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For those who aren't familiar with Berserk (which I doubt), it's a popular manga series that's set in a medieval fantasy with elements of betrayal, vengeance, and other human corruption. The contents of the series are quite graphic with a lot of sexual scene and intense violence such as flesh bursting out of people when they are slayed. This manga has been running since the 90's and it still goes on as of today. This series has also been adapted into a 25 episode TV series and recently a trilogy of movies on the Golden Age Arc of the Berserk manga. This version of Guts is the Black Soldier in which is seen the first episode of the anime and the majority of the manga. This version of Guts, however, will mostly not going appear in the movie, as this state of Guts takes place in time after events of Golden Age Arc.



The Boxart does suit the violent nature of Berserk with blood scatter around the box.

Paint and Sculpting Details






The figure is gorgeous to say the least, details like branding mark he receive from God Hand and veins in muscles. There's lot of a age and battle-worn stress recreated in this figure that are found in his chain strap and sword. It's fluid without any paint mistakes. The pouches are made of PVC that gives leathery feel to it.

Grade: A


His articulation is little above average with a double neck joint that allow him to do a chicken head motion, and his knees and elbows can bend over 90 degrees. He has no chest articulation due his design. Overall his articulation is decent but it's hinder due his nature of being bulky

Grade: B-


He comes with the standard Figma stand and Ziplock, three extra set of exchangeable hands: two set of holding hands, and one set of opening hands, an alternative head with "The dead-on fury, grating his teeth, extreme loathe of Griffith" expression, a exchangeable part to have prosthetic arm in cannon mode, a cape, and his signature weapon the Dragon Slayer.

The Dragon Slayer is quite impressive with large stature, it's length makes taller than the figure. At certain angles when this figure is hold the Dragon Slayer, can flop down due to hands joints. It's not a huge problem as this can be solve simply placing of the two hands on handle of the sword, but considering this figure is suppose to be the guy who has incredible strength then I'm a tad disappointed. I do wished that was replacement to his mechanical hand for cross bow mode.
Initially the stand of this figure came with a little black extender, I did liberty of taking it off because it was useless. In theory, it was suppose to have better connection, but end doing the opposite. The cape has wool effect and it's pliable, but it feels cheap.

Grade: B


Figma Guts is quite tall as he stands about 16 cm tall, towering your average 13 - 14 cm Figma and S.H. Figuarts.


Comparison with the slightly taller than average, S.H. Figuarts Wild Tiger which about stands about 15 cm tall.

Other Images











Overall: A-
If you're fan of Berserk, I highly recommend you pick this figure.

- Excellent Painted Details
- Show Accurate
- Massive compare to other Figmas

- Nit-Picky flaws like the cape, the pointless connector, and the non-sturdy hand
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Nice review!
The faces on yours seems to be a lot better than those of pictures around the Internet.
Glad that. I ordered him, hopefully we'll see a painted prototype of Figma Griffith today at WF!
About Puck, I was thinking on getting an elf-fairy type of figurine that fits small train scales.
Just recolor, and there you go!
Now I want a Casca Figma...
8 år siden
- Where the fuck is Puck!?!?

Anywhere, nice Figma. I will pick him.
8 år siden
Thanks for the review! I guess I won't regret that I ordered him. :)
8 år siden
Thank you for the nice review! :)
8 år siden
Bringing the hobby to your door.

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