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As you can see from the gif above, I recently painted a Garage Kit! It was my second one. The WIP of my first one (Yoko from
Gurren Lagann) can be found here: BLOG #1088

This article is a diary/tutorial telling each day of the painting proces.

I used Warhammer undercoat, paint, ink and oils for painting. If you have any questions about the used colours, feel free to ask me.

Day 0: Preparation


It all started with this Garage Kit given to me. The brother of my best friend went on vacation to China and bought this GK. When he came home from vacation, he saw the poor quality and decided he didn't wanted to paint it anymore and wanted to throw it away...then my friend came to the rescue and saved him from the trash can. She then gave it to me. I was very happy with it.
Still, it's a bootleg and I'm very against bootleggers, but I'm still practicing my painting skills, so I could use it to
practice on (better than throwing it away).



Opening it, I saw a few parts from some strange sort of hollow plastic and a very heavy sword made of some sort of metal, it almost felt like tin. The parts had a lot of leftovers that took quite some time to remove (I forgot to make a picture of it).
Because of the low quality of the parts it looked better to me to glue him together first than paint all of these parts separate.
There came the first problem...the bottom half of his body wouldn't fit on his lower body (bootleg, heh), so I used green stuff
to fit them together.




Then, I undercoated him white. Notice how much better quality he looks now? Also the details started to look a lot better. He
also gained a lot of weight thanks to the undercoat, so he wouldn't fall down every few seconds!

Day 1: Painting the big parts and a few details


The biggest part were his pants, so I started there.

Now the full pants were done and I also painted the front of his shoes.


I did another blue/grey layer on top of it, to let the pants look even darker.


Then his arms...


...followed by the face and upper body.


Then a nice, shiny black for his shirt.



Then it was mix time for his hair colour! It thought it turned out quite nicely.






I started painting his shoes. It's hard to see in the picture, but I made the bottom of his shoes gold, so they looked like very
nice 90's sneakers!



Mix time again! This time to make a nice colour brown for the details on his sneakers. No need to scream/puke because of the
second picture! It is a WIP and as you can see, it's only the first layer of paint. (I painted every colour about 2-3 times on
top of each other to get the colour/effect that I wanted.)


In the meantime, the undercoat of the sword just dried completely, because of the strange metal it was made of, that took a lot
of time!



I painted the silver and black on the swords and then noticed from the reference sheet...the sword still had some leftover
materials! Oops! Time to remove those! After that it was like 02:30 and I was very tired, so it was time for bed! ^-^

Day 2: More details, shadowing and starting with the base.




Then I had to mix colours again for the blue I wanted for his sword.

The same blue was used for his belts.

Then I used red for the buttons for both belts.

While the red paint was drying, I painted his sword in the right colour orange.


Then I painted the rest of the beltbutton white.


Now everything was covered except his eyes. This was going to be though, I didn't painted the eyes by myself on my last GK and I
really wanted this GK to be 100% completely done by me.




Wew, that cost a lot of time and concetration! I decided to let it dry for a little longer, to make it look better later that


I went back to the sword, painting the silver dots, and after that a darker type of silver on top of it, making it look more




I inked and oiled his pants, making it look more dark and dirty. (I liked the dirty-effect, because Dragon Ball Z is all about
fighting and looking like that! :) )




I also used oil and ink on his arms, face, neck and upper body to accentuate the muscles more, and also for creating more of the



In the meantime, his sword dried and I decided to glue it on to his back.


And there he stands! He looks finished don't you think? But something is missing...what about a base?
I thought about the base for a while and decided I wanted him to stand on broken rocks. Most of the fighting scenes of DBZ were on rocks or in canyons, and Trunks already looked so dirty/sandy, he just needed to stand on rocks!


I took the lid of a Nutella-jar and used all sorts of sizes clay and put it on it. It had to look very messy.
At this moment, it was about 01:30 and already pretty late, I undercoated the clay and let the clay and undercoat dry for the

Day 03: Finishing the base and completing the figure


And there is the base! It looks like a burnt cookie...okay, let's just quickly start painting it!


Here is the first layer of brown...egh...still doesn't look very good...


I decided to use ink and oils to give it a more dirty/sandy-effect. (The paint is still drying here, so it still looks a little


And..ta-dah! Trunks was glued on. Let's move to another place with better light to take a good look at the finished product!









And that concludes my article/WIP of my second Garage Kit, Trunks from Dragon Ball Z!

Looking back at it, I'm pretty proud of it. It was done much faster than expected (I put most of my time in making the base). The base also turned out better than expected!
Comparing it to my first one BLOG #1088, it think my painting has improved quite a lot.
Something I really want to change is that for my next GK, I really want to paint every part separately and the glue it together.
Also, I'm considering buying a airbrush, if you have any airbrush-tips or know a good site to buy one, let me know!

I'm planning to make 2 GK's a year and make a article/WIP of it every time. I already bought a few new GK's and am still
considering which one to paint next (I will paint it during the summer), I actually want the most easy one of them first (I
think that is Kaleido Ruby or Yurie, but I'm not completely sure), because I am still practicing and learning! Please vote for
the one you think is best for me in the poll! These ones are the unpainted ones I own at the moment:
ITEM #12274,
ITEM #28325,
ITEM #28310,
ITEM #12285,
ITEM #26495 and
ITEM #74343

Thanks for reading and I hope you will read the article of my next GK in half a year!

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Which GK is the easiest to paint and shall I paint as my third kit?

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33%Original Character - Lamp Wolf - Fenrir
0%Original Character - Sky Wolf - Fenrir
50%Fate/Hollow Ataraxia - Kaleido Ruby - T's System
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Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
Oh jeez, I didn't realize he was hollow. x_x I completely understand then haha, nothing worse than a hollow space you can't fix!
8 år siden
@ Muntoe
Thank you! I know about the tab, but I couldn't remove it. The GK was a bootleg as I mentioned in the article and was made of hollow plastic. The plastic was very thin at his neck and I was afraid if i removed it, I would made a hole in his neck...that would be worse than a small tab! xD
8 år siden
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
Great paint job! He could have used a little more prepping work because there's a resin tab right under his chin that could be sanded, but you still did especially well considering this figure is just one big piece.
8 år siden
Thank you! Finding the right colours was also quite a task, as other Trunks-figures had very light colours and the original Trunks from the anime had very dark colours. So I found a midway of those two! ^-^
8 år siden
RaditzFan Ultimate Raditz Fan
Trunks turned out great. I really like how you matched the colors to Trunks. :)
8 år siden
@ Bloempje
Dankje voor je reactie!
Alle verf, olies, undercoats en inkten zijn van Warhammer en in principe ook eigenlijk bedoelt voor Warhammer-figures, maar ik vind dat ze goed uitpakken op GK's (komt misschien ook doordat ze nog steeds op de juiste undercoat geverfd worden).
En als je je eerste aangeschaft hebt, mag je advies aan mij vragen hoor, pm me dan maar gewoon! :) Denk er wel aan dat ik ook nog een beginner ben, haha.
8 år siden
Bloempje Hunting my grails

Leuk dat je garage kits maakt/verft. je eerste kit zag er goed uit, en deze ook trouwens. Ik zou het zelf ook wel eens willen proberen, welke verf gebruikte jij daarvoor? Misschien dat ik er ook ooit een ga maken. door je artikel ben ik er wel nieuwschieriger naar geworden haha,

Succes met je 3de kit, ik heb zojuist gestemd op fate/hollow die ziet er mooi uit.

8 år siden
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