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TheySayMoopTheySayMoop5 år siden
Hello MFC!

I just got back from a fun weekend at Anime Boston and wanted to make a little loot post of the junk I got there.
I had a really good time with a bunch of friends. AB is something I look forward to every year. There were so many awesome cosplays, awesome artists, fun panels and looots of anime poop to buy.

Every year I always forget to take pictures and I always hate myself for it afterwards, no exception this time either. Luckily one of friends likes to take a group picture, so I just got a copy of the one from last year.

I spent a majority of the time helping out in the Dealer's Hall, so I didn't go to that many panels or events. My favorite thing I went to was the Swap Meet. Since I had/have a bunch of things left over from splits and grab boxes, I figured I might as well bring some to see if I could get anything good.

View spoilerHide spoiler((My pictures turned out really grainy cause it was too dark, but I don't wanna retake them orz ))
I'm actually pretty happy with what I came away with from the Swap Meet. There was a couple of times I swapped something for something silly, then immediately began to wonder why the heck I did that. But there were also times when I swapped something and got really, really happy for it.


My favorites are some trading/prize figures, that I swapped for some extras that I had.
ITEM #262186 - I was really excited when the person came over and I saw the Mekakucity Actors. Although Marry is my favorite, I really like Momo too, so I had to say yes. She looks so much better in person than she did in the stock image.
ITEM #173023 - I swapped this one for another Sailor Moon Petite Chara that I had (I think maybe Saturn?) Rei is one of my favorites, so I was super pumped for that trade too.
ITEM #63796 - This was one of my "why the heck did I just do that" trades. I just saw Yuki and said yes before thinking about it. She's cute, so whatevers. I need to stop getting crappy prize figures like these just cause I like the characters. I have no room for them anymore ( p_q)
I'm also quite pleased with that little Manaphy(♥) figure and super tiny metal Meowth. These made me realize how little Pokemon merch I actually have, and now I feel ashamed to call myself a collector when I don't even buy things from one of my favorite franchises.


I can't wait to start reading through the manga. I've heard Code Geass was good. I've never heard of that shoujo one, but it looked cute and pretty much anything Shojo Beat is my guilty pleasure. That stack of Shonen Jump were such a pain to carry all the way to my car afterwards >w<
Lately I had been thinking of marathoning through the original Avatar series, since it has been years since I watched it, so when someone offered that box set I had to take that as a sign.


Next up, Yu-Gi-Oh cards! I'm terrible with these kinds of things cause I only look at the images of the cards instead of what they actually do, so I end up with all kinds of cards that won't worked together to make up a decent deck. But, how do you say no to a cute little squirrel on an acorn?


I really like this Vocaloid folding fan, the image on it is awesome (does anyone know where I can find the original illustration?).
I tried looking up the fan online cause it doesn't have a page on here and I guess it came in the VIP package for the Miku Expo or something like that. Since I couldn't get to New York when it came, maybe this will help fill the void?
ITEM #186158 is something I've been wanting for a while. I originally planned to go see the movie in theaters, but the plans fell through so I couldn't get one of these back then. Now I gotta try to get all the rest.
ITEM #299919 is just a super silly image and I needed it.
The Yellow Pokeball thing is a McDonalds or Burger King toy. I already had one from a couple years ago and wanted another. It's got a little disk thing with Froakie on it that flys out when you hit a button. The one I had was Fennekin, so now I guess I need to find one with Snivey to complete the starter trio.

That was everything I got from the Swap Meet. It's a bunch of little things, but it's a bunch of little things that I like :)

I didn't get much from the Dealers Hall this time, I had decided not to go this year until the last minute and then even more last minute something came up and I had to use the bit of money I had put aside. Which is fine, since I like going to cons for the atmosphere and people, not necessarily just to buy things. I can always buy things online.

View spoilerHide spoilerBetween my boyfriend and I, we both still ended up with some nice stuff. The two of us helped out at one of the dealer booths. It was a lot of fun, I really liked being able to sell awesome stuff to awesome people and talk anime with them. Although I totally would have done it for free, we were given some store credit, so the both of us got things we really wanted


My boyfriend got ITEM #93819 and ITEM #198344. I am really so jelly. He's trying to say Rikka is his waifu, but I'm pretty sure she's already mine, so...

