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mei-tsuyumei-tsuyu5 år siden
So, hello MFC! It's Mei. Sorry if I disappeared weeks ago but I had several problems.

I wanted to write some reviews (maybe Sakura Miku or Akuma Homura nendos) but at first I wanted to share with all of you my thoughts.

I remember when it was September/October I was really into this kind of hobby, and after I knew how to preorder things, my figure collection grew very fast and I was happy with my collection and my reviews. I also improved photography a little.

This december I turned 18 years old, and I don't know why but this hobby is starting to "oppress" me in a strange way (I don't even know the exact word). I'm thinking a lot about figure's price, shipping fees and customs fees and I'm not enjoying this hobby as I should. I'm not going to preorder a figure before thinking a lot and sometimes, I even miss he preorder deadline

I remember when GSC annouced the new Snow Miku 2015 I was really happy I couldn't wait to pre-order her while now, I don't even care about her... the same as Nendoroid More parts (swimsuit parts) and others.

When I received my Akuma Homura Nendoroid I was happy but not as much as I usually was! I only took photos, tried some parts of her and then put her in the display case with the other nendos..

Have you ever had this strange period when you're not interested anymore in your figures?

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Is the word you are looking for "overbearing"?

Don't force yourself to buy things you don't want, or do things you don't want to do. Especially, if you're burnt out on it. You should take a break for a while and rethink how you approach this hobby as a collector. There are things like "collection themes", "personal spending limits", "gaining a discerning eye", and "learning to give up on things" that can make collections and impulses more manageable for you and less overbearing to deal with.

Try not to burn the Forrest to the ground and become a shell of yourself, OK?
5 år siden
kilani Sayaka Rank
You're becoming more responsible, so you think about these things. That's good. My opinion now with collecting is that I just sell things when I'm bored with them. There's no point in keeping them in some kind of attachment.
5 år siden
mei-tsuyu5 år siden#2703231I have a huge order for May 2015 and I want to cry a lot TwT

Hahaha! I think May 2015 is also my largest order...The GSC exclusive Ren ITEM #163750 is more than enough to qualify as a big order on his own. I've also got some other stuff on top of him. T.T
5 år siden
Raithos Stagnant
Of course, all the time. I've been intensively collecting figures for 5 years now and there are definitely "lull" moments where I lose all interest for the hobby, I pack my figures away and don't care... but they always bring me back. Always. I look at photos, see upcoming releases, unbox some of my favourites and instantly that spark, that small sound of light is there again and boom I love it. I think it's the same with everything in life that you really enjoy right? You can't have it and engage in it 24/7/365. you have to have some moments of rest, but yes the figure love can definitely fade for periods at a time, yes
5 år siden
Although I haven't gone through this yet, (probably because I started collecting last year, so this is a relatively new hobby for me.) I can understand what you mean. I used to have another hobby in the past that also required collecting, and I got bored of it in a few years. I know this will also happen to me with figure collecting. It is something inevitable I think, to eventually lose interest or get bored of something you used to enjoy. But all negatives gave positives, at least now you're saving a bit more money, since you are not ordering as much as you used to (I wish I could say the same!).
5 år siden
I used to be super eager, but these days I realize it's often cheaper to pick them up in the after market.
I also used to be ecstatic about taking photos and such but lately I can't seem to be motivated.
I had looked forwards to receiving Alter's Makoto and Haruka from the moment they were announced, yet despite getting them in the mail last.. what September was it now. I only just managed to push myself to open them a week ago. I know I still care a lot about figure collecting but somewhere along the line my excessive enthusiasm seems to have dissipated. I also have lately been missing preorder deadlines, even on exclusives which i feel somewhat regretful about but not entirely worried.. despite wanting the figure a lot.
5 år siden
You're not alone. I have this happen all the time with my hobbies, including figure collecting. I find that during these times it's best to not force yourself to buy. Instead, just enjoy what you have.

I never preorder myself, as I never see a figure that I "gotta have". I mean, I would like the figures, yes, but I'm not worried about finding them later (even of the prices are jacked :/).
5 år siden
mei-tsuyu5 år siden#2703228Thank you for sharing your experience! I decided to not preorder the new Miku, I also missed the deadline XD Maybe I have to wait and think if "Do I really like this figure?" before ordering something, in next months!

That is the ever lasting tribulation with most of the collectors. Do you collect for the sake of collecting and owning a specic series of figurines or do you become supper picky when you collect and only get the ones you really really want. This also poses a problem becasue an item you do not wish to buy right away may turn out to be an item that you wish you had orderd.

This hobby is not for the faint of heart at all. its always a gamble as to what to get. I just Cnacelled Satan from the Seven sin collection as she would have been the only figurine from that series and she just did not tickle my fancy anymore. it had been a year since I placed her on order. So I was glad I was able to cancel her.

Now to wait and see what the WF2015 figurines I have put on my must see list look like when they are painted. Then comes the difficult choice of letting that figurine loose or pulling the trigger on that pre-order form.

= )

5 år siden
amy6165 år siden#2703189I think its a difficult hobby overseas when we've got to consider customs, shipping fee, or handling fee, as well as item price. And if we can't see the item before purchase (like walk in and choose a box), it makes me hesitant too.
I've had and is having less interest in figures because I'd just display them in my room but I'm always at school or at the family room watching TV.
For me its the purchasing and browsing part that's most entertaining, when I do order it, it'll take weeks to arrive so I totally forget about them....
But I still love my collection. Maybe not as much as before where I used to sit down in front of the them and just adore them for hours.

Thank you for sharing your experience. In the end it's a situation similar to mine, if I'm not at school, I'm studying or wasting time at the pc. I love my little babies too.

xueren5 år siden#2703217I'm definitely still into this hobby and there's so many things I want yet it's so depressing when they're so expensive and I can't afford to have everything. Probably my own fault for spending a bomb on YAJ in August and I'm still trying to recover from that. I've learnt my lesson and I always think twice before ordering.

I have a huge order for May 2015 and I want to cry a lot TwT
5 år siden
Tiamat265 år siden#2703171I guess that some may come up and say yes to this. Its like a visious circle where the new toy is only the new toy for so long. you wanted the 2015 Snow Miku you ordered her but then you ordered more things making snow Miku less of a priority.
I myself have but one single Nenderoid Snow Miku ( 2013) and I still love her to death. I wish I could actually get spare face plates for her. She has appeared in a few of my pictures.
Now having said this I guess that in this world of instant gratification ( to a point ) we all loose interest in certain figurines that we own very fast. I know I have a few that I am considering selling for the right price.
= )

Thank you for sharing your experience! I decided to not preorder the new Miku, I also missed the deadline XD Maybe I have to wait and think if "Do I really like this figure?" before ordering something, in next months!
5 år siden
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