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Today we'll be taking a look at OrchidSeed's latest heroine, Nao Aizawa, based on the cover illustration of Comic Aun 2008-12 vol.151. As far as I can tell she's an original creation and not from any particular series. The illustrator is Hamachi Sakai and this is actually the second OrchidSeed release from the Comic Aun cover illustration series. I actually have the first one as well, Lala Poplip Pipiruno Pipiru Paparemmo, that was released in November of 2008. You can actually still pick up that figure for a very decent price brand new from various stores if you really want the 1st.

She was a standard release in November of 2011. I don't know about you but wouldn't it have made sense to release in October or even before so she was available for Halloween? Then again, the 1st one was also released in November, so maybe they had to release her that month? She retailed for around 8,286 Yen and at this time is still available for order from various stores if you want to pick her up. The goal today is to see whether if she's a trick or a treat?

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Warning!!!!!! Some of the pictures in this review are NSFW, proceed at your own risk.
Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡






OrchidSeed went with their typical four window panel layout with the windows located at the front, sides and top. The top window panel is actually broken up and integrated into the face of a jack o'lantern making up the eyes and mouth. I thought that was a nice touch but you can't really see anything through it. The front and side windows encompass almost the entire sides of the packaging allowing for an unobstructed view of the figure and her accessories while in the packaging. You could probably leave her in the packaging for display purposes if desired.

The illustration the figure was based on was included on the top of the packaging. When you look at the packaging I think it's obvious what the theme they were going for with the choice of colors and decorations. The bat, creepy tree and spooky castle silhouettes covering the packaging definitely makes one think of Halloween. Let's not forget the jack o'lanterns. And if you are in doubt the sides of the boxes even say "Happy Halloween". 8Þ What I thought was weird was the Pleasepumpkin magic phrase that is also adorning the packaging. I'm not sure if that's another translation error that OrchidSeed has been making with a few of their recent figures or there is magic based on pumpkins? I'm assuming she's a succubus so hopefully she isn't having relations with that pumpkin, not that there is anything wrong with that... 8Þ


Dimensions of the packaging:
H: 191 mm
W: 191 mm
D: 191 mm

OrchidSeed went with a compact cube design made up of lightweight non-corrugated cardboard. The packaging is fairly light and has decent compression resistance due to the multiple blister pieces within. OrchidSeed achieved a balance between size, weight and protection again. She'll get to you safely and not break the bank.

Also, the sheet below was included. I'm not sure if it's a inventory list or instructions on how to love pumpkins? I would have rather they included instructions on how to install her cape and tail. Even though it wasn't that difficult to figure out it would have been appreciated instead of this mystery list?


A typical two piece blister was used for the figure and most of her accessories but an additional blister was interlocked into the first pair housing her cape and alternate mantle. Everything was taped together to keep blister pieces together to prevent anything from getting loose from their pockets. A decent amount of plastic was used to protect the figure from rubbing and paint transfer. Since you have three blister pieces interlocked the strength provided is higher than normal.


OrchidSeed did a decent job with the figure box in both looks and protection. The decorations and color scheme support both the figure and Halloween. It's fairly light and compact but also provides decent protection. You have the option of leaving her in the box for display purposes if desired, heck you could probably use the box for a Halloween decoration. Expectations were met again.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

Sculpting credits go to Kobayashi Masaaki who appears to have worked on only a limited number of girls as the primary sculptor. I don't have any other girls to look at so my observations on so this figure will have to do all the talking. However, I am expecting the usual assembly issues with OrchidSeed. She is 1/7 in scale like the majority of OrchidSeed's girls. From the top of her base to the top of her hair she measures about 150 mm tall.


Below you can see her accessories. The two purple pieces are the chest pieces of her outfit. The bigger of the two covers her breasts while the one on the right exposes them. Surprisingly enough, the smaller one actually fits better at least for me and also the smaller one is actually what was used in the illustration. The fit may vary between figures due to the nature of mass production. Her other accessory is the cape, it's one piece and is actually a pain in the butt to install. The clearance on mine around her shoulders was not enough and I can't actually get it down all the way. So there's a very slight gap at her neck when I put her head back on. The thing that bothers me most is because of that her head is loose when you have the cape on so it could fall off depending on how you hold her while moving her. The chest pieces are very soft and should resist damage. The cape isn't as soft but should still resist damage including dropping it. You probably still want to be careful around the pumpkin cape clasp as that's the weakest point.



