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victorvipervictorviper1 år siden
Today, we'll be taking a look at one of the more obscure figures in my collection, and certainly the only scale figure in my collection that I could claim might be 1/1 scale, Kotobukiya's PC Shoujo Ripple, released all the way back in May 2009.

About the character: Ripple is an original character, and so there's not really much to say here. Suffice it to say that she's supposed to be a moefied personal computer, and according to the source illustration PICTURE #129669 , a tiny one at that.

Technology mini-ramble: Ripple was released back in 2009 and it was only about then that laptop PC's started to become cheap and affordable, but at that time micro PC's for the consumer market were still far from becoming reality. However, now that micro PC's no larger than a USB stick can be had for under $100, I'm a little surprised that no one has tried to make a persocom-type anime figure which can actually function as a working PC!

About the figure: Ripple was an exclusive figure, sold directly by Kotobukiya and she could also apparently be obtained through an offer in Animage magazine as well. She was designed by illustrator POP ENTRY #8335, whose characters definitely tend to skew cute and loli. Some of POP's designs have spawned highly sought-after figures such as ITEM #286 and ITEM #282, and POP might be best known as the illustrator for the Moetan ENCYCLOPEDIA #192 franchise.

Those latter two figures are a couple of the most wished figures on MFC, so how does Ripple-tan stand up in comparison? Well, let's find out!


The front of the box features a large window and a cute image of Ripple-tan.


A different drawing of the character graces each side of the box.


A lager version of the artwork. Isn't she cute?


Kotobukiya uses a monochrome green finish on the box. For a while, they always seemed to do this with their exclusive figures, but I always thought it was a weird design choice as it makes the character art look washed out. The artwork is really cute, but it would look much better in full color!


The blister folds open, and a fair number of Koto figures from around this time used this type of blister design. The blister was tightly wedged inside the box, so some caution will be needed not to damage the box when getting her unpacked.


Ripple will need quite a bit of set up before she's ready to display. There's quite a bit of plastic sheeting to unwrap, and her headset and connector cable will need to be attached. The cable was taped underneath her base, so it might be possible to miss it when unboxing her.


Her head can be removed and she will detach at the waist.


There's a spot on her lower back where that cable attaches.


The cable is flexible, it seems pretty sturdy, and to my surprise once it's attached it stays in place. The cable looks like an RCA that would carry an audio/video signal. An HDMI output be more useful, but back in 2009, when Ripple was released, HDMI wasn't quite yet the standard. This means that Ripple would sadly be obsolete today; poor Ripple-chan...


The box art suggests the cable is supposed to wrap around her leg.


Set up and ready to go!


The box is fairly compact, measuring 18 by 15 by 13 cm. Ripple-tan is a little bit heavy for a 1/8-ish scale figure, but she shouldn't cost a fortune to ship, either.


Her pose is very cute, but it has one serious problem, as we'll discuss in a moment. For now, let's take a look at Ripple.






She's meant to recline, using her left hand to support her, but the way her mass is distributed she really wants to tip over to her left side. This will usually result in her headphones coming off, so she should probably not be displayed in a spot where she will be at risk of getting knocked over.


Generally, Ripple's finish is pretty good, but she does have a few issues on that front. Considering that the figure was released in 2009, I would call the figure's overall finish about average when compared to items of similar vintage.

One of the highlights of the figure is that Ripple is extremely cute. Her blue eyes and the wink just add to the cute factor, and I like the subtle shading and blush on her cheeks. The blush is just enough to notice and it doesn't overpower her in any way.


I hadn't even noticed the little yellow star on her cheek at first, but it is also cute.


The headset doesn't want to stay in place too well; it will move around at the slightest touch. However, I like her bob haircut, as it gives her a little bit of a tomboyish look. Overall, the sculpt of her hair is fine, but you can see the finish on her hair is quite shiny.


Since the headset is removable, she could be displayed without it, but if you do so there is a pretty obvious spot where her bangs connect to the rest of her head.


Generally, the finish on her headset is pretty good, even if it doesn't want to stay in place too well. The pieces on the outside look like vacuum tubes, and it looks like other pieces on the headband could be old-style transistors. That old-style technology combined with a persocom-like character is kind of cool!


Also, her headphones are obviously meant to resemble bunny ears. It makes for a cute effect, but on mine one of the ears wanted to detach. It looked like the glue holding the ear in place had started to deteriorate, and so I had to reglue one of the ears in place. This might be something to keep in mind if you're on the hunt for this figure.

She has a hoodie on her outfit, but you can see some of the painting on its trim is a little bit sloppy.


I like how the little frilly parts of her top come off of her shoulders.


Generally, her belt is well-sculpted, and the holes on the belt are a nice detail, but you can see the painting on the yellow trim on her shirt is a little uneven.


The trim on the bottom of her skirt is also a little messy in spots.


Her black tights are quite shiny, and I like the little knobs on her legs. I wonder what those would do?


That spot where her tights and the rest of her leg meet is pretty messy.


Her shoes are really detailed! Between the thick soles, the little accents on the bottom of the shoes, and the little round pieces on the ankle, someone at Kotobukiya must have worked pretty hard here!


If you like lots of stars and stripes, then Ripple might be the perfect figure for you.


