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Greetings again, MFC community! This post will be covering the loot that I have acquired for July 2015.

This month’s focus is again on The IDOLM@STER goods, though with some additional attention to the Million Live! series.


July 2015 Loot



A quick overview of the items inside of the box:



I acquired two additional Kotobukiya rubber straps of Ritsuko and Azusa. Though I myself do not watch Attack on Titan, this adorable rubber strap caught my eye.


I added Ricchan to my car key to complement Piyo-chan. My representative (and beloved) duo of 765 Pro Office is now complete!



Some magazines, mooks, and doujinshi to include in my library. After months of searching, I finally found Chihaya Kisaragi’s genga set!



This three-piece clear file set was a limited lottery prize for The IDOLM@STER: Million Live! 1st Anniversary Concert. I definitely enjoy the detailed illustrations featured on these.



These two sets of lovely IDOLM@STER x CHARACRO acrylic strap keychains made their way into my collection as well. These goods were sold exclusively in the 765 M@STERS Café & Bar in Akibahara for some time. Thankfully, I managed to find a seller who made these available for the general public (and for international buyers like me).




Over the course of this month, I acquired more sets of concert lights…four more to be precise. Compared to the first version, it appears that the design has undergone some considerable changes in later editions. The diameter of each light is thicker, straps have been added, and the new shape of the handle allows for a more comfortable grip in the hands.


Box size comparison:


The IDOLM@STER 9th Anniversary Official Concert Light Set: The design of this set seems to be largely inspired by The IDOLM@STER Movie: Kagayaki no Mukougawa e! (2014). Considering my soft spot for the movie, this set is a real treat to own.




The IDOLM@STER Million Live! 2nd Live “ENJOY H@RMONY” @ Makuhari Official Concert Light Set (3): This series boasts a considerable total of 21 lights, each representing an idol featured in the 2nd live concert (April 2015). The body design has undergone a change to include images of the characters (an excellent addition, in my opinion).
** The 10th Anniversary 765 Pro set appears to have adopted this feature as well (though due to its pre-order status, I will have to wait until October to see it firsthand…)

Compared to the Million Live! 1st Live lights (the turquoise one sitting outside of the box), the handle has also been changed to fit the respective colors of each idol.

Now that I look at it, I am surprised that the makers could accurately reproduce so many different colors for these lights...well done to them!



I shall conclude this post with two items that share the lighthearted humor of this series. The onigiri pillow (a reference to Miki’s unmatched fondness for the food) was a TBS iShop exclusive birthday item – much like the Azusa Miura mirror board I covered in the previous blog post. The back of the pillow bears a cute image of Miki as well.



Within the Million Live! series, Tsubasa Ibuki has been a favorite character of mine due to her own charms. I discovered this T-shirt, and could not pass up the opportunity to add it to my collection. The quick-dry polyester fabric and print used to produce this shirt are surprisingly excellent in quality.



Finally, here is this month’s total finds in perspective:


Thank you for reading!
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The shirt is really nice! :D
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Docoda The MusicMaster
More Im@s :O

Really nice to see some loot like this. As fellow Im@s lover with less money I can enjoy these well spent loot posts ^^
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