ITEM #220950, ITEM #72248 and ITEM #301165 were for me. My two weaknesses are cute things and One Piece, so obviously cute One Piece things are like the bane of my (wallet's) existence. The PoP MILD series is definitely one of my favorites, and I have been eyeing that Rebecca since it first came out. That Shirahoshi charm was also a must have to go towards my Shirahoshi shrine collection 。・・。)


Connor also decided to try his luck on a grab bag from some other dealer that specialized in comic books. I think some of the contents were pretty funny. Although it is super dope, I'm pretty sure the pink kitty Webkinz plush has nothing to do with comic books. In the end, he decided to keep the three comic book things and the Venom figure, and gave me the Webkinz. I'm still trying to think up a name for it.

Anime Boston 2015 was great and I can't wait to go again next year. And the year after. And the year after.
My only regret is not being about to see the LiSA concert Friday night because I couldn't get work off. My friends said it was awesome too TT^TT

Welp, anyways, thank you for reading whatever stupid things I just typed while being half asleep.
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nice loot! also that kitty webkinz is adorable :3
3 år siden
I also attended Anime Boston this weekend! You got some really cool items from the swap meet, I love trading stuff. The swap meet at Anime Boston has been going on for at least five or six years, it helped hubby and me significantly cut down on our duplicate items over the years (problem when both of us have been collecting anime stuff for years before you were married, we both had a lot of the same items). It's always been a strictly trading thing at the swap, I remember the first year someone had asked and it had to do with like no transactions outside of the dealer's room/artist's alley.
5 år siden
I was at Anime Boston this past weekend as well! I really wanted to go to the LiSA concert myself, but I got a nasty migraine Friday night and decided to go home early. :c I was super upset about it. Sigh... oh, well.

I didn't even know there was a swap meet! Looks like I'll have to go to it next year. *w* I'm glad you had such a good time; this year was lots of fun. :D
5 år siden
Ahhh Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, I have a 500-strong collection of cards that I think are pretty/cool! They need to stop making them so I can stop spending all my money on them =_=
5 år siden
I wish I could go to a swap meet :( Everyone always ends up with the best stuff...
5 år siden
Anime Boston was SO FUN. I got the Kotobukiya Bishoujo Armored Wonder Woman for $70, ugh she's gorgeous. I pretty much lived in the dealers room lmao. And the Lisa concert was REALLY GOOD. It's really good to hear that you got great loot and had a good time!! I wonder if I saw you XD
5 år siden
Webkinz! Wow, I used to collect those guys all the time. ^ ^~ I still have my favorite ones. ^ ^~~

This is an awesome loot. I can't wait for SacAnime, here in California. =v= I'm hoping to find another con to go to in light of passing up AnimeExpo this year (which paaaaains my heart soooo much).

~to end on a happy note~ I'm glad you had fun at Anime Boston!! >w< <3
5 år siden
Moro5 år siden#2868335Swap meet? Never been to one of those. Is it basically just a big casual trading market?
pretty much, according to the info page you can bring in anything for trade (dvds, cds, figures, manga, games, etc.) and you just trade with others. Although I dont think it's limited to just anime items, I remember seeing in a video one guy was offering to trade his ipod shuffle for some anime goods.

darkmewsic5 år siden#2868539I always thought that in swap meets, you only buy items off others. I never actually made any exchanges besides using money. This is a great way to get rid of unwanted blind box items (since I'm normally not that lucky).
I thought that at first too but apparently at AB swap meet, exchanges involving money arn't allowed. I guess it's cuz that would be considered buying items instead of actually trading them.
5 år siden
darkmewsic5 år siden#2868539I always thought that in swap meets, you only buy items off others. I never actually made any exchanges besides using money. This is a great way to get rid of unwanted blind box items (since I'm normally not that lucky).
I think that's how most are, you could swap or sell. We weren't allowed to sell things cause of some state law or something, so trades only.
Moro5 år siden#2868335Swap meet? Never been to one of those. Is it basically just a big casual trading market?
Pretty much yeah. This was actually my first time going to the one at Anime Boston. They had a bunch of tables that we put our stuff on, then we can go around to other people's and make offers.
5 år siden
I always thought that in swap meets, you only buy items off others. I never actually made any exchanges besides using money. This is a great way to get rid of unwanted blind box items (since I'm normally not that lucky).
5 år siden
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