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Knight-HartKnight-Hart6 år siden
Time to review Phat! company's Kyouko Kirigiri, a figure that was delayed too many damn times! I never realized that Phat! stood for "Pretty, Hot, And Tempting!" until I read it on the box!


Kyouko Kirigiri (or Kyoko in NIS America's official translation of Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc) is one of the 16 students in Dangan Ronpa. As most of you know, the students in Dangan Ronpa are all certain "Ultimates" (or "Super Duper" or "High School Level" depends on the translation). At the beginning of the game, Kyouko's Ultimate is unknown. Technically, this Kyouko is from "Dangan Ronpa: The Animation", but her design is from the game.

This is Kyouko's official art:


And this is her in-game sprite:


As you'll soon see, they made her hair a bit more purple in official art and on the figure than in the game.

As for personality, Kyouko is quite, calm, and mysterious, quite a common archetype for anime characters. Nevertheless, her personality is executed quite well in the game.

I've seen people saying that she seems kind of small, but that isn't the case at all. She's nearly a perfect 1/8. Kyouko's official height is 167 cm (which is 5' 4" something). I measured the figure, and she came in at about 162. And I only measured her using a bit of ribbon and a ruler, so it's not exact.


I apologize for the fact that I had to use a sheepskin; I found my regular white paper mangled at the bottom of my closet.


I absolutely love her pose!


I'm not sure if Rui Komatsuzaki made this (probably to promote the figure) or if someone at Phat! company drew it. Regardless, this illustration matches the figure.

What I really like about her pose is her body language:


Her left heel and calve turned out slightly looks quite natural. Even though it's a fairly open pose with her legs, both of her knees are slanted together. Plus both of her arms are positioned quite nicely, so the whole pose looks comfortable and serene.

On this same subject, when I first saw her, I thought she might be too fan-service-y. Luckily, that's not the case. With her legs positioned the way they are, and her underwear being black, you can't really see anything.


I must be nice to be a figure maker and have the kind of underwear they wear just handed to you on a silver platter.


They kind of look more like shorts than underwear. Also, instead of black like the official, they're sort of shaded purple.



The boots looks nice, although the socks (?) at the top look kind of weird. It's painted rather poorly, not quite even. Also, the paint on the boots is rather odd. It's matte, and it almost looks like it was just painted, and then left out in the rain for a while, because it's kind of scratchy/blotchy. But from a distance, it really looks nice, and the sculpting is great. Her legs also look very nice.


Her two-piece get-up of a white collared shirt and short black jacket is well executed. The painting on the buttons is quite nice, the logo on her tie (which also ends in a flat end, unlike most ties) is crisp. Her shirt seems to zip up, and the zip is painted quite well. My only complaint is that the labels on her jacket aren't really sculpted on. They're just kind of stuck on and a little bit of glue is visible.


Her hands are nicely sculpted; quite delicate and all of her fingers are individual. The studs on the back of her hands are well painted and there isn't any bleed. The hand on her knee actually isn't attached to her knee, so that's cool. Sitting right nice to Kyouko is her Studend Handbook (or something like that). It's got the Hope's Peak Academy logo on it.

Ah, now onto one of the prettiest parts of the figure!


Kyouko's hair is lovely. The braid at the front looks good (even though the base of the ribbon attaching it is painted purple). If you know where to look, there are a few obvious seam lines and a few rough ends, but looking at it from a distance and it's impossible to tell. The painting is at-par with the general standard, apart from some slightly over-zealous shading on her bangs, which I'll get to. Some people have said that her head/hair is too square, but it's perfectly in character to the art style of Rui. Her hair is very flexible, which is good, because getting her on the base was a demon.


In my opinion, her face actually look better than in the official photos. Her face seemed a bit more square/blocky but that seemed to be rectified in production. She has a mildly pissed off/thinking face, which is totally in character for Kyouko. On the left side of her face (our right, her left), there's a small batch of what looks like unpainted hair, but I think it's just poor shading.


Well, as we all know, while bases rarely make or break a figure, they certainly help to make it better. And that, of course, is the case with this figure. The base is part of the floor of the gym in Hope's Peak Academy, complete with their logo and characteristically pink bloodstains as well as a basketball which I have no recollection of ever seeing in the game.

The pink reticle is the same one that's in the Dangan Ronpa Trail sections, the one you use to shoot down contradictions with!


The whole desk-and-chair setup, as well as the desk itself, add a lot to the figure. It's cool how there's even a little compartment under the desk. I know it's probably just plastic, but the metal parts of the desk and chair feel and sound a lot like aluminum.


One issue I did have was with getting Kyouko on the base. As you can see, she still isn't all the way in, but I'm sure she won't fall out. She has a peg in the toe of her boot, after all. I had to bend her hair an alarming amount to even get her in this much.

And last, but forcibly not least, it's Monokuma!


"Puhuhuhuhu... Did I do that?"

Not much to say about Monokuma. It's kinda hard to mess him up. The paint is fairly neat. Be prepared, spoilers ahead (for both DR1&2):
View spoilerHide spoilerAlthough I of course do like the fact that he's included, I'm not sure why Monokuma is here. It kind of makes it look like Kyouko is the traitor, much like Chiaki's figure.

And thus I conclude! I didn't rate stuff out of ten like people usually do for review just because I don't have many figures (and they'll all from good makers, so I've never really seen a bad figure), so I don't feel qualified to rate her out of ten!

All in all, she's a very nice figure, not too expensive, and the perfect addition to a Dangan Ronpa collection!

Her name is Kyouko, she is loco, I sa- wait... that's not right.
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secretly-otaku6 år siden#2565481Thanks for the review! Regarding the boots, altough at first I thought the same (painting issues), I actually think that maybe they were trying to make them look like if they were made of suede leather. I don't know if it is accurate to say that's the correct material that Kirigiri's boots are made of, but if that is what Phat! was actually trying, I think they did a great job with the boots. Hoping to see what you and other people think about it.

I'm pretty sure it is. If it wasn't suede leather, they were still trying to give it some texture and depth, which is much better than just being matte, imo.

Mine has slightly lighter hair and, amazingly, I was able to fit her fully on the desk. Even if you don't have her on completely, she's still not coming off. Personally, I love her and can't wait for Chiaki.

Broaki is lovaki.
6 år siden
There's a basketball sitting in the gym. That's about it.
6 år siden
Thanks for the review! Regarding the boots, altough at first I thought the same (painting issues), I actually think that maybe they were trying to make them look like if they were made of suede leather. I don't know if it is accurate to say that's the correct material that Kirigiri's boots are made of, but if that is what Phat! was actually trying, I think they did a great job with the boots. Hoping to see what you and other people think about it.
6 år siden
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