Nendoroid Odekakepouch Nebukuro Pouches Red / Blue ReviewNendoroid Odekakepouch Nebukuro Pouches Red / Blue ReviewReview

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This review is not actually for an anime figure, but rather an accessory for one (two acessories, to be precise).

From the "Odekakepouch Nebukuro" line, this is Nendoroid Accessories Red and Blue Pouch:

(Each photo can be clicked on to give a full-size view of the image, even if the image itself doesn't display).

Here's them in the package:


Made by Good Smile Company (the makers of Nendoroid figures), these two are a part of the growing line of Nendoroid accessories. There are other accessories as well for Nendoroids, like pajamas, sets of alternate faces and alternate pieces like cat ears and paws.

The two sleeping bag pouches come on cards, sold separately. The cards are virtually identical except for the designated color (blue pouch has the word "blue" written in Japanese in blue text and same goes for the red).

Back of the packages:


The sleeping bags are very light and soft, and therefore simply come in plastic bags; not needing a box. They are both held in place by the peg hook hole, which is folded inside of the key ring hook and taped on the inside of the card.

There's a brief set of instructions on the back, showing how to cut the Styrofoam insert inside the sleeping bags to hold the Nendoroid in place when inside the bag...though it's a bit hard to tell that because of the odd artwork in the 3rd panel.

All of their parts:


Both sets come with the same pieces, so it was not necessary to photograph both the red and blue set to show what they come with.

Outside of the plastic pag, the pouches only have the foam insert and the backer card included. The card is one piece of cardboard, simply folded in half.

Out of the package, front view:


Outside of the colors, the red and blue set is identical. Both come with the foam insert inside it, which is easy to remove by unzipping the zipper in the front. The pouch is made of a soft plush material, almost like a winter jacket. The neck of the pouch (the opening, with the yellow border) has a bit of elastic in it, stretching and shrinking when pulled on.

There is some fabric on the top and bottom of the pouch, made into loops. While there's nothing attached to the bottom loop; the top has the key ring hook with latch on it. This is solid metal; just like virtually any other key ring.

Back view:


There's nothing really on the back...it's simply a continuation of the fabric from the front. It's hard to tell if there's any filler material inside the pouch fabric between the seams...there might be, but if there is it's very minimal. It could just have some air in there too...it's honestly hard to tell just by feeling it.

With figures held inside:


I actually got these for an upcoming Nendoroid release (Yukimura Aoi from Yama no Susume), which they were originally advertised with...but as she is not released yet, I used two Nendoroids I already have for illustrative purposes: Ren and Rin from Wooser.

Surprisingly, the whole Nendoroid can fit inside the pouch quite easily with no worry of squishing or wrecking the figure at all. None of the arms or legs have to be removed, but possibly re-positioned if they are extended out too far.

Also, even though the instructions said so, the foam insert is not needed at all to hold the figures in place. The opening can be a bit tricky to get around the face and look proper; but it's not hard to do. It would probably by harder to get the foam inside it, as it would have to be cut to the shape of the feet and the bottom curve of the sleeping bag.

Hanging up:


The pouches, in addition to laying flat like a traditional sleeping bag, can also be hung up. This is most likely to be used as a "on-the-go" feature, hooked to a shoulder bag or purse or car keys so you can take your Nendoroid with you.

However, for illustrative purposes again, I just hung them off of a cable. There are two ways to hang them: By the hook, which I have in the photo, and by the keyring itself. Either way is a viable option, as the weight of the Nendoroid inside keeps it flat and level while it hangs. The zipper also holds the Nendoroid securely inside it...but to be safe I wouldn't wildly swing the Nendoroid around or anything, as the zipper doesn't latch or anything at the top.

Other options:


It should also be noted that while this is designed for Nendoroids, pretty much any figure that is Nendoroid-esque in design can fit inside it just fine (for example, these two Cu-Poche figures). There's plenty of room inside the pouch for the entire figure, and the pouch is designed well enough to hold it's shape no matter what is inside it (within reason, of course).


Both the red and blue versions are really fun and great accessories for Nendoroids! While I do wish there were more color options, the pouches are really well made, easy to use and have different options for holding the figures (laying flat or hanging up).

At only ¥1200 each, they are both very cheap too! I personally have 4 of them, in case they make all 4 girls from Yama no Susume! Of course I will be using one of them for Aoi when she comes out...but they can be used for any Nendoroid figure!

Recommended for everyone. Limited play value, mostly for display.

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Nice review!
I bought 2 myself, both blue. No idea what I was thinking when I could've gotten 1 red and 1 blue. Oh well. Lol. The only thing I didn't like about it was that you have to cut that foam thing. Other than that, I think it's perfect!
5 år siden
Makes me want to put a Waver Velvet in there.
5 år siden
JessicaaaaM5 år siden#2795786Nice review! I recently ordered the red pouch from Amiami. I wanted the blue one, but it was out of stock at the time. GSC should definitely make more pouch colors!

They really should! Sorry to hear that they were sold out, but I hope they get some more back in stock...and get some more colors too! They are really great; you'll love the red one for sure!
5 år siden
Nice review! I recently ordered the red pouch from Amiami. I wanted the blue one, but it was out of stock at the time. GSC should definitely make more pouch colors!
5 år siden
StephieHerbert5 år siden#2795561Great review! Very detailed and nice pictures! I bought 4 of them as well. They look super cute!

Thank you! ^___^ I'm so glad you liked the photos and the review!

I do wish they would have had two more colors, like green and purple or something; so each of the 4 Yama no Susume girls could have a different color bag (if they make all 4 girls, of course). But still, two of each color isn't bad either. ^^
5 år siden
Great review! Very detailed and nice pictures! I bought 4 of them as well. They look super cute!
5 år siden