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TwilliKTwilliK8 år siden
Ques Q Sakuya Izayoi


Today we are looking at Ques Q's Sakuya Izayoi. They've managed to recreate the original art very faithfully.

This art is credited to 岩本ジェイムズ (Iwamoto James) on the side of the box, and I think it's a very pretty picture of Sakuya.


Now a look at the lady herself.


All in all, a very faithful recreation, the notable exception is the single knife in her right hand, which is actually freely posable (and she comes with an extra), and I actually just forgot where exactly it goes. ^^;;

Her dress/lower apron also is removable. you pull off her torso, and remove the 3 layers of her dress. It's quite straightforward, and you'll probably do this pretty quickly, as she was packed with plastic between each dress layer.


Which leaves you with her bare legs. You can, if you choose, put her torso back on at this point, but it wouldn't exactly be recommended.


It's not really a great look.

The box is nice, fairly compact, with windows on the front, top and left sides, the original art on the right, and some pictures of the figure on the back.


All in all, she's a pleasant figure, and very cute. Just watch out for those knives, they're pretty pointy.

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ComplexCRUSH ☩Knight's of the Blood☩
Chevreuse8 år siden#793055Man, I got turned off by her abdomen too when the skirt isn't present. I guess that's one way it wasn't meant to be displayed like that though they shouldn't have bothered making her skirt removable though.I actually think its made that way so that the layers of the dress have more definition.
7 år siden
Man, I got turned off by her abdomen too when the skirt isn't present. I guess that's one way it wasn't meant to be displayed like that though they shouldn't have bothered making her skirt removable though.
8 år siden
TwilliK Mukyu~
Well, it's possible I just got a very good one, but there aren't any painting defects or weird sculpting issues, I think the quality control on Ques Q's was better than Griffon's.

I really like Ques Q's figures, they might be a little on the expensive side, but they're very nice. I'm looking forward to seeing/getting more of their stuff in the future.
8 år siden
Hey Twilik good for you! Yeah PCB and Ques Q offer very different interpretations of Sakuya. I honestly thought that the Griffon's PCB version would steal most of this one's thunder being so close together.

How is the quality control on the figure. Are there many painting defects?

I hope that Ques Q are able to establish themselves in future as a rival for Griffon hence I do dearly want them to exceed. At the moment they probably don't have Griffon's resources.
8 år siden
Taralen Elf Hoarder
For its 7,600 yen price tag, I expected better quality.
8 år siden
TwilliK Mukyu~
@Sazako It's hard to say if I enjoy her more than the PCB Sakuya. They're both nice, but in different ways. Ques Q's is cuter, and somewhat more playful feeling, which probably fits my view of Sakuya more...

I love them both. I hold exactly enough love in my heart for all the Sakuyas. And Patchy. All the Patchy-sama I can obtain. :3

@Taralen Mm, yeah, the overall score feels a bit high, although it's a bit hard with an aggregate (actually an average, but aggregate is a nice word) score to get it exactly where you want. I'd give this probably a 9 overall, and the Griffon PCB Sakuya a 8 or 8.5.
8 år siden
Taralen Elf Hoarder
Score is too high in my opinion.
8 år siden
Hi Twilik,

Great work with your Sakuya reviews!
Do you enjoy her more than your Griffon PCB version Sakuya?
8 år siden
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