpet due to the skirt. It's very form fitting, especially at the top where she's practically spilling out of that dress. It's the typical hourglass form narrowing at her waist to further enhance her figure. It seems to be the perfect match for such a tall bride. In regards to sculpting, the details are sufficient. You have wrinkles and crinkles here and there, enhancing her curves and giving the outfit more depth and dimension. Her skirt only trails a little but the nice thing about it is you don't actually need the base. The skirt can actually keep her up and stable, except for a slight lean... 8Þ In any case, this blushing bride looks absolutely ravishing from all sides but especially the front with that beautiful face and very distracting cleavage.


Now... why don't we take a peek under the hood? It was too difficult to get a good shot at her high heels, so let's just say they looked OK and the transition form her feet to the shoes were done well. Now more importantly, she has long, curvy legs that go on forever. Those lovely stockings of hers go up to her thigh and you get a hint of her panties that end up almost as dental floss between both of her cheeks... I'm a leg person and I really wish I could have taken off her dress to look at those beautiful legs from various angles, heck even just a clearer look... Oh well.


MegaHouse did a nice job on her. She's a lovely figure, especially her face and amble and nicely shaped cleavage. Her legs are long and curvy but hidden which is a big shame, just like her lovely rear end. Her hair is long and lustrous. However, considering this is MegaHouse, I just expected more from them in regards to the dress being removable. I understand if they couldn't due to licensing restrictions but I wish they would have made it easier and less damaging to remove the dress.

Painting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡





MegaHouse usually does a great job coloring their figures and for the most part I don't think this one is any different. Starting with her face, the decals for her eyes were placed precisely and look good. Her blush looks great for this blushing bride and her luscious lips look great. To the side you can see the nice job they did with her bouquet. The mix of tinting and painting blend together well. The trailing leaves on the other hand could have been colored better.

They did a great job tinting her flesh, the fair skin looks very lovely. Off to the side, her dress doesn't look as nice as the prototype/official photos. Those were more shiny and looked more like silk than her current dress that is quite flat in color. However the main attraction is still her.


On her back, you can find her slave mark of Tenryuubito. It looks like a decal and was placed precisely but you can barely see any of it at all. At least you can see the attention to detail since it is present even if hidden. To the side you can see her lovely necklace and earrings. As mentioned, I thought they could have done a better job on the earrings as they look rather cheap and fake. Her necklace looks great but the way they sculpted it out of her chest means there could be issues for some of the figures when being colored.


Off to the side, you can see her lovely raven hair. Note at the top, that's not a trick of the light. they actually colored it blue and purple to give an impression of a special effect you see in shiny black hair. Very nice. Her legs were colored very nicely even though they were hidden and makes me wish I could see more of them. I do wish they at least colored her nipples and areolas even if they are rudimentary.


Overall, they did a great job, I just wish the dress was colored like the prototype as it would have looked even better for this blushing bride. At least they gave her the blush I was expecting. A lot of manufacturers, even the top tier ones often screw you over on the blush they showed in the prototype, in this case they delivered. Also, they did really great job with her lips and skin, love them both especially those legs of hers.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

Not much to say here. She matches up with the prototype. A ravishing, blushing bride in a form fitting dress that leaves little to the imagination with her curves. She's practically spilling out at the top as her top struggles to contain her amble breasts. That smirking smile and those warm eyes are entrancing as a siren. As mentioned previously, I love the way her hair is trailing behind her to the side blowing in the wind. The state of her gown as it trails behind her, clinging here and there. That slight tilt of her head seals the deal


They did a great job matching the prototype, no surprises here.

Base: 7/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡

This is MegaHouse so I was basically expecting this. The raise lettering and decoration on the base looks great but you can't see anything with her gown. She's also not that stable on it in regards to the mounting pegs as she easily comes off them. However, the base isn't really needed. They did an OK job but I'm not sure what I was expecting.


The base looks nice and basically gets the job done, I just wish they would have done something more special maybe wedding theme related?

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

At the beginning, I stated the goal was to see if this figure was fitting of the title bestowed upon her being the most beautiful woman in the world. Compared to the other pirate gals I have in my collection and even against her other variants, I would have to say she definitely is the prettiest of the bunch up to this point so I say the title is deserved for this blushing bride.

Now, I didn't appreciate her dress being unremovable without damaging it as I wouldn't have mind seeing her honeymoon outfit. The deal with the lottery for her wedding veil? That also was upsetting and should have been included. In any event, it's easy enough to make yourself or you could steal it from another bride like I did. 8Þ However, all things considered I think she looks better without the veil so not really sure if you'd be missing much if you can't get it.

The fact this was a limited/exclusive figure did increase the price for me. Seeing her after release going for less than I paid does make me sad but also happy. I hope to see the prices go down even further so I can pick up another which I can then proceed to remove the dress.

Bottom line, was she worth the effort and cost? I'm not actually a fan of ONE PIECE and I know next to nothing about the series or the characters. I'd have to say if I had to do it over again? I'd probably wait until release and picked her up for less than the listed price. Now if I was a fan, I'd imagine I'd definitely want her no matter what. In any event, she's a lovely, elegant figure that would be a nice addition to any collection.


See you later.
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StarshipPooperTamaki bride, it's basically the same design...

Ah thanks.
7 år siden
glemtvapenWhich figure did you get the veil from?

Tamaki bride, it's basically the same design...
7 år siden
Which figure did you get the veil from?
7 år siden
RaditzFan Ultimate Raditz Fan
Great review! It's sad that the great details under the dress couldn't be appriciated, especially the corset and stockings. Boa still lovely of a figure that I might pick up later. :)
7 år siden