If you like, she can also be made to hold that cable.


So, she definitely has some flaws, but I'd say her overall finish is about average. Kotobukiya did a really good job with her face, but with all of those pieces of trim, the paint work gets a little sloppy. That problem with one of her bunny ears falling off is also noted.


Well, it's round and it's green. There's not much else to say about it and I chose to just throw it back in the box, as she will display just fine without the base.


The original illustration which apparently inspired the figure PICTURE #129669 has Ripple inside a little clamshell case. *That* would have made a really cool base, particularly since this was a limited figure.

Scale Comparison

When I bought this figure, I had no idea what to expect in terms of her scale. Kotobukiya does not list her scale on the box and the MFC database lists her as 1/8, which as we'll see is not outrageous, but neither is it totally accurate.

The way she's seated, Ripple is about 4 inches (10 cm) tall, not counting the bunny ears. If she were standing, I estimate that her height (without the ears) would be about 7.5 inches (19 cm). If she were 1/8 scale, that would make her about 5'0" (150 cm) which seems inconsistent with her loli nature. However, the original art that inspired this figure PICTURE #129669 seems to imply that she is quite tiny, and so Ripple might in fact be my first 1/1 scale figure!

Here is Ripple with a computer hacker extraordinaire, Alter's Amy ITEM #500. Amy is 1/8 scale, and Ripple seems a little bit larger.


Kotobukiya's Nagi Sanzenin ITEM #5586 is 1/6, and Nagi is pretty petite herself.


Ques Q's Taiga Aiska ITEM #99153 is a small 1/8 scale.


Miku ITEM #61333 is also listed at 1/8 scale.


So, at the end of the day, Ripple will look 1/8 or 1/7-ish sitting on the shelf.

Overall verdict and enjoyment----------8.5/10

Arguments for: She is exceptionally cute, she has some interesting features (her shoes, the transistor/vacuum tube headband), and the finish of the figure is generally good.

Arguments against: Sloppy painting, her pose gives her a tendency to fall over, her bunny ears needed repairing right out of the box, and while her tomboyish look makes her cute, it does deviate a little bit from POP's original illustration.

I really don't own too many figures like Ripple, but she caught my eye on AmiAmi preowned, as I'd never seen her before. She was a little bit of an impulse buy, and I'm glad I picked her up. Despite some flaws, she really is super-cute. In particular, if you like POP's art style, it might be worth your while to track down this figure.

Availability (as of this writing)

Quite rare it seems.

Only 15 people on MFC claim to own her, and her item page seems to imply she is known to pop up on various auction sites at outrageous prices (upwards of 20000 yen!). I had never seen her before she popped up one morning on AmiAmi (A/B) for 3700 yen, and since then I've seen the figure a couple of times listed anywhere from 3500-4000 yen. If you decide you need this cute little PC in your collection, just be advised that it might take a while to find one.

Thanks for reading! See you next time!


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Now that micro PC's new larger than a USB drive are relatively inexpensive, the question is...
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Would you buy a "persocom" anime figure (an anime figure integrated together with a working micro PC)?

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tachola1 år siden#54757673oooh, her color palette is kinda gross.. but wow what an adorable expression + pose!!
thank you for the consistently high quality reviews! ♥

The yellow and green always makes me think "lemon-lime" :), but then again that is the color scheme in the source illustration, although the colors there are a little less bold.

Thanks for the comment!
1 år siden
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
oooh, her color palette is kinda gross.. but wow what an adorable expression + pose!!
thank you for the consistently high quality reviews! ♥
1 år siden
LemonMIntCat1 år siden#54703495This character reminds me a lot of Rin Kagamine. I think its the shoes(stockings?), skirt and hair. Very cute figure overall!

That's an interesting observation, and the short haircut is definitely Rin-like. If you gave her a big white ribbon in her hair, she could possibly pass for Rin.

SerpentyleTorc1 år siden#54698272Thanks for the review! I've been debating whether I want this figure in my collection for a pretty long while now. The design is really cute and she's quite good quality, but really don't like the colorscheme. It's a shame she wasn't released today when she could've gotten multiple recolours.

The yellow and green certainly makes for a bold look, and you don't see too many figures with that particular color scheme. However, now that you mention it, the color scheme of the figure might be a bit off; the colors in the source illustration are much more pastel, in keeping with POP's generally soft art style (the green outfit is more of a bluish-green in the illustration).
1 år siden
This character reminds me a lot of Rin Kagamine. I think its the shoes(stockings?), skirt and hair. Very cute figure overall!
1 år siden
Thanks for the review! I've been debating whether I want this figure in my collection for a pretty long while now. The design is really cute and she's quite good quality, but really don't like the colorscheme. It's a shame she wasn't released today when she could've gotten multiple recolours.
1 år siden
Marshmallowpie1 år siden#54673559Fun to see a more forgotten figure like this. I used to really like POP's art, but this figure is new to me.

This is definitely one of the more obscure items in my collection, and one that you don't see every day to be sure.

One fun thing about this hobby is discovering these sorts of unknown items from favorite series/artists!

Also, I added a poll since your comment. If you like, cast your vote!
1 år siden
Fun to see a more forgotten figure like this. I used to really like POP's art, but this figure is new to me.
1 år siden
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