As you can see her head and arms at least from the elbow on down can be removed. Only one needs to be removed to swap out of the chest pieces. In fact that's basically what I prefer to do because the left arm is on really tight and constant removing and installing doesn't make it any easier. I'm actually concerned I'll break it since the fit is so tight. Her head is fairly easy to install as well but as mentioned for mine at least if the cape is on I can't get the head to connect completely due to the bad fit on the cape at her shoulders.


Now the biggest thing for me is her hands and fingers look somewhat normal in shape and size as well as proportion to each other. They still could use some refinement and I doubt there will be much variance between figures in this regard.

Moving on the most delicate part of her is her tail. This thing could easily break just from you holding it. It's pretty straight forward on how to install the tail but not how to orientate it. It might take you a few tries until you figure it out. The biggest thing is you really need to be careful when installing the cape. I actually recommend leaving the tail in when installing the cape as it's a pain in the butt to install the tail afterwards. It can be done and I've done it enough times but the chances of you damaging the tail are greater. As long as you are cognisant of the position of the tail you should be fine. You'll also want to be careful on how you hold the figure as well as when mounting her on the pumpkin. It's really that fragile. I'm not really sure I agree with their implementation and a wire tail probably would have been better since you could pose it and it would definitely be more durable.

http://myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2011/12/25/336272.jpeg + http://myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2011/12/25/336271.jpeg = http://myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2011/12/25/336273.jpeg

Before moving on, if you recall I mentioned OrchidSeed tends to have assembling issues. Well if you look at the last picture of her pelvis with the tail installed. Look at the top of her bikini. See that gap? I regularly encounter these gaps and misaligned parts with various OrchidSeed girls. Now results will vary and depending on how lucky you are you might be fine. My last two girls including this one had these gaps but the two before didn't. I could basically show you half of my OrchidSeed girls with gaps like these while the other half are fine. I really wish they would take care of it. For the most part they are not noticeable but I do have a few that are bad enough that the figure might as well be a write off.

Last is her magical pumpkin. It seems pretty solid and should resist all but the most forceful attacks against it. It's not optional due to her pose. If you note the top has indents for her hands and butt cheeks. It's not a perfect fit and results will probably vary but she is fairly stable on it. Now the burning question is what happened to the pumpkin stem? 8Þ


While you ponder why that pumpkin is smiling let's move on to the main attraction.

Pleasepumpkin magic
Pleasepumpkin magic
Pleasepumpkin magic






Well, rest assured the main "issues" I ran into concerning sculpting were already addressed. So if the preceding pictures look good to you then well she is that good. Actually, she looks better in person. I'm not familiar enough with the sculptor but so far what I see is promising and I am looking forward to future offerings.

Starting with her face the overall shape seems accurate to the illustration. Her features, especially her lips and chin look good. As mentioned her head attaches fairly easily without the cape and the collar definitely helps with the gaps/seam lines. Her face looks nice either straight on as well as her side profile. Kobayashi did a nice job but I'm somewhat concerned if this is a fluke. Looking at the past figure and recent figures by the Kobayashi this figure seems to have the "best" face sculpt in both execution and accuracy. Two recent figures worked on by the sculptor were Tamaki Kousaka figures and the just didn't look as good. So my feelings are mixed on future offerings, I guess I'll just avoid any Tamaki Kousaka figures by this sculptor.


Moving on, her hair looks accurate to the illustration and I actually think much better! Usually the sculptors are able to get close or match the illustration but the execution on the hair sculpt took up another notch. The details are there in spades. Her hair looks great from all sides and her pony tail seems to be attached fairly securely.

Most of the hair is fairly rigid and various strands could easily get caught on something. Care should be taken around it and you definitely do not want to drop her head. The usual seam line at the top of the head is nicely integrated into the hairstyle so you don't even notice it. As complex as her hairstyle is the number of pieces was surprisingly low, basically three pieces besides the hair ribbon.


Kobayashi Masaaki and OrchidSeed did a very nice job with her head in regards to the face and hair. I really like how they kept the number of pieces low and everything seems to be integrated seamlessly. Not to mention how accurate she appears to the illustration and in fact better than it in regards to the hair.

