My 1 year anniversary collective loot haul!My 1 year anniversary collective loot haul!Loot

ComplexCRUSHComplexCRUSH6 år siden
So this past April marked my 1 year anniversary on MFC and though my ultimate goal to make some great friends isn't quite fulfilled yet, I've met some really nice people and some really amazing and talented people as well. I feel really lucky to be a part of this community and this past year has been so much fun! So to commemorate my anniversary, I have a huge loot post for you guys! SO let's just get right into it!


So this first batch is everything from Jan, Feb, and March. I've been hoarding just for this post! ^.^ I got a 3 nendos, a few scales and some mouse pads and the Luka Graphig I got from my first split. I've been hooked since! I also got a lot more merch than I used to, I'm kind of starting to get a little obsessed with straps! There's a grail tucked in there too! It's ITEM #73323 !


AH, my beautiful child. He gave me so much stress because it took him 50 days to get to me (reg SAL) but he came safely and everything is ok now. ^.^;;

AND NOW for April!


I got three more nendos, some scales, and of course! STRAPS. Some IM@S CG because I'm obsessed and some of Asuna of course...because she is my weakness. ; - ; I'm also super thrilled to have Suruga! though she had a super wobbly neck joint, but I fixed that easily with some clear nail polish. AND LEAFA augh she is everything she is supposed to be! So gorgeous! Koto is really stepping up their game, man. I also snagged the first run Figuarts Sailor Moon before the rerelease comes out next month so that I don't have to worry about wading through all of the 2nd editions to get the bonus faces! And finally another grail, I cried when I found her, my precious Mystearica. ITEM #23118


I got her for a perfect price! $127! I believe shes going for about $150-$190 in most places if not more, so I was thrilled! I've never been so happy with a hobby before...lol I'm so dumb. I really look forward to more years to come and I love every minute of it. I just love how helpful and informative you guys all are so thank you for giving me a place like this! In the comments below, if you like, tell me about your favorite aspect of MFC or maybe comment on my loot? Thank you for reading!
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Nice loot! I'm hoping mine is gonna be just as good :D
I'll be getting about 8 figures soon and I wanna post my very FIRST loot uhh idk what to call it XP
But yeah I'm just so excited! I'm gonna work hard to earn my money and reward myself with those figures.

I haven't really tried straps.. Should I? How do you display them or use them? I'm clueless XD
6 år siden
DarkNeo *Yuri Brigadier*
Is that an ANIMAL CROSSING figure I see there??? :D

That is absolutely fantastic!!

...I want it ^.<

Well congratulations for making it an entire year~! <3 Hope the next one is just as good hehehe <3
6 år siden
You have done very well for yourself in the one year you have been collecting. A nice assortment of goods and Media as well as figurines.

= )

6 år siden
ComplexCRUSH6 år siden#2130881He pops up on Manda every once in a while

I've been watching Mandarake, but he hasn't appeared recently. There's a higher chance of someone putting him up for auction for cheaper on YAJ. It's just that... I keep forgetting to bid... ahaha.

Anyway, congrats on your anniversary and keep on enjoying this hobby d(⁀∀⁀)
6 år siden
VioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
Ahh great GREAT loot haul! Congrats on your Anniversary as well! Mine's coming up soon haha. MFC is great and while I originally came to it as a database I've grown to love the community. It's fun to share a passion of collecting with others! I wish I had a few more friends too though since I have hardly any friends into Anime/Games, much less figures, IRL. Gonna send you a FR hehe.

Luke was my grail as well but WOW you got Tear too!! I love ToA but since I've never seen Tear on sale on Manda/Ami/Jungle etc. I never planned to get her since I had no hope. I always wish that Alter will get back to making more ToA figs.
6 år siden
ComplexCRUSH ☩Knight's of the Blood☩
hikaridranz6 år siden#2130873hnngh. I want that Luke figure too *_*He pops up on Manda every once in a while
6 år siden
hnngh. I want that Luke figure too *_*
6 år siden
ComplexCRUSH ☩Knight's of the Blood☩
victorviper6 år siden#2130768Wow, 50 days in transit! I'd lose my mind if I had a much-wished item in transit for that long. I pretty much was, in fact I made blog posts where I was just freaking out, because that boy definitely wasn't cheap >.>;;ImimiAi6 år siden#2130799Woah, such amazing loot~! *V*
I'm very impressed by your patience during your 50 day wait for Luke.
I would have been staring out my window 24/7, if it were me, hee-hee~ -v-;;
I am actually very new to MFC, but I really do enjoy the photographs of other peoples' collections. It's really fantastic to see that so many people share the interest in collecting figurines~ The community seems to be very pleasant, but I haven't stepped in yet to confirm, hehe. -v-
Thank you for sharing your collection with us all. Congrats on the first year!
You would not believe how many times I called/emailed USPS hehehgamergibbons6 år siden#2130801Happy anniversary, and thanks for being one of my first friends here on MFC! I look forward to reading your future articles and seeing your collection grow :)
Also, nice loot! The AoT Nendos are adorable!
Oh no problem, I kind of lovingly read your posts like a doting mother, like,"Ah, there is my child". ^.^
Dbonn126 år siden#2130838The ToA is such a great series and the merchandise is more than satisfying.
I love my Luke to death!
ToA is so good, ToS is too I'm hoping to see more from it soon, I'm hoping Altair doesn't just stop at Lloyd. GIVE ME KRATOS, SHEENA AND MITHOS/YGGDRASIL DAMN IT
6 år siden
The ToA is such a great series and the merchandise is more than satisfying.

I love my Luke to death!

6 år siden
Happy anniversary, and thanks for being one of my first friends here on MFC! I look forward to reading your future articles and seeing your collection grow :)

Also, nice loot! The AoT Nendos are adorable!
6 år siden