What are your thoughts on figure box condition? [Poll]What are your thoughts on figure box condition? [Poll]Ask MFC

MeepMoopMeepMoop5 år siden
How do you like your boxes? Poll below and share your thoughts.
inb4 country fried style with mayo.

Yes I went there... Sorry for the overused meme, it just looked empty...

For me, I like to keep my boxes. I prefer only my favorite figures' boxes to be in excellent condition. But for most figures, I don't care too much about the box damage. Corner dents do suck though...


I want to hear more about corner dents (it interests me to hear your opinion on it) along with your opinions! Is life still worth living if the box has a dent (only joking)?
And to clarify, option #3 on the poll means you can live with corner dents!

** I screwed up the poll; for option #2 just add 19 votes + the current ones and divide by total votes (awkward I know)
- If you happen to look at this article again and voted for #2, please revote again. I believe it was at 15.9% at 125 votes.
Thank you and I apologize for the inconvenience**

UPDATE 2 6/28/15
If you're dropping by this article, please drop a comment with your thoughts! I know this is an old article but myself and others would still appreciate your opinion on the matter! You never know if someone else may also be interested in reading your opinions! Doge thanks you for your service!
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Your thoughts on damaged figure boxes?

8%Box must be in pristine condition because I collect boxes / may want for future in case of selling / that's my preference.
9%Only a little bit of box damage I can tolerate. Extreme dislike for corner dents and avoid them like the plague.
66%Box damage isn't good but I can live with it as long as it doesn't look like an animal tore it apart.
17%Don't care about the box, only the figure.
0%I throw my boxes away.
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I really only care about the figure. Box damage is good for me if it means I can have the figure for a very cheap price. I do keep the boxes and it is to transport the figures as I have been moving around a lot.
5 år siden
Ehehe doge :D

Most of the time I don't care if the box has some damage. It's slightly sad if the box is totally trashed, but not enough to upset me really. I keep my boxes to have a safe place to store the figures when not displayed and some of them are really pretty but they aren't something I'll be that sad about if they aren't in the best condition, and sometimes that can get you a great discount.
5 år siden
Omelette5 år siden#2796596I keep my boxes but I really couldn't care less about damage, especially when I get a great deal on a figure just because the box has like. a small scratch or rip lol my boxes tend to get a bit damaged just from opening them anyway so

Same goes for me! It's nice to have a mini collection of boxes stashed under my desk since a lot of them look quite pretty, but in the end, the figure is my first priority so I wouldn't mind bad box condition.
5 år siden
That doge meme never gets old for me. If I could have a box in pristine condition then good, otherwise I'd settle for a box in excellent condition. A box that has significant corner dents or looks like it's been used as a soccer ball just won't do.

Out of the boxes I have, the Ahri Nendoroid box bothers me the most. There are 3 slight creases on the front corners of the box (from poor packaging!) and it annoys me.
5 år siden
I keep my boxes but I really couldn't care less about damage, especially when I get a great deal on a figure just because the box has like. a small scratch or rip lol my boxes tend to get a bit damaged just from opening them anyway so
5 år siden
I love doge <3

As for boxes... I don't really mind it? If I were to recieve a smashed box when It was supposed to be new then I would mind (Of course we are talking about a damage that wasn't infringed during shipping). But If It's a used figure then I guess It's not so bad, I can live with some dents :V

Destroyed or severly damaged boxes do kind of turn me off from buying. Dunno exactly why. Maybe If I'm going to have a destroyed box, It better be by my own hands (?
5 år siden
i'm not sure how bad a dent you mean. i guess dents would be ugly if i cared to display boxes. obviously i would prefer a perfect box, but since i don't display them, it's not a deal breaker for me. i mostly care about box condition for stability/security in storage. loose windows suck, but are easily fixed w/ glue or tape from the inside to be inconspicuous. box crushing and large tears though are not easily fixed, will stand out like eye sores and still leave a figure vulnerable when storing/transporting.
5 år siden
Kelseydelallave (눈‸눈)
MeepMoop5 år siden#2796203I apologize about the doge meme. If it offends people I will just take it down. I wanted fill up space in the description and keep things light hearted.
I ordered a figure and when it arrived, it had a corner dent :/ This was through EMS too... Not sure how I feel about it but I can definitely say that I'm not happy :/. If I'm correct, nothing can about it which really sucks...
(edited for my bad grammar?)

Lol i was joking, lord knows ive used doge meme too much tho hahaha
But im serious about corner dents ;-;
5 år siden
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Small damages like corner dents are ok.. But torn or veeery obvious damage.. Nope
Like a big tear in the box or a window peeling off etc
5 år siden
I'm pretty sure it's my own fault when my figure boxes get damaged a little. My storage room is like a big hardcore level of tetris so a little bit of shoving and squeezing is essential to make things fit >_>
So a few dents here and there don't really matter to me as long as the box can hold the figure securely. I did cringe a little when I got ITEM #198656 and the backside of his box was damaged. Seems I have to agree on cardboard > all-plastic
5 år siden
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