One of their main selling points for this figure that they advertised was her cleavage. Comparing it to the illustration the portion where her breasts are pressed/squeezed together seems accurate to the illustration. However do you see the problem? The original illustration did not account for the modification they made to allow for general display by covering her breasts. In order to do this they had to veer from the original breast shape where the breasts were spilling out on each side. This was because they needed to be able to install an alternate chest piece that covered her breasts. The easier route for them was to modify her breasts, making them smaller and less exposed. The harder route was to design a chest piece that would have covered those breasts bursting out while still being able to install the alternate easily enough and look good doing it. They took the easy route in my opinion and I think they went about this the wrong way. She was meant to be displayed with her breasts exposed. They should have designed the alternate piece around it and not the figure around that alternate piece.


With the chest piece from the illustration installed, you can see her breasts do not match up with the illustration. As mentioned the cleavage matches up nicely. But basically the rest of her breasts are off. Instead of them being bigger and spilling out, they're smaller and pressed in. Now I'm not a fan of overly large breasts, I'm with the camp that says no more than a handful. However, I don't mind if they are doing it for accuracy sake. Well, instead of beating a dead horse let's move on. Looking at the breasts as a whole, they do look nice especially from the side profiles. The nipples and areola are detailed and look good. The overall shape and how their squeezed together also looks nice. However, since her entire breasts is not meant to be exposed, she does have some ugly seams at her underboob but since you're not meant to see it I guess it doesn't matter.


Moving on to the rest of her outfit if you really want to call it that as more of her is exposed than covered. I was really amazed with the execution of the scaled effect. This could have gone horribly wrong with the transition from flesh to material but they pulled it off. The leather pieces are actually inset into her flesh or perhaps they are all separate pieces increasing the chances of something going wrong. I was really surprised there were no ugly gaps which makes me think results may vary between figures. It looks natural and well... cool. Just watch your fingers because she's bristling like a porcupine.


Even though her bottom half isn't really meant to be seen especially with the cape on. Her bottom is nicely shaped and if you take a closer look at her more private region it's detailed. The transition from flesh to material excluding the gap already pointed out was well done especially around the bikini area. Just look at the lovely lines going from her waist to her bottom to those lovely thighs of hers. Her bottom is so firm I bet those indents in the pumpkin were made by her rock hard butt cheeks. 8Þ


Her knee socks and hand gloves make for a lovely matched pair. The details in the socks especially the wrinkles at the knee bend and ankles really make it look like they're being worn. The transition from the socks to her thighs was seamless but I'm concerned results may very between figures. Her shoes are just as detailed as the rest of her. Those legs and especially those socks of her are easily the most eye catching things on her so it's good that they paid a lot of attention to the details. The balance between muscle tone and curves seem right for her body and you can tell she has some long lovely legs.


Kobayashi Masaaki and OrchidSeed did a nice job on her. Really love the hair and face. Don't get me wrong, the rest of her is good too. However, I do have problems with that cape that doesn't seem to fit right and I don't want to force it as I'll end up breaking the pumpkin cape clasp. And of course as expected I ran into gaps at her pelvic area. However, the biggest "issue" for me was their decision to design the figure around that alternate top. I understand they wanted to make her more acceptable to a wider audience but I'm a stickler for accuracy. Maybe you don't care? Anyway, expectations mostly met.

Painting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

OrchidSeed usually employs all the tools available to color their figures which isn't any different with this figure. However, they also tend to have a problem with paint transfer which I will sadly address in this figure as well.

Please take into account the lousy picture quality of the cover but for comparison sake I hope you can see they did a decent job taking cues from the illustration on how to color the figure. The key points are those eyes of hers and her knee socks and hand gloves. The star pattern looks spot on but more importantly the use of gradation coloring was executed perfectly. What surprised me was they were able to pull off the gradation coloring in her clothes but forgot the halo at her hair. That would have been simple enough to do. Even though her hair is pretty flat in color based on the illustration it looks like they were just copying it. Note her hair actually matches the color from the illustration it just showed up this different color due to the lighting I was using.

The biggest thing for me is again, she has a blush. There are still some manufacturers including this one that will sometimes show you a blush on the prototype and not implement it in the final product. They also did a nice job on her flesh tone which again I say easily rivals native in execution especially at her breast and face.


So what is the paint transfer issue? The inside of her cape is not only tinted orange they also painted it with several coats of varying shades of paint. They even painted the surfaces that make contact with her shoulders. At least for mine, the cape doesn't fit well and in fact get stuck at her shoulders. Lots and lots of orange paint transfers to her shoulders and back each time I remove the cape. Since those contact areas are not meant to be seen I used the old remedy I've used before on their other figures. I took a q-tip and used some paint thinner at those contact points. I removed a lot of paint, stripping it to just the dully tinted cape. Now I can install and remove the cape without paint transfer and you don't even notice that I removed a bunch of paint since you can't even see it. I really wish they would stop doing this as it's getting really annoying.

