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Hi everybody!

Today, after having shot an inspiring scene with Iris ITEM #156661 and Yae ITEM #164569, I decided to not only update the pictures but to write a kind of soft yuri tale to come along with them.

Please be indulgent, it's my first time and English is not my mother language. Anyway, my purpose is to have some fun so there's no big deal. If you don't like, take a look at the pics and close my blog.

Good to know for the boys, I'm a girl and I didn't take off their clothes to Yae and Iris during the session shot.

So here we go!

Once upon a time in a land called T2 Art Works, was living Yae Shoubi a 17 year old high school girl. She was sweet-tempered, always smiling, helping her classmates and trying to do her best at the school library. She was one of a kind, both smart and pretty with deep-blue eyes and according to the boys a quite luscious body. She had the habit to leave her long black hair untied, wearing on the top of her head a barrette with two blooming pinkish roses.

Very good student in sport excepted, she built up a good reputation even though she hadn't many friends. Her best one was named Koji. This guy wasn't really talkative but, since he had been her sempai in secondary school, they were friends. To be true, the two of them were sharing a secret passion for video games, especially eroge and lolicon ones. Known as the 5th and the 8th ranked students of a famous high school, Koji and Yae were hiding their embarrassing hobby, barely talking about it at school. Internet and cell phones were the only witnesses of their hardcore games. Sometimes rumor had it that they could be lovers. Could it really be that way, when Koji was such a game addict that all his girlfriends were in 2D. Yae excepted.

Time had passed and autumn made trees spread their leaves. It was a Friday night. Yae wrapped a soft blanket around her and turned on her computer. Her fingers caressed again and again the game box cover before she opened it. How many times had she played this game? She couldn't say, a hundred at least. It was the main issue between her and Koji, who didn't understand why his friend liked this PC game that much: Valhellio. But she couldn't help it: the first time she looked at the cover, she had been charmed. Captive by two blue eyes and a short dress.

From the early beginning, Yae had fallen for the character of Iris Hartley, a 5 year old humanoid. In Yae's mind, Iris was living a normal life, going to high school, playing with friends, singing in karaoke places, taking part in whatever sport club... And the two girls had a special relationship. Iris was straight, strong, stubborn, impulsive and glowing. Though she was very attentive towards Yae, she also was of the jealous type. Every time Yae became angry at Iris, the blue sea eyes of her made Yae's anger fading away in a second. In Yae's mind, the two of them were deeply in love.

If only this dream could become true... Falling asleep, Yae took a last look at the game box cover: "My Iris, wouldn't you be mine?" "My, oh my" That voice! When Yae opened up her eyes she was laying on a bed with her true lover.


Wait a minute! A kiss and after...

Blushing, Yae suddenly awoke.


A sad pout appeared on her face while she realized it was only a dream. "Stupid me for getting all excited about it. Yeah, I'm alone again".


With a slightly shaking hand, Yae grasped Valhellio box and held it close to her heart.
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Awww, that was cute! What a day for a daydream... *.*
6 år siden
As a fan of yuri, I approve of the story and the pictures! The ending was a little sad, but I liked the story, and the pictures are sexy. :)
6 år siden