March 2014 loot from Amiami! *NSFW*March 2014 loot from Amiami! *NSFW*Loot

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Welcome back to our regular program, this time from Amiami!
Everything went as expected with the packets journey, sent at 26th, arrived and left customs at 28th and arrived to my home in 31st.
EMS love and hate! At least by airplane, Japan and Finland are reasonably close by.

Obligatory opening shot, with the new "Thank you" card.

Three figures this time, two new releases of march and one new old stock (old new stock?).

Here's a closeup of the new card, though I guess everyone has already seen a picture of it. But this is mine!

First from the packet is Ringerie ver. Kaori by Q-Six.

The box is simple but nice.

I like the ringerie version better, so I got that. The ringerie itself is see-through which is a very nice touch!
Her attachment to the base is nice and stable, the triangle inserts make sure of that.
Beware of her hair when attaching the head back, it transfers paint very easily! Fortunately it wiped off as easy as it applied.

Wall scroll was also included with my purchase, it measures 155mm*210mm.

Next is Catsuit ver. Shiraki Meiko by Wing

Lots of windows and lightning (that's not a glare!)

Both of her torso variants look great, and the joints aren't really that noticeable because of the black color and shiney all around.
She attaches on her base on a round peg on the left leg, so she can be rotated on the base freely, which I like.

Last but not least at all is Ignis by Orchid Seed.
I was quite surprised to see her on Amiami as new stock, so I just had to get her.

Massive box is just enormous! I wasn't prepared for this!

I wasn't prepared for this at all, the dress is also massive and fabulous!

So, yeah, that "Ringerie ver." sticker on Kaori box, I bet the guy who got the job to make it knew it was wrong, but didn't have the courage to tell it's wrong, or maybe it's wrong on purpose <_<.
In any case, I got a smile out of it.

Overall, every figure is a great addition to my collection.
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So only hentai-ish figures don't get delayed ? I should review my pre orders... lol
Lucky you ! got mine all delayed again ! x/
6 år siden
Nice loot! I'm a fan of the new thank you card. I got two :D
6 år siden
I didn't know AmiAmi had a new thank you card, I guess I'll see it when I recieve my Tharja :o
Kaori's panties look a bit weird but I suppose it's a classic problem of cast-off-able figures.
6 år siden
tilipitappi6 år siden#2067955I did tag the post as NSFW in the options, I think if people have SFW off, they are OK with it.

Ah ok, I see, forgot about the tag system. My bad!
6 år siden
Eccmy6 år siden#2067952Just a little advice, but I think you should mark "NSFW" in your blog's title.
Personally I have no problem with NSFW figures, but it could be one for other people.

I did tag the post as NSFW in the options, I think if people have SFW off, they are OK with it.
6 år siden
Just a little advice, but I think you should mark "NSFW" in your blog's title.
Personally I have no problem with NSFW figures, but it could be one for other people.
6 år siden
Nice loot! I have Meiko myself. Great piece. She feels a bit small though.

Japanese don't truly have a separate "r" or "l" consonant. They have a consonant thats inbetween the sounds of r and l. In Code Geass, you'll often hear "rerouche" even though it's spelled lelouche" or in Death Note "eru" instead of "L". So it's difficult for japanese speakers who are learning english as a second language for them to make a distinction between "r" and "l". We do this all the time in the English language. For example, a stick of "butter" but it sounds like "budder". The "t" is not distinct sounding like "cat". I understand if they can't pronounce the word clearly but it's funny no one at the QC caught that mistake in spelling.
6 år siden
Those are some sexy figures!
6 år siden