I'd say OrchidSeed was pretty accurate with the coloring of their figure based on the illustration. Besides the paint transfer issue, she looks great. I love the use of gradation coloring, shading and accents. The decals look nice, her eyes look great. Her skin looks nice and that outfit of hers especially the socks is killer. The good outweighs the "bad" in my book. Expectations were met.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

There's not much to say here that hasn't already been said. The main "issue" for me in regards to the pose is her breasts. They altered her to make her more acceptable to a wider audience due to the inclusion of the alternate top to cover her breasts. By doing that they had to alter her breasts deviating from the illustration. I think they could have gone about it a different way but aside from that if you look at the two pictures below I think they did a pretty good job. Basically everything else matches almost perfectly. Now, I do wonder why Hamachi Sakai decided to go with those shoes? I guess she's supposed to be a school girl succubus? But for that outfit, I would have expected heels.. As mentioned previously, if you look at that pose... where is the pumpkin stem!!!! 8Þ


Let's not forget the multiple display options you have for her! I can't decide whether she should have the cape or not because she just looks totally different with or without it. Maybe I should have gotten another one?


So when I look at this pose all I can think is Pleasepumpkin magic! 8Þ Kobayashi Masaaki and OrchidSeed did a nice job with replicating the pose but I still don't agree with the changes to her breasts. However, that doesn't make her any less impressive. She's a great looking figure especially in person. She looks great from various angles and you can actually get away with displaying her at various levels. She looks good whether at eye level, below and or above it. And of course you have multiple display options. Expectations were met.

Base: 8/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡

I'm not going to including the pumpkin with the base because they didn't put in a mounting point for it. If they did I would have and it would have definitely helped. It's a pain in the butt to move her around balanced on that pumpkin on that slippery base. It's about 170 mm wide and for sense of scale you can see a CD under it. It appears to be a typical base OrchidSeed likes to use with their figures. Minimal effort was made to decorate it. You just have that pumpkin magic phrase and her name.


I'm not sure I agree on the color, it reflects light and gives her a weird look. I think just a clear transparent base or maybe just make the base a jack o'lantern, specifically the face would have been the better route to go.


It doesn't really hurt the figure but it also doesn't really support it. The lack of a mounting point for the pumpkin was a let down as I would have definitely appreciated. However, since she is balanced on the pumpkin the base isn't actually needed except to make it easier to move her. Even then since the pumpkin isn't mounted on the base it's still a haphazard proposition to move her about with the base. They definitely could have put in more thought into the base.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

So was she a trick or a treat? Despite the "issues" raised, I'd say she is a treat. If I had to do it over again knowing the things I know about her now, I'd still get her. She just looks great in person and no pictures I can take will show that as clearly as if you have her in front of you. She's nicely detailed and pretty accurate to the illustration. She's good enough that you don't have to limit yourself to just displaying her on Halloween but all year long. She was worth what I paid and I look forward to the next OrchidSeed girl. Oh and ....Pleasepumpkin magic!!!! 8Þ


See you later.
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I just got her yesterday and I'm in love with her. Taking the issues into account, I still don't regret my purchase and would probably still buy it if I knew the issues beforehand ^^

I didn't know anything about the paint transfer issue. I'm not planning on removing/moving her parts around due to her fragility and tightness of the assembling parts (yes I have that head/neck problem too with the cape) so I'm just going to leave her with everything on.
I prefer her that way, I love mages ^^

Great review as always.
Hope to see more from you!
8 år siden
Thanks for the informative review, especially the tips on disassembling/assembling and the paint rub advice! I did that pre-emptively on mine, and didn't see even a smidgen of paint transfer, even swapping the cape on and off a few times for good measure!
8 år siden
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
I'm glad you reviewed this one ^_^ Ugh, I want so many figures after reading your reviews -_-
8 år siden
She looks better than the prototype pictures, IMHO.
I may not resist ordering her now...
8 år siden
Looks good. I was on the fence on this one for a while. I might have to see if I can still pick her up somewhere.
8 år siden
Another awesome review! This review is making me want to buy her.
8 